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June 2005




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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 Inquiries from January 2005 to June 2005

e 18236 USA : I would like to be a distributor or cooperate with sales efforts on consignment basis in the South East of the United States . I currently live in Atlanta , Georgia and if you want to develop a market in this area of the country. July 31 Contact

e 18226 USA : I am interested in stones for wall. Can you call 505-38......? July 30 Contact

e 18225 USA : Please quote for dry stone walls. Call at 914 27..... July 30 Contact  

e 18219 USA : Please quote for granite slabs. Please see ready stock 529 to give you an idea of what I require. July 30 Contact  

e 18218 USA : We are interested in you Onyx product line, such as wine cup, wine glass, wine barrels, goblets and such. Please kindly inform us of availability, pricing per dozen, how you take your payments. We also appreciate pictures of available merchandise.  July 29 Contact  

e 18204 USA : I am looking for Absolute Black Granite slabs clean and good condition, 3000 sqft polished. I need this Granite from India do you have a USA contact? My phone 1-443-32.....July 26 Contact  

e 18203 USA : I am looking for a supplier who stocks 3cm marble slabs in The San Francisco area. July 26 Contact  


e 18192 USA : Stone Processing Machine: I need pricing on new an used bridge saws. I am in NJ. Tel. no. is 201 21..... July 23 Contact

e 18190 USA : We want the following in container, open top, 3-CM material:  
Ubatuba ( Bahia ) 2 bundles
Ubatuba (marbrasa) 1 bundle
Santa Cecelia Light 1 bundles
Santa Cecelia Dark 1 bundles
New Venetian Gold 1 bundle
We also will need to find an 8-CM thick slab of Santa Cecelia Dark 203.2 x 165.1 x 8. We will fill a second container when that is sourced. From Europe we need 3 Bundles of Baltic Brown. We can fill the rest of this with Tropic Brown and Sahara Gold or I will take recommendations. July 23 Contact  

e 18187 USA : I am looking for commercial grade travertine 18 x 18 x 1/2 filled, fob US$ prices 150,000 sq. ft. Can you inform me of the location of the Travertine so I can inquire about freight cost? If possible, please make arrangements for the samples to arrive on Wed. as well. I am interested in both the 16 x 16 and 18 x 18 ½ honed, filled. $1.50. Also, please inform me of availability in square footage.
 Phone 850-21.....July 22 Contact

e 18186 USA : I am interesting nephrite jade business I need some sample and picture images of stone. Phone: 206-22.....July 22 Contact

e 18183 USA : Where in San Francisco Bay Area can I find a couple slabs of Pietro Romano Extra? July 22 Contact  

e 18180 USA : Interested in purchasing Lava stone from Indonesia . July 21 Contact

e 18169 USA : I would love to get some information about going into a monument business. I would like to know what all equipment I would need and what kind of price range I am looking at in starting this business. You can either reply on here or you could give me a call at 336-59.....July 20 Contact

e 18168 USA : Landscaping: Looking for Tennesse flagstone, stepping stones, stair treads, Q1, Q2, Q3 tan or crab orchard stone. Would like to have price lists of companies that sell flagstone and fieldstone out of Tennesse and will ship to Georgia . July 20 Contact

e 18160 USA : Please send me info for bridge cutter.  July 20 Contact

e 18159 USA : Please quotes for second hand granite wire saws and polishers.  July 20 Contact  

e 18157 USA : Need 460 Slabs 2cm Approx 50-60 Sq.ft over the Next Two Years for large project, Giallo Antico for Kitchens, Vanities. Supplier should be either from Brazil , US, China . Needed within a Week. Need to get right color, top quality, minimal inclusions, Darker, Redder than Sample on findstone. Hope to place order within 1 week. Have bids for prefab at $5 per square foot. Will consider slab under $3 per square foot. Tel. no. is (520) 63.....I am in AZ. July 20 Contact

e 18145 USA : Please tell me the size of the honey onyx sink. Height? Do you have 2? If the color doesn't work can it be sent back? Tel. 785-53.....July 19 Contact


e 18141 USA : I would like to know more about buying a monument for my mothers grave. Interested in Canadian granite called Blue Eyes, and if so, how much for a piece 3 feet wide by 2 feet high, by 1 and a half feet deep? Or 1 foot deep? Please tell me if I need to buy a base, and if this is appropriate for the purpose intended. Tel. 781-59.....July 18 Contact

e 18140 USA : I am presently in the granite countertop business and am looking for the machinery to make knobs out of granite. July 18 Contact  

e 18138 USA : Please quote for MB MAX milling machine as displayed in ready stock 390. Send details of availability. July 18 Contact  

e 18127: USA : I am new to New Jersey . I am looking for a quarry or supplier to buy sandstone. July 17 Contact

e 18119 USA : I am looking for marble, limestone, or sandstone desk accessories. I specifically need paper trays or called in/out box. Please send me photos or contact if you know how carries them. I only need a few pieces at the present time. I am in Arizona . July 16 Contact

e 18118 USA : I am interested in buying 1000 - 2000 smooth dark grey basalt massage stones, from 1" diameter to 5" diameter. They need to be very very smooth (pretty much perfect) and preferably symmetrical shaped. I sell custom made stone sets and my source here in the US has run out. JMy telephone number is (541) 55.....I prefer the stones to be flat, similar to Colorado skippers, between 0.25 inches to 1.5 inches thick. I want stones that are all gray, not green or brown or other colours. July 16 Contact

e 18114 USA : Do you have a distributor of Tinos Green marble in the Miami , Florida area? July 15 Contact  

e 18105 USA : I am trying to import prefab granite counter tops, bath vanities, granite sinks, fire places, granite slabs for a store I am opening in Nevada , USA . My phone # is 1-775-31.....I will buy from anywhere but I can only speak English. I need to buy immediately. I would also like to know how to import into USA from different countries for what I am looking for seems to me China is the least expensive for prefab counters. July 15 Contact 

e 18099 USA : Please quote for granite and marble random slabs. Phone no. is 816 75.....July 14 Contact

e 18090 USA : I have a customer looking for a quartzite irregular thickness square tile 12 x 12 or 18 x 18 or 24 x 24 in a color called Heibi Gold. I believe they have purchased this product in the past somewhere in Hawaii . Looking for a wholesale distributors in continental USA . Phone 800-35.....I am looking for material to use around swimming pools on 5 homes I am working on in Maui . 1000-2000 sf each. July 13 Contact

e 18075 USA: Please send me the fob rates slab for black absolute (honed), sappaire blue, steel gray, impala black, imperial white, indian juparana, juprana colombo, tan brown, tan mahogani. I need the rates of white kashmir 12x12 tiles and 18x18 kashmir
gold, 1 container. Please let me know the rates n fob too. July 13 Contact

e 18071 USA : Please provide us with pricing, lead-time information, crating cost and terms of payment for the following items. Your proposal should be written and emailed. 
10-200 Absolute Black Granite 720. Size: 39"W x 22". Flat polished edge eased.  
Polished to stain/heat resistant sealer
10-216 Absolute Black Granite 710
Size: 72"W x 24" 
Flat polished edge eased 
Polished to stain/heat resistant sealer
10-209 UBA TUBA 310
Size: 18" diameter x 3/4" 
Flat polished edge eased 
Polished to stain/heat resistant sealer
Size: 19-1/4" diameter x 3/4" 
Flat polished edge eased 
Polished to stain/heat resistant sealer
Please note that we would require these to be shipped in , first one in May 2005 please quote accordingly. 
Please indicate delivery and terms of payment for the above mentioned items:
F.O.B: New Orleans (Landed Cost). July 12 Contact

e 18070 USA : Looking for: Solid Limestone Blocks, 3ft wide, 3ft tall, 3ft thick. Quantity: 20. blocks. Rough cut is okay. Color doesn't matter. The stone will be used for material and equipment testing. They should be close in size so I can stack them 3 blocks tall. No holes. Supplier must be a US company or importer. I'm looking to purchase the limestone sometime in October. We have a fork lift here that can remove the blocks from a flat bed. Tel. no. is 703-71.....July 12 Contact

e 18058 USA : I need a bridge saw for slabs, second machine in good condition, price under Euro 17000. Please send me info and picture. tel 77377.....July 11 Contact

e 18057 USA : We are always looking for sources of granite. Where are your warehouse located? We are a co-operative of independently owned granite retail sales outlets. My phone number is 916-20......We purchase about 40 slabs a month of various colors. We are also assisting a person who is opening a retail store who will need container quantities. July 11 Contact

e 18056 USA : I am interested in a bridge saw. Please send me a list with pictures and a price guide also the price of installation. July 11 Contact

e 18046 USA : Looking for 1700 sq ft of travertine, pattern Tuscanny in the Palm Beach . Looking for a home in FL. My cell phone is 248.41..... July 10 Contact  


e 18042 USA : I need a prefab counter tops 9x2. I need 30 counters as soon as possible, multicolor red.  Please contact me 818 26.....July 9 Contact  

e 18041 USA : Please email me a selection and pricelist of fireplaces and sinks made of granite. We are interested in fabricating stone sinks some day, although right now we are a countertop fabrication shop. We have a few clients that would like to see fireplace selections too. We are in MA. Tel. no. is 413-58.....Please include payment method and delivery. July 9 Contact

e 18038 USA : I am a landscaper in Boulder CO and am trying to locate some Canadian flagstone anywhere on the front range. I found a few pallets at Colorado . July 8 Contact  

e 18032 USA : Please quote for 20.000 to 25.000 square feet of Durango travertine 12" x 12" in California . My tel. no. is 805-74....July 8 Contact  

e 18020 USA : I am looking to locate a source for a Chinese quartzite stone tile side marked as STQ-26 White Gold Quartz. We specializes in interior design of large hospitality projects including new and renovation projects. At the present time we are looking to install approx. 15,000 square feet of quartzite stone in a hotel Lobby and adjacent areas. As a designer we are responsible for the specification of several interior products at this time we are looking to locate a product that has been successfully installed at several locations. (HOST has asked me to research a product by the name of White Gold Quartz from China ). Please feel free to call me at 310/83.....My tel. no. is 310 83.....July 7 Contact 

e 18015 USA : I am investigating importing granite stone to the USA from China . Are there granites native to China ? Which ones should you recommend using and which ones would you avoid? July 6 Contact

e 18006 USA : I am interested in a chocolate swirl flagstone (2") and need 650 square feet. I live in Littleton , CO (suburb of Denver ). We are interested in laying stone this weekend (July 9). July 6 Contact

e 18002 USA : I am looking for Indonesian carved stone door surrounds. I am looking for 2-3 surrounds. Open to color. My telephone number is 805-56......I am in CA. July 6 Contact   

e 18001 USA : I am looking for Granite or marble slabs that are thin, 1/4", in 12" x 12" or larger, polished 1 side. The color is flexible, anything other than solid colors will do to start. I manufacture switch plate covers from stone and am looking for new materials to work with. I would like to start off with a small sample of 30 sq ft @ 1/4" thickness if possible. Phone no. 231-27.....July 6 Contact 

e 17997 USA : We are located in Central Florida . We specialize in wholesale & retail of Marble and Granite tiles and slabs. Our primary source of importing are currently Brazil , Turkey and China . There is a high demand for Indian Granite & Marble in the market today. We intend to create relationship with your factory direct so that we can receive good quality materials at a reasonable price. It would be great if you could send your full manufactures price list of all your available material. We have a large order currently for Black Galaxy and Star Galaxy 18x18 tiles and 3cm slabs. Cell ++ 1-407-61...... July 5 Contact    

e 17988 USA : Want to purchase a container of Travertine slabs and or Travertine counter tops bullnosed and or Granite bullnosed. FOB Las Vegas Nevada . My cell no. is 702-52..... July 5 Contact

e 17987 USA : We are building an out building that will serve as a long lasting library / reading room on our farm. Require a size somewhere between a brick paver or half the size of a concrete block. Open for suggestions. coral was my preferred material but may not be available or too costly. July 5 Contact  

e 17985 USA : I own a stone retail and fabrication business in California . At present we have two stores. I am looking to open another warehouse in Southern California and possibly one in Sacramento , CA (Bay area). Thus far we have been importing from China (even Indian granite) because of their incredible service but are looking for a credible, service oriented company from India that can fulfill our orders. 
We would like to get a quote on 435 sq.ft. 2 cm thick, square edge measurement for pricing, mirror polished, good quality granite slabs in each of the following colors: black galaxy, kuppam green, silver pearl, anantapur grey, sira grey, silk blue, sapphire blue, hassan green, steel grey, tan brown, chariot brown, black pearl, lavender blue, sapphire brown, seaweed green, kashmir white and kashmir gold. We are also interested in Katni marble, limestone, sandstone and slate. Cell 661-30.....July 5 Contact

e 17983 USA : Is indeed Polar blue a better grade of granite than Volga Blue. Volga Blue seems to be changing to look like an alligators back. Not near as pretty as just the black with the blue brilliance. I am in need of 1200 sq. feet of tiles in this color. Also how do you get it into the U.S. and who them inspects it and how do you pay for it to be shipped to you and what is your protection from the shipper in Europe . I would like to buy this product but I also need to be protected. July 4 Contact  

e 17978 USA : I am looking for about 120 pieces of 76cm x 76cm x 2cm (30"x30"x3/4") gray bateig blue. Tel: 310-47..... July 3 Contact 


e 17968 USA : I am looking for excellent quality "Polare blue extra granite," I need from three to four slabs for kitchen countertops and island. This granite is black with tight pattern of light color veining, and small to medium blue, greenish, copper flecks. (hologram appearance) (these mostly have rounded edges). I live in Fountain Valley , CA. Phone (714) 77.....July 2 Contact   

e 17965 USA : Do you carry Inca Gray? How much is it per square foot? How quickly can I get numerous slabs? I am in New York . I need four slabs, but in three weeks I will be making an order to complete 101 units in a hotel complex. July 2 Contact   

e 17959 USA : I am trying to locate a source of a stone column in the range of 25 feet in height, with a proportionate diameter. I am interested in limestone or granite, but open to other materials. The column and pedestal should conform in general to classic proportions. The column would be a Doric column but am open to alternatives. I also am looking for about 6 other columns of 8 to 10 feet in height. Again, I am open to alternative materials and colors. All of the material would be shipped to South Bend , Indiana , US . My telephone number is (574) 24.....July 1 Contact   

e 17952 USA : We are a architectural stone producer and supplier and are very interested in some exotic stones slabs and tiles. June 30 Contact 

e 17932 USA : I am looking for a supplier for mainly brazilian granite to be purchased and sold in the USA . I am looking for containers / slabs. Need supplier in Brazil . Please contact me at 941-53.....June 28 Contact

e 17931 USA : Can you supply white marble to custom builders in Sarasta , Florida ?  June 28 Contact

e 17926 USA : We specialize in the importation of products for builders. Do you have your complete price list available on a spreadsheet such as MS Excel?  It is much easier for our sales individuals to have the pricing on a consolidated sheet. At this time we are actively seeking the most popular styles of Granite for Kitchen counter tops. Our business is in serving the Contractor or Builder but in many instances the owner is allowed to select which style they prefer. We will be ordering both slabs and pre-fabricated tops from our supplier. Eventually we will be offering styles from all over the world to the client. The more exotic the better. Currently Granite is imported from Brazil and China . Our tel. no. is 251-75.....June 27 Contact

e 17924 USA : I am interested in the Breccia Oniciata 1st quality tiles. I need the cost, etc converted to US currency. June 26 Contact

e 17923 USA : I am looking for the above stone distributed by a German Company called Solhofen. June 26 Contact  

e 17919 USA : I need approximately 800 sq ft of Botticino Fiorito in 18" x 18" with some small tiles for cladding in bathroom. I am in GA. Tel. 912 36.....June 24 Contact  

e 17918 USA : Please quote for flagstones as displayed in price list 1192. June 24 Contact

e 17912 USA : Please quote for crema marfil tiles. My tel. no. is (503) 2 - 27.....June 23 Contact

e 17910 USA : I am looking for approx. 600 sq/ft of a 16" x 16" Andino Light Travertine w/ a honed finish. Looking for a West Coast source. June 23 Contact 

e 17898 USA : I AM LOOKING FOR OSSO TRAVERTINO 12X12. June 21 Contact 

e 17890 USA : Stone Processing Machine: We are a new shop in the Virginia area seek a used gantry saw for immediate purchase. Please contact me with any available saws. Tel. no. is 804-23..... June 18 Contact

e 17889 USA : I am interested in the T Bar diamond wheel dresser. Please send photograph and price. June 18 Contact

e 17886 USA : I need to find a supplier of white and blue flat pebbles (007-0015) in large quantities. What would be the cost to with shipping to my business in North Alabama, USA ? June 17 Contact 

e 17883 USA : We are a new company located in New York Queens. We are looking for two slabs of Juparano Florencia, and two of shivakashi. Can you please let us know the price and the time to take for deliver? June 17 Contact 

e 17865 USA : I need one block of MARBLE 1.5 X 1.5 X 2 FEET. How much is the price for one block, of the following types (plus shipping to California USA): ege brown, rosso laguna, rosso carpazi, verdello trento. I am an artist who got an order to do something from a red/brown marble. The stone does not come from the USA , so I have no place I can obtain one. Maybe somebody would consider selling just one blockI am in CA. Tel. no. is 650 34.....June 14 Contact  

e 17860 USA : I am an interior designer putting together a new product file. Please send me all brochures on each and every product you sell. I am in Chicago . June 13 Contact

e 17846 USA : We are an installation company. We need 6 boxes 12"x12" Breccia Tavira dark. I can email a picture. Matching for a repair. Our tel. no. is 727 85.....June 10 Contact  

e 17840 USA : Please send me a catalog with your different Indian sandstone, marble, granite, slate and limestone and their prices. I am in St Lucia . tel. no. is 75845.....June 10 Contact

e 17839 USA : Our fabrication & installation company is located in Austin , Texas (Central, Texas ), U.S.A. , but we are in the process of opening a wholesale distribution center in Texas ( South Texas ). It should take us about one (1) month to finish up the final touches on the warehouse. Therefore, we need to speed up the process in purchasing granite slabs by the bundles, imported and/or domestic. Most of the granites we use are from India , others from countries such as: China , Brazil & even the U.S. Depending on who carries the colors we are most interested in, we are actually willing to buy from anyone who has them. The budget we are working with at this time is Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000 USD). We are hoping to buy a mixed variety of polished (9 x 5 ft) slabs. Some of the colors are listed below: 
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Antico; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Antico
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba Gold; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba Gold
2 bundles/cm Green Butterfly; 2 bundles/3cm Green Butterfly
2 bundles/2cm Black San Gabriel; 2 bundles/3cm Black San Gabriel
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Fioritto; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Fioritto
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Oranamentale; 2 bundles/ 3cm Giallo Ornamentale
2 bundles/2cm New Caledonia; 2 bundles/3cm New Caledonia
2 bundles/2cm Green Jade; 2 bundles/3cm Green Jade
2 bundles/2cm New Venecian gold; 2 bundles/3cm New Venecian Gold
2 bundles/2cm Peacock Green; 2 bundles/3cm Peacock Green
2 bundles/2cm Tan Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Tan Brown
2 bundles/2cm Red Multi; 2 bundles/3cm Red Multi
2 bundles/2cm Sapphire Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Sapphire Brown
Our telephone number is 1-512-26...... June 10 Contact

e 17838 USA : I wanted to know if you have the Crema Perlino or White Perlino slabs? We areimporters, sellers, fabricators and installers. We need Crema Perlino or White Perlino in 2 cm thickness. Notify me if you have this material and send me pictures and price. Tel: 1-718-52.....
June 10 Contact

e 17831 USA : We have a factory in North Carolina and looking to find aragonite (calcium carbonate) a rare mineral that's found in the Bahamas . My tele #973-89...... Our qty is a few truck loads. June 9 Contact 

e 17829 USA : I am interest in finding a supplier for granite counter tops / vanity tops for hotel bathrooms - 85 Rms, breakfast area and reception counter. PH # 502 44......June 8 Contact 

e 17822 USA : I am an importer of stone in Ohio . Please quote for Indian sandstone, slate and limestone. My fax no. is 419 86......June 8 Contact

e 17820 USA : Our fabrication & installation company in Central Texas, U.S.A. is interested in purchasing several bundles of different color granites in 2 & 3cm slabs. We need to know the basic information needed to purchase the granite slabs. June 8 Contact

e 17815 USA : Please send a catalogue of Indian sandstone, slate and limestone. I am a stone trader in Anaheim , CA. June 7 Contact

e 17782 USA : Diamond Tools: We are interested in diamond tools for basalt and marble stone. Is it possible to have a price catalog? We are in Phoenix . June 1 Contact


e 17761 USA : I would like to buy Eastern Kentucky sandstone; "yellowstone".  Please send me details. My tel. no. 859 58.....May 28 Contact

e 17760 USA : I would like to start a bullnose company. Please email me info. Would also like to know where I can buy yellow polishing paste? My tel. no. is 949 38.....May 28 Contact

e 17759 USA : We would like to purchase JAUNE MONTON Limestone 6,750 s.f. (patterned or random sizes). We need this material in Southern California by July 6th, No other alternative limestones will be considered. Our tel. no. is (805) 49..... May 28 Contact

e 17751 USA : Would you be able to supply a quote for a 10' x 4' x 3' block of black Granite? Please include shipping to Oberlin , Ohio , USA . My tel: 440-77.....May 26 Contact

e 17743 USA : I am looking for Breccia Pernice to do a small job in the Houston , Texas area. We need about 5 boxes of tiles and possibly 2 samples to test our product on. Phone: 713-95.....May 24 Contact

e 17738 USA : Please send us prices for marble tiles and mosaic products from India . Our tel. no. is 773 80......We are in Chicago . May 24 Contact

e 17734 USA : Need honed carrara marble (white) slabs--- 1 1/4 inch 120"X40" one slab and three smaller matching slabs. also need a 40"X40" honed slab that is at least 4" thick as a companion piece. My tel. no. is 248 92.....May 23 Contact  

e 17722 USA : Do you manufacturer travertine pool coping and pavers. I am looking for several containers of 10cm x 30cm x 3cm (4" x 12" x 1 1/4") coping and 15cm x 60 cm x 3cm pavers. Also 30cm x 30cm x 3cm. Tumbled finish with 1 side bullnosed. Light and Medium color travertine. Please send price and availability. Direct - 817-91.....Quantity is a minimum of 2 containers per month ( 7500 SF OR 700 SM) of pavers 6 x 12 & 1 container of coping 4 x 12 & 12 x 12, 3cm thickness. Material needs to be Light Travertine to Medium. Tumbled edge pavers & Chipped edge pavers are both needed. The coping needs to be bullnosed. May 20 Contact  

e 17721 USA : Please quote for Spanish marble and travertine slabs and tiles. Tel: 786-31.....May 20 Contact

e 17717 USA : Looking for a good used pro edge machine. My tel. no. is 707-79.....May 20 Contact

e 17712 USA : Diamond Tools: I want DIAMOND SAW BLADES 60pcs. Please quote with shipping costs to Brooklyn , New York . May 19 Contact   

e 17710 USA : I am interested in the used granite blocks that has been advertised in ready stock 418. Please quote. My tel. no. is 603-23.....May 18 Contact 

e 17708 USA : I need 6000 m2 of wiscont white size 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 1 cm. Also 1400 m2 beige sandstone 120 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm natural cleft for a large project in Acapulco Mexico . I am in Texas , tel. 956 38.....May 18 Contact 

e 17706 USA : I am need of Botticino Fiorito 24x24x5/8 -- 1150 s.f. May 17 Contact 

e 17705 USA : We are looking to buy approx. 70M2 of Sodalite Blue Granite 3cm in Random Slabs Polished. Please price f.o.b. your warehouse per SF or M2 in USD. This request is urgent as we must finalize the pricing today. My cell. phone at 819-43.....May 17 Contact 

e 17702 USA: We need around 20 slabs of blue Bluestone - prefer 1" thick, single color, natural cleft finish, with dimension of 2'x30" - slightly larger or smaller may be ok. These will be used for rustic table tops (we have been using these for over 10 years but now need more). Also need 7'x2' x 2" slab of bluestone that is thermal treated or honed. Would like price to include delivery. We are in Seattle .  May 17 Contact 

e 17701 USA : Please quote for giallo florito. May 17 Contact 

e 17700 USA : I need 2500 sqm of polished and finished limestone in slab form. I am looking for 2 cm thick 30 cm X 60 to 90cm slabs in a beige color. Please email me your best price. I am in CA. Tel: 415 61.....May 17 Contact 

e 17692 USA : We import natural stone tiles. What are your current prices for Crema Marfil in 12x12"x3/8"(1cm)? If you have a couple different grades please quote in each. Also, do you supply Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante? If so, please quote these in 12x12x3/8". May 16 Contact   

e 17691 USA : Looking for huge quantities of  18"x18"x1/2" Turkish Multicolor Travertine honed and filled at a budgeted price of USD 0.95 / sq.ft. May 15 Contact 

e 17689 USA : Please quote for gangsaw. My tel is 708 23.....May 15 Contact   

e 17685 USA : We are looking for a wholesale Supplier for massage stone products. We have not been able to find any specialty suppliers (wholesale or retail) in our area that can meet our needs. Please send us information on your company. Product lines, $ Lists, Samples, Brochures, etc. Anything you are willing to send we are willing to look at. Phone: 309-31......May 14 Contact   

e 17683 USA : Do you have 16"x16" yellow onyx tile? May 14 Contact

e 17680 USA : We would like to have 3 containers of granite and marble slabs. We are looking towards are Italy and Brazil . Our location is CA. Tel. no. is (510) 66..... May 14 Contac 

e 17674 USA : Interested in blue bahia granite, send prices. May 13 Contact 

e 17673 USA : I am attempting to import slate from Belo Horizonte , Brazil , from a family mine. Tel. 650-35.....I am in CA. May 13 Contact 

e 17665 USA : We are looking for a granite fabricator in Hong Kong who can cut countertops to order (complete with sink holes and finished edges) in dimensions according to the templates we provide. We are looking for a supplier to work with for many years.
Our requirements:
*Granite stone fabricator.
* Hong Kong location.
*Business registered with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
*Ability to cut and polish countertops according to our templates.
*First quality polished granite with finished and polished edges.
*Ability to handle LCL orders.
*Companies only. No brokers or non-company salesmen.
Please contact quickly if you can meet all of the requirements listed above. We have orders needing to be filled right away.  May 12 Contact 

e 17658 USA : Would you please sent me price list for 1 container of azul macauba by slab 2cm and 3cm. And if you can provide a plank of azul macauba I have seen in some trade shows. They are fix width and length to customer request. Please include some picture. If the prices are on whole sale base we are looking to do more business. Tel. (206)78......May 11 Contact 

e 17657 USA : I am looking for a source for Alabaster Panels of 36" high and 16 1/4" wide with 1" bevel. I have specifications I can fax in order to get availability and pricing. Phone no. is 817.33.....May 11 Contact 

e 17656 USA : Our company has a job that specifies “Dark Green Slate Tile”. We are needing this ASAP. The sizes of the tile that I am needing: 3,000 pieces – 6x12x1” and 140 pieces – 12x12x1”. I am in Texas . phone no. is (806) 37.....May 11 Contact 

e 17655 USA : I am looking for a stone called “Pietro Griegio” it is from Italy and has a look like soapstone. I am in Ohio , but could pick it up anywhere in the Midwest . I would appreciate any info on locating this stone. My Tel. no: 614-20......Qty: 20 to 25 linear feet 2 to 3ft in Depth. 
May 11 Contact 

e 17654 USA : Currently looking for a supplier for 3500 Sq' of Pennsylvania Bluestone for a project. I need delivery price and coverage per Sq'. Would prefer stone thickness to be 4" thick and come in irregular shapes. May 11 Contact 

e 17653 USA : I AM INTERESTED IN PURCHASING ROUGH GRANITE BLOCKS. TEL. NO. 1 586 70......May 11 Contact   

e 17650 USA : We are importers and fabricators serving South East Michigan. We have our own warehouse and production facility all under one roof. We are interested in importing slate, sand stone and lime stone tiles. Please give additional details pricing, sample pictures etc. Also if you have new colors of granite slabs esp (Northern Indian) Please send details. Phone no. 248 47.....May 10 Contact 

e 17645 USA : I am a builder on Cape Cod in Massachusetts looking for a small remnant of Verde Amazonas granite. I would like to work out a deal for about 10 SF for a bathroom vanity. Please contact me if you are interested. I am not looking to make anything on your granite. I just do not want to buy a whole slab. My tel. no. is 917-53.....May 10 Contact 

e 17641 USA : I am looking to have 1000 linear feet of pure white marble, without dark markings for pool coping. The segments are 3" thick x 18" wide x 24" long. They are bushammered on the two sides indicated, with 2 edges with 1/2" radius and polish on the edges only. I can provide photos. I also will need pricing for 3" thick slabs of the same material. What size would these slabs be? And pieces approximately 24" long with an 8'-0" inside radius. Do you also do balusters with caps and bases for a balustrade? 
We are importers of stone products in the CA area, and import multiple container shipments each month. I am interested in knowing the pricing for the above items and what else you offer. Tel. no. is 707-74.....May 10 Contact 

e 17637 USA : I am looking for a multiple mould machine to commercially produce concrete stepping stones, My phone number is 304 26.....May 9 Contact 

e 17633 USA : Please e-mail me the list of your discontinued tiles in Stock ASAP. Please indicate the quantities you have in stock with special builder prices. My tel. no. is 765-44..... May 9 Contact

e 17631 USA: I need the price for one 20 ft container fob for various 3cm thick granite & marble slabs and tiles 12"x12" for the USA port Jacksonville/Miami for 30 mm. Tel no. 407-83.....Min. two container (approx. 4000-6000 sq. ft.) In various color and size. May 8 Contact 

e 17615 USA : Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Tel. 212.22.....May 5 Contact 

e 17605 USA : Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Cell: 954-49.....May 5 Contact

e 17600 USA : I am looking for an Ruff ballpark price on some stone to build a low retaining type wall around my wife's flower bed in front and along the sides of my house in Indianapolis . I don't know what type of stone I am looking for but it is white flat stone around 12 to 14 inches long and may be 6 to 8 inches wide and 2 to 3 inches thick. I use to see walls of this all the time not so much any more. Any way the wall will be 100 ft. long and 8 to 10 inches high just one row deep. May 5 Contact

e 17599 USA : Please send a catalog with prices on your marble tile. Include shipping details. I am in IL. My contact details are 1-630-23......May 5 Contact 

e 17597 USA : I need 8 granite steps, rough cut. Dimensions are: 5 feet, by 15 - 18 inches, by 8 inches. Need delivery to Charlottesville VA. Can pay cash if need be. My tel. no. is (434) 22..... May 4 Contact

e 17592 USA : Interested in 4000 ft of 18x18 inch of Afyon marble. My tel. no. is 516-77.....May 4 Contact   

e 17591 USA : Looking for 22 pcs. of Giallo Beach or New Venetian gold or similar 24" granite tiles. Tel. no. is 859-48.....May 4 Contact  

e 17589 USA : I am looking for Saudi granite (tiles) distributor on the West Coast of USA i.e. California . I am looking for small amounts of tile (boxes of 10 tiles... 3/8") All colors. Phone: 209-39.....May 3 Contact

e 17584 USA : Please quote for granite cobble stones. Do not know what colors are available, and also am not sure of the exact scope of our project, but would be somewhere between 1000 and 3000 square feet. I am in NY. Tel. no. is 845 63.....May 3 Contact 

e 17575 USA : I have immediate need for a construction project for green jade slabs, matched and numbered for "mirror-matching". Please send maximum widths and lengths available, as well as photos of slabs with "organic" flow. Will consider A grade and/or B grade. Container quantities needed. May 3 Contact

e 17574 USA : I am interested in specific quotes for specific slabs of Argentinean azul for a current project in Yucatan , Mexico . I have immediate needs, but I need to see photos of sets of matching slabs for "book matching" floors. May 3 Contact

e 17569 USA : Quarry Machine: I am interested in posting an inquiry to buy quarry machinery. May 2 Contact

e 17567 USA : Send your price list of all type granite and marble. We need 35 x 100 x 2 & 3 cm slabs. Quote your price FOB and CIF Rotterdam. 
A) SIZE 30.5X30.5X10MM
B) SIZE 400X400X20 MM
C) SIZE 600X600X20 MM
A) SIZE 30.5X30.5X10 MM
B) SIZE 400X400X20 MM
C) SIZE 600X600X20 MM
May 2 Contact

e 17558 USA : Please quote for Rosso Laguna marble in boulder or block form. I am in New Jersey . My tel. no. is 908-23.....Apr 30 Contact

e 17554 USA : Our company is looking for Chinese Suppliers of Bridge Saws minimum 25 HP with 24" diamond blade. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is 352-38.....Apr 29 Contact


e 17545 USA : Please quote for white marble pebbles. Apr 29 Contact 

17543 USA : I am interested in brown and tan creek boulders of approximately basketball size. We are located just north of Houston . Price? Time? Tel. 800.33.... Apr 29 Contact   

e 17538 USA : Email me relevant information on 3cm slabs of Blue Diamond Granite from China . I am looking for a qty of 60 square feet to start with. Phone 309 83.....Apr 28 Contact 

e 17537 USA : I have a lawn and garden store and would be interested in pa. colonial wallstone and pa. flagstone by the trailer load. You can call me on 84535..... Apr 28 Contact   

e 17534 USA : Please quote for Pennsylvania bluestone 1200 sq ft (approx 7-8 pallets) of 1-1/2" random pattern, full color (blue thru brown). What is lead time and freight cost to zip 45505? Phone 937-32...... Apr 27 Contact 

e 17531 USA : Please quote for a rock splitter as mentioned in ready stock 360. I am in MD. My tel. no. is 888 29......Apr 27 Contact 

e 17530 USA : I am interested in buying containers of granite slabs (Indian, Brazilian granite) from Miami port. I am interested in various granite colors thickness 2 and 3 cm. Please send me all possible offers and contact information. I am looking to place order within next month. Apr 27 Contact   

e 17529 USA : Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. I am looking to buy one container of granite slabs in dark colors: uba tuba, buterfly green or similar (will consider other colors as well). My phone number is 402-20..... I live in Tampa , FL. Apr 27 Contact 

e 17527 USA : We purchase and re-sell and also fabricate large quantities of granite slabs. Email me your inventory and pricing/sizes of  immediate shipping material. Apr 27 Contact 

e 17526 USA : We are a potential dealer in South Florida . Could you please forward us a price list of all your products. You may contact us at 561-79.....Apr 27 Contact   

e 17523 USA : Please send a catalogue and prices of marble tiles. We would also like whatever samples you could send. We are in West Chicago . Phone# 630-23..... Apr 26 Contact    

e 17519 USA : Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. I am in Utah . Apr 26 Contact

e 17517 USA : Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. My tel. no. is 610 - 39.....Apr 26 Contact    

e 17507 USA : I need 2000 sq ft. of 18x18 tumbled travertine.  Apr 25 Contact 

e 17505 USA : Please quote for travertine Alabastino. How is your availability and do you have any alabastrino crosscut, filled and honed?  Also, do you have any dark veined Alabastrino (Commercial)? Apr 25 Contact 

e 17504 USA : I am curious about the Cream Supreme Limestone from Turkey . Apr 25 Contact 

e 17503 USA : I am looking for a seller of granite and marble slabs. Apr 25 Contact 

e 17502 USA : I am interested in the multicolor travertine. Please email me some images of what it looks like. I am looking for full 20 ft container loads but I am curious of the color of the multicolor travertine. Apr 25 Contact   

e 17501 USA : We are looking for a supplier of decomposed granite in Portland , Oregon . We would like to cover 340 square feet with yellow/tan decomposed granite. Telephone: (503) 47......Apr 25 Contact

e 17499 USA : I AM LOOKING FOR ONYX. I AM IN NY. MY TEL. NO. IS 516-67......Apr 25 Contact  

e 17488 USA : Please send pricing and pictures for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. My tel. no. is 888-43.....Apr 23 Contact

e 17486 USA : I am interested in learning more about your fireplace mantles and other artifacts. I am in San Diego , CA. Apr 22 Contact

e 17485 USA : I am looking for basalt rocks for landscaping. I need 400-500 lbs of wild basalt rock in fist size pieces for sauna stove. I am in NC. Tel. no. is 336-36.....Apr 22 Contact

e 17483 USA : Looking for firebricks in Miami to build a fireplace. Apr 22 Contact

e 17482 USA : Want info on floating marble / granite sphere round 40"w x 36"h outdoor fountain contemporary design. My tel. no. 262-78..... Apr 22 Contact

e 17473 USA : We are wondering if there is a supplier of Pre-fabricated Dakota Mahogany. Apr 22 Contact 

e 17467 USA : I am building a house in US & would like to have the price of BOTTOCINO CLASSICO & BOTTOCINO FIORITO of 1000 sqm each with 20mm thick slab of fiber packing, polished pieces. I am visiting Italy this month. Apr 21 Contact   

e 17465 USA : Looking for a fabricator of granite and marble who is familiar with the community mausoleum. Quality is essential. Uniform color and expert fabrication is also a must. Phone 336 78......Apr 21 Contact   

e 17464 USA : We are a trading company. We are looking for a serious and professional manufacture of granite and marble for supplying the best quality products. For our latest project we need about 30,000 SQF of Giallo Veneziano Granite for 7 floor building. Here are the main specifications: Various sizes for countertops and vanity 
Polished slabs. 3/4" which is 2 cm slabs thick and 1 1/2" which is 4cm OG edge. I need your approximate price for SQF, and if it possible the pictures of the stone. Also, I would like to know the cost of shipping for container to the port of Long Beach ( Los Angeles ). If your price will be enough competitive I will send you a full specifications with exact quantity and sizes. Apr 21 Contact 

e 17461 USA : Would like to contact a supplier of naturally rounded pumice stone. Apr 20 Contact   

e 17453 USA : Please quote the square foot price for 30.5x30.5cm Sodalite blue polished tiles. Apr 19 Contact 

e 17452 USA : I am interested in purchasing Indonesian marble of different colors at $20 M2. Apr 19 Contact  

e 17450 USA: I want Botticino Fiorito 12x12 tiles for 24.80 Euros/M2. Can you offer me at this price? Also what is your price for 12x12 Brecia Oniciata? This will be a wholesale purchase. Apr 19 Contact  

e 17449 USA : Please send us a few email photos of the transparent golden onyx. Apr 19 Contact

e 17447 USA : I am associated with many companies in the building industry. What products and terms do you have available to me that relate in the future. Apr 18 Contact

e 17442 USA : Please send images by e-mail and also an idea of your prices for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17441 USA : Please quote with catalogs for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Our tel. no. is (757) 46.....Apr 18 Contact

e 17432 USA : We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore , Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore . We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Our tel # is 410-51.....Apr 18 Contact

e 17421 USA : I am searching to place an immediate order for "Gardenia White" granite blocks of 5-10 blocks for a sample. If all is acceptable we will continue with much larger orders. My tel. no is 415/71.....Apr 16 Contact

e 17419 USA : I am looking for a 12 x 12 marble from China called Pacific Peach. Apr 16 Contact

e 17418 USA : Please contact us if you are producing gold and red travertine or you have quarry of this colors. We are looking for 3cm thick 
products in the Material. Apr 16 Contact

e 17416 USA : I need 3000 sq ft of either Botticino or giallo reale in 18x18". It has to be in Miami no later than April 22, 2005. Apr 15 Contact

e 17414 USA : Is there any granite color that resembles the precious stone emerald? I need them for our kitchen countertop. Estimated area is 50-60 square feet. My contact info: 562-46.....Apr 15 Contact

e 17408 USA : I am trying to locate Villebois Jaune re. LM-HONED. Looking for 12"X12" tiles. I need pricing and also need to know who I can get this tile from. Apr 14 Contact

e 17406 USA : We are interested in Beige Travertine, any light colors 12 inch x 24 inch x 1 1/4 thickness Qty 6000 sq ft at a time ...or more. Also need marble same as travertine. Our tel no. is 1-352-38.....Apr 14 Contact

e 17404 USA : We are importers of natural stone but we are also interested in buying quartz engineered stone in tiles form & worktop. Please send us a catalogue with price list. Apr 14 Contact

e 17403 USA : I fabricate 2,700 sq ft. per week and would be interested in several containers of 2 cm granite slabs. Please send information on container inventory. I am located in Tennessee . Apr 14 Contact

e 17400 USA : I am thinking about importing cobble stones to Rhode Island . Can you please send me a picture of what the stones look like? Apr 14 Contact

e 17399 USA : Our company installs granite kitchen and bathroom countertops for house builders/developers in the northwest part of the USA . We are looking for a granite fabricator who can cut countertops to order (complete with sink holes and finished edges) in dimensions according to the templates we provide. Your company must be currently shipping containers to the port of Vancouver , Canada , or Seattle , USA . Our orders are small, so we must rely on being able to share container shipment cost with orders from other clients of yours. Our company is small but growing. Our average monthly order is currently 30 square meters per month. We are expanding quickly and hope to need 100 square meters per month soon.  We are looking for a supplier to work with for many years. We are looking for a company that already sells cut and polished granite countertops to British Columbia , Canada , or to Washington state, USA . We need to be able to see samples of your countertops in the Vancouver area. Out tel. no. is 1-360-51.....  Apr 14 Contact  

e 17396 USA : Need granite and marble fabricator for Mausoleums. All are in U.S.A. looking for long term realtionship.  Apr 14 Contact 

e 17393 USA : Where to find bluestone, irregular cut, suitable for a fireplace, in Chicago area. Apr 13 Contact 

e 17389 USA : I am on the market for Marble, Travertine, and Limestone. Apr 13 Contact   

e 17385 USA : My granite countertops are down 3CM. I want the cobblestone backsplash. I want some information on purchasing the cobblestone, can you provide? My tel. no. is 770-49..... Apr 13 Contact

e 17382 USA : Need Price quote on 30" x 60" x 3/4" Absolute / Bahama Blue / Blue Pearl, Polished Top and 4 sides. We are in NY. Our tel. no. is 631-22.....Apr 12 Contact

e 17376 USA : I am looking for 500 to700 tile 12"x12" perlato Botticino. My telephone no. is 817-82.....Apr 12 Contact

e 17367 USA : I want to buy granite blocks. Minimum size - 240 cm up X 75 cm.
- unacceptable defects - No lines or cracks
- how will inspection be done - inspected by our Indian company
Color : Saphire Brown, Shivakashi Pink, size : 240 cm up X 72 cm, 50 CBM, location - South India, Immediate requirement, Competitive price needed, need sizes of available blocks. Prices need per CBM FOB Chennai.  Phone:(303) 67..... Apr 11 Contact

e 17360 USA : For a sculpture I need two granite blocks of the absolute black granite. The sizes are: 
66 cm x 275 cm x 106 cm
55 cm x 233 cm x 246 cm
How much would be the costs of the stone and the transport to New York , USA ? Apr 10 Contact  

e 17358 USA : Please quote for 3 slabs of Giallo Dorado. I am in NY. My tel. no. is (585) 29.....Apr 9 Contact  

e 17351 USA : Could You make the similar small figurine only. The best my believe this is Indian Aurora Granite
Customer wants this figurine as part of memorial. The measurement in centimeters in the attached image. I am in Atlanta (Elberton). Apr 8 Contact  

e 17349 USA : I would like a quote for 150 square feet of kashmir gold granite. I am interested in 12x12 inch tiles, calibrated, chamfered, grooved on the reverse and polished to a mirror finish. I want them to be shipped to Chicago , Illinois . I can be reached at 773 36.....Apr 8 Contact

e 17348 USA : Please quote for Beaumaniere light limestone. Please provide pricing for cut blocks, 3/4", 2", 4" slabs. Apr 7 Contact  

e 17344 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for CAT equipment. Apr 7 Contact  

e 17326 USA : We are a wholesale company working in the New York Metro area. We deal with Architects, Fabricators, Gen. Contractors and Installers. We are looking for 1,200 sq.ft. of either 18" x 18", 24"x24" tile of Sivakasi / Colonial Dream / Shiva Yellow (must have hints of red in the tile). We are also looking for the possibility of using 30"x30" cut from slab ( 2cm ). We need the price, cost of delivery to New York ( queens ) if any and lead time once samples and price is approved. My tel. no. is 646-87.....Apr 5 Contact

e 17320 USA : Our company installs granite kitchen and bathroom countertops for home builders/developers. We are looking for new granite manufacturers who can cut, polish, mount (onto plywood), and seal granite in dimensions according to the templates we provide. We are looking for an ongoing business relationship. Finished granite pieces must be shipped to Vancouver , Canada , for our pick up. We wish to buy directly from companies located in China and other Asian countries who are already shipping to Vancouver . We need to see samples of your work and talk to other clients of yours located in British Columbia / Vancouver before ordering granite from you. We have many jobs for which we need granite right away. Because of the rise in value of the Canadian dollar, our current suppliers in Canada have become too expensive. Our tel. no. is 1-360-51......Apr 5 Contact

e 17319 USA : Where can I get alabaster slabs for an exterior building facade? Can it be done? Has anyone done it? Looking for very very white alabaster slabs that could potentially be used for a wall.....thus, anyone with info or details should contact, and then discuss the quantity, etc. My tel. no. is (703) 59.....I am in NY. Apr 5 Contact

e 17318 USA : I wish to purchase travertine tiles as displayed in ready stock 316. I need approx 7000 H+F in a 18x18 light to med color. I am in Orlando . My tel. no. is 407 43..... Apr 5 Contact

e 17309 USA : We are interested in importing and distributing granite slabs. Please provide us with the pertinent information about your product such slabs size, quality, etc... We are very interested in starting this business already. We are currently fabricators but we are growing really fast. We are located at Miami , FL. Apr 3 Contact   

e 17301 USA : We are a company in the USA interested in information on some granite . The granite should have a 3 cm thickness and have matte or flame finish. List is as follows: 
Length x Height x Thickness - Qty 
60cm x 30 cm x 3 cm - 560
91cm x 90cm x 3 cm - 40
60cm x 40cm x 3 cm - 560
91cm x 40cm x 3 cm - 40
45cm x 40cm x 3cm - 40
30cm x 30cm x 3 cm - 80
60cm x 30cm x 5cm - 80
30cm x 30cm x 5cm - 80
40cm x 40cm x 5cm - 80
60cm x 40cm x 5cm - 80
91cm x 50cm x 3cm - 20
91cm x 60cm x 3cm - 20
45cm x 30cm s 3cm - 40
All of the stone needs to have a groove cut of 19mm deep x 3.5 mm width, cut along the length of the stone. We would like a price for 5 different colors you may have in your factory, which should include: light brown, yellow, light gray, brown, and  cream. We would like to request a list of colors in these variations. The stone would be shipped to the Port of Miami , in Florida , USA . Please also include this in your price breakdown. Apr 1 Contact 

e 17298 USA : Please quote for Salisbury Pink granite FOB. I am in Philadelphia . Phone: 215-56.....Mar 31 Contact

e 17297 USA : Please quote for 1500 square feet ,4 x 4” x 4” (approx 13000 pieces) cobble light grey granite stone, highest quality. Delivered to Freight forwarder Fort Lauderdale , zip: 33004, USA . We can purchase immediately to 3 months, after sample is sent. Cobblestone is for exterior paving. Payment 50% upfront and 50% after inspection at port. Looking for installer as well (ultimate destination island in the Bahamas ). Tel 18) 71.....Mar 31 Contact  

e 17293 USA : We are looking for limestone blocks. The design incorporates approximately 2700 blocks, approximately 70 tons. Our South Texas area has a limestone that is slightly yellow, tan/white composite color that is prominent in our area. We are trying to stay within the natural parameters. We are in Texas 78278. Mar 31 Contact  

e 17292 USA : How much would it be to ship a inlay tabletop to Washington , D.C. or Baltimore MD ? (Possibly a drop ship where I go somewhere else to pick it up. Time is NOT crucial.) I am very interested in the inlaid table tops from supplier number 4 and supplier number 51 on Findstone.com's online stores. I would first be interested in buying for my personal use, but am also considering selling their products over here if happy with the product. Mar 31 Contact

e 17291 USA : Please quote for the following pedestal sinks including shipping to Salt Lake City , UT : 006-0013, 0014-0007, 0046-0002 and 0046-0008. I really only want one maybe two pieces total. I am in UT. My tel. no. is 435-51.....Mar 31 Contact  

e 17290 USA : I am redoing a pool with 2400 sq.ft of travertine decking. I am planning on "Turco" from Turkey . I chose this for its color but I want to be sure that it is a denser, less brittle choice. What are the specific differences in qualities from different locations on the market? Should I avoid certain types? Also, is honed the way to go outside or sandblasted? Mar 30 Contact  

e 17275 USA : We are a granite company in Texas looking for sabbioso granite and a digital photo. Tel: 210-50......Mar 28 Contact  

e 17266 USA : I wish to buy soapstone for carving. Mar 26 Contact   

e 17262 USA : I need the following samples in 12"x12" and send them to our client for the Geneva project over Switzerland . The stones are 
Mt. Airy Granite / Flamed finish and Gray Indiana Limestone / Smooth Finish. I am in New York . My tel. no. is 212.63......Mar 25 Contact

e 17254 USA : Looking for Sodalite blue from Namibia . Mar 25 Contact 

e 17252 USA : We would like to purchase 3 slabs (5'x9' approx) each of MARINACE VERDE (GREEN), VERDE FUOCO (GREEN FIRE) and MARINACE RED. All 3 cm. thick. Delivery or Shipping to Chicago Area. Mar 25 Contact 

e 17248 USA : Looking for a supplier of diamond segments and abrasives. Mar 24 Contact

e 17243 USA : I want to buy pebbles as displayed in online stores 0027-0002. What is the minimum quantity?  Mar 24 Contact 

e 17241 USA : Need Approx. 2400 sq. foot of Tumbled Travertine (unfilled), Color: Mocca. We want these sizes 33% 16x24, 44% 16x16, 11% 8x16, 11% 8x8. We would like freight inclusive price delivered to 80816 zip. Please email price with freight included. Our tel. no. is 719-68..... Mar 24 Contact 

e 17236 USA : I am interested in 18 x 18 travertine about 2000sq. ft. Mar 24 Contact  

e 17226 USA : We are looking for a company, hopefully in the US to provide us with Brazilian Slate, something that is  close to grey slate. We are in OR. Tel. no. is 541-83.....Mar 23 Contact   

e 17225 USA : Please quote for travertine tiles and slabs. Mar 23 Contact 

e 17212 USA : Would you happen to have a picture or better yet a sample of Black Ouro / Brasilian Black that you can send me? I represent a marble company. Mar 22 Contact   

e 17211 USA : I work with many Distributors, Stone Dealers, Decorators and Home Developers to find and purchase containers of international stone Slabs, countertops, sink bowls, tiles and thin panels, etc. I am interested in Egyptian stones. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 - 95.....
Mar 22 Contact  


e 17186 USA : Please send pictures, sizes and prices for your medallions. We are a high-end tile/stone showroom and would like to show your products. Our tel. no. is 910 79.....Mar 19 Contact

e 17177 USA : Need 300 sq.ft. Calacatta white marble with gold or gold & grey veining, 70 s.f. emperor black marble and 70 s.f. statuary white. Mar 19 Contac 

e 17176 USA : Need Hand cut Granite cobblestones to be used for garden edging and low walls (1 foot maximum). Preferably in larger size (approximately 4" x 7" x 10"). Prefer darker shades of gray, blue, black - mixed about equally. In total, I should need a maximum of 50 tons - but I may wish to order less. Please advise minimum order quantity. Please quote product and freight prices separately. Mar 19 Contac 

e 17174 USA: I want onyx vessel sinks. Mar 18 Contact

e 17171 USA : I am a contractor and sometimes sell stone to Nogales/Tucson Arizona consumers. Could you please send more information about your products and/or accessories as well like vessels, vanities and what other products you might carry? Mar 18 Contact


e 17162 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: I am urgently looking to purchase the Caterpillar 950B of years 1983, 1984, and 1985 and also a list of used heavy construction equipments for my construction projects. I am willing to pay cash for the equipments and I am in Ontario , Canada . I am looking for the best reasonable lowest prices to purchase these equipments from the Canadian market or the united states market and if you offer us with the best reasonable lowest prices I am going to purchase a large number of used heavy construction equipments from your company in a large deal as I am currently comparing prices from different markets in different countries. Please tell me if you have the following equipments or if you would be able to get these used equipments and your best reasonable lowest prices for it with the pictures and technical details such as Year, Hours, and Serial Number.
(The list of urgently wanted used construction equipments are the following):
1 - Grader Motor Caterpillar size 14G (from year 1975 to 1999). 
2 - Caterpillar 966 to 950 (from year 1975 to 1999).
3 - Bulldozer Komatsu size 155 (from year 1975 to 1999).
4 - Barbar Graine BG.245 (from year 1985 to 1999).
5 - Truck Volvo L D F12 Engine Volvo 400 (from year 1991 to 1994)-This Truck does not have a machine in the front ( does not have a nose in the front) as this is a special feature
6 - Cement pump Betzmaster model or Shefing model description length is 32x36 or 21x24 
7 - Telesmith 48S (any year). Telephone: (905) 32.....Mar 18 Contact

e 17159 USA : We need 2,000 sq ft (185m2) first quality, polished White Carrara or similar marble tile. Size can be 400mm X 400mm but 500mm X 500mm preferred. Thickness 2cm to 3cm, but 28mm preferred. Up to 20% can be of a contrasting color. Smaller quantities of 500mm X 500mm X 28mm would be considered. Delivery to nearest container yard or to door must be included in price quote. Lowest price will be determining factor in order. Delivery time required by 9/1/05. We are in Iowa . Fax no. is 1-515-98.....Mar 17 Contact

e 17155 USA : Would like a catalog along with pricing for all your granite, slate, and marble you have. We are a growing business and order large to small quantities of all kinds of material. We are in OR. My tel. no. is 541-83.......Mar 17 Contact  


e 17146 USA : I'm looking to find landscaping boulders, lichen covered/weathered, Idaho native. Interesting shapes. Also looking for similarly colored and possibly lichen covered, flat stone of some kind for creating garden steps, perhaps 20 stones. My tel. is 208-62...... I live in Boise , Idaho . I am really looking for a reasonable price more than a specific color, but if I had my druthers, I'd like some of the grayish type lichen covered boulders found many places in Idaho , and similar look for steps, but flat. Probably 10-15 stones for steps depending on size, and perhaps 4-5 large boulders, may 3-4 ft. diameter. Mar 17 Contact

e 17145 USA : We want a low priced limestone blocks for a cheap price. Mar 17 Contact  

e 17139 USA : We are building a Nantucket style home in Jacksonville , Florida on 3/4 of an acre and are looking for about 3500 sq ft of Pennsylvania bluestone for porches, patios, walkways, lanais, etc. Obviously we are looking for the best price. Mar 16 Contact

e 17138 USA : I am looking for Vermilion Canadian granite tile in 12"x12" polished finish. My tel. no. is 214-50.....Mar 16 Contact

e 17133 USA : Please quote for marble and travertine tiles and slabs from Turkey and Egypt . We are specially looking for a substitute for Crema Marfil in Spain . Please quote FOB port of origin / CNF port of Vigo , Spain . Mar 16 Contac

e 17129 USA : I need 6000 SF of Greek travertine, walnut mocha color with a goldish color, color, cross cut filled and honed, need 1st quality only. Sometimes the material is called clarris gold, diana. Mar 16 Contact  

e 17127 USA : We need granite kitchen and bath counter tops. Stone and tiles for backsplash and for flooring and stone for exterior of new house. I am a building a spec. home for sale.  Mar 16 Contact  

e 17117 USA : Do you have a granite called "apple blossom". Mar 16 Contact

e 17110 USA : Want pricing for my customer on blue pearl double bowl kitchen sinks like #049-0003. Our phone is 1-330-38.....Mar 15 Contact

e 17108 USA : I am in Idaho looking for Penn Bluestone pavers – 1- 1 ½” thick. Mar 15 Contact  

e 17106 USA : Our fabrication company would like to start purchasing bundles of granite slabs &/or Travertine slabs. The color of granite slab bundles we are looking to order for the time being is Santa Cecilia. Please give me some pricing, delivery time frame & minimum order amount so that we may make a decision & start the process. Mar 15 Contact

e 17094 USA : Interested in price quote for Tan Brown  granite 12"x12" tiles for 2 entryways, one 130 sf, other 192 sf.  I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 973-76.....Ready to buy ASAP; trying to find a bargain. Mar 15 Contact     

e 17092 USA : Looking for Crema Marfil 12 x 12 commercial grade 9,900 sq. ft. unpolished tiles. I am also looking for 12 x 12 polished 7,200 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 714-33.....Mar 15 Contact   

e 17091 USA : I am interested in learning more about yellowish Granite from Colombia called ' Sahara '. I would like to use it for a project I am working on. Do you have information on the Quarry that it comes from and the stone itself? Is there a way to get a sample? Mar 14 Contact

e 17085 USA : I am an interior designer looking for large, light colored casual looking stone for floor of garden level first floor. Need 350 sq ft. Would antique finish chiarro (sp) work? Mar 13 Contact   

e 17084 USA : I am an interior designer in the Sacramento , California area, and I am working on a very large residential design project that I would like to correspond with you about. We are interested in several Brazilian granite stones for this project, including Crema Bordeaux, Polar White, Piracema White, Kinawa and possibly other granites, marbles and other types of stone. The fabricated products that we will need include interior and exterior columns from 6 to 12 feet tall, fireplace mantels/surrounds, countertops, vanity tops, table tops, tiles, window and door mouldings, etc. We would like to work with a local contact who knows the stone industry in Brazil and who can help us to locate the stone that we want, to help us ensure the high quality of the rough stone and the finished products, to negotiate the most favorable price, and to assist us with the details of export/import. My tel. no. is 916-70..... Mar 13 Contact   

e 17082 USA : How much is Azul Macaubas sandstone, Sodalite Blue, and stone from other countries per square foot? Please provide pricing for slab, 12 X 12, 24 X 24 (inches) or any other size you may have. We are in Pompano Beach Florida - the amount we need will depend upon your pricing. If the sandstone comes in a larger dimension than 12 X 12 please let me know. Mar 13 Contact 

e 17080 USA : I am interested in locating 800 sq. ft of Coliseum Stone. The job I am doing is in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Tel. no. is 757-68.... Mar 12 Contact 

e 17078 USA : I am interested in importing granite tiles to U.S.A. and Latin America . I live in Atlanta , Georgia , and see a lot of potential for commercializing your line of products. How much would be a 20 feet container (7000 sq-ft) of 12 x 12 x 3/8 Granite G 350 placed in the Continental U.S.? My tel. no. is 1 + (404) 40.....Mar 12 Contact

e 17074 USA : I am looking for Bucak White Travertine for a client. Please quote for FCL of slabs and 12"x12" tiles. Pictures of slabs and tiles are requested with prices. If we confirm with the pictures samples would be requested. We are looking for suppliers only from Turkey . Mar 11 Contact 

e 17073 USA : Please contact us if you are producing gold and red travertine or you have quarry of this colors. We are looking for 3cm thick 
products in the Material. Mar 11 Contact    

e 17070 USA : We would like to use Pearl White granite from China on a project in the Sacramento , California area for exterior columns from 8 to 12 feet in height and 16 to 20 inches in diameter, and window mouldings, etc. We have been told by a Chinese exporter that Pearl
White is not suitable for such an application because it is too "delicate" and will lose its color over time if it is subject to direct sunlight, rain,
etc. Can you tell me, from a geological standpoint, whether the exporter's statement makes any sense? If your answer is that the exporter is correct, are there any other granites (from any country worldwide) that you are aware of that would be suitable for such an application and that are as pure white as possible? Mar 11 Contact  

e 17069 USA : We are looking for a supplier of bluestone outcrop, which we consider to be 10 to 12 inches thick with dimensions around 2'x3'. Please get back to us as soon as possible on fax 248 - 68.....Mar 11 Contact  

e 17068 USA : I am a consumer looking to purchase 1 inch slabs of blue stone (approx 3000-3500 sq.ft). Do you even deal with someone like myself with this kind of an order? Mar 11 Contact    

e 17061 USA : I am looking for multiple containers and colors of Indian granite. Mar 9 Contact


e 17056 USA : I have a customer looking for silver travertine and I am having a hard time finding it. Either 12” tile or a slab. If you have any suggestions on where I could find this in the Houston area please let me know. Mar 9 Contact

e 17035 USA : Stone Processing Machine: I am interested in the 20" block saw and the 18" walk behind. Do you have larger sizes at sale prices? Also interested Granite Table Saw. Tell me about shipping. My tel. no. is 780-88.....Mar 5. Contact   

e 17021 USA : I am looking to import container loads of 3cm polished granite slabs from Brazil . My tel. no. is 516-52..... Mar 4. Contact 

e 17018 USA : Trying to find Pennsylvania Bluestone slabs for fabrication of countertops. Material needs to be 2" thick. Mar 4. Contact  

e 17013 USA : Please mail or email relevant information on price and availability of BLACK granite or black diorite. We would like to find two or possibility three quarry split blocks ; approximately 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 1/2 meter height ( could accept 60 cm. x 80 cm. x 2 meter height ). 
We are also in the market for (2) blocks of BLACK granite, diorite , or marble ; sawn (2)(top and bottom) approximate size 30 cm. height x 1 meter(-) x 1 meter (-). Blocks with one or more sawn surface (monument industry cutoff) might also be of interest. We would appreciate a company that would help arrange shipping to Arkansas . We are looking for availability in mid/late '05. Could wait longer for exact material. Our tel. no. is 479-25.....Mar 3. Contact   

e 17010 USA : How do I do bulk sales and distribution of Chinese granite slabs and tiles in the United States ? My tel. no. is 631-84.....Mar 2. Contact

e 17009 USA : I need pricing for approximately 150 pcs of honed 2cm thick granite 30" x 30". The tiles will not be used for flooring or counter tops, but used in a non-decorative manner. The tiles need to be vein free. The pieces would ship to Fort Mill , South Carolina . Please provide alternate pricing if the tiles were to be 28" x 28". Please provide alternate pricing to hone both sides. Mar 2. Contact 

e 17008 USA : I am interested in the 50lb-500lb sandstone with moss and litchens at $45 - $50. Please contact me about were to get this sandstone at 866 36....Mar 2. Contact 

e 17006 USA : I own a remodeling company in Dallas and I am trying to find a way to by granite slabs and then give to my fab shop. This will keep me from paying mark up on materials so I can be more in line with other granite shops or remodeling companies. Mar 2. Contact 

e 17004 USA : I am building a new high end home in Littleton , MA and have been looking for a farmer's sink. I am extremely interested in 0049-0002 / 0049-0003 from the online stores of FindStone.com. I would like to obtain price, delivery, and ordering information for these items as well as a point of contact. If you have minimum order requirements, I may be able to combine purchases with several other home builders / remodelers in the area. Mar 1. Contact 

e 17003 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for a 623E scraper. Please quote. My tel. no. is 602-55.....Mar 1. Contact 

e 17001 USA : I am interested in Waterjet machine. Can you send photos? My cell # is 347 88.....Mar 1. Contact 

e 16997 USA : I am a fabricator in need of taconite stone slabs. Please forward dimensions, price and availability info. Mar 1. Contact   

e 16982 USA : Artifacts: We are building contractors and require pricing on Fantasy Lion Tub as displayed in FindStone.com's online stores. Please quote F.O.B. Mumbai price. Our tel. no. is 561-86.....Feb 28. Contact    

e 16981 USA : I want to buy Granite Counter tops and other flooring products such as ceramic tiles, Marble Tiles, Medallions, Paver stone for our Model Home Project for resale. I am looking for really discounted prices. Please let me have some details of items you have in ready stock and you want to sell fast. I am in Lafayette , IN. Feb 28. Contact

e 16977 USA : I am seeking a source for quality, undyed Absolute Black granite tiles and countertops. The quantities needed are approximately 1500 sq.ft. of tile (12"x12"x3/8") and 100 sq.ft. of countertop, FOB Northeast USA. The best bid received to date is 3.80 for tile and 11/sq.ft. on countertop. Shipping costs are also required to zip code 07035. My tel. no. is 800-93......Feb 28. Contact    

e 16975 USA : Please send me information and pricing of gangsaws & cable saws for cutting slab stones.  Feb 28. Contact  

e 16973 USA : I am looking for a 2 slabs of marble called "Rojo Cloud". Do you carry such a stone or know where I may be able to source it? Feb 28. Contact    

e 16970 USA : I NEED CARRARA MARBLE PANELS IN 183CM X 77CM X 1CM. Feb 28. Contact  

e 16965 USA : I am trying to find a distributor here in the United States , preferably around Chicago Illinois , to get samples of the following stones: Fior de Pesco... marble of light gray with white and light brown/dark gray veining. Viana Green or Viana Crystal...granite of light mint green and white/cream...linear/directional lines. Where to purchase these stone types. I am in CHICAGO . My tel. no. is 312.42..... Feb 28. Contact    

e 16956 USA : Museum gift shop interested in purchasing 3 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch circular polished discs made of Finnish granite to make into paperweights. We will add our own imagery to the blanks. Feb 28  Contact 

e 16955 USA :  1 CM PANELS IN CREMA MARFIL SIZES AT LEAST 184X77 CM. Feb 27. Contact  

e 16945 USA : We are looking for about 2500 SF of giallo antico travertine. Feb 26  Contact    

e 16935 USA : I am also looking for Oiso sand for an aquarium live in jackson ms. I need about 50 to 60lbs. I was trying to contact that person and see if they ever found anyone that sells it in the us. My phone # is 601-29.....Feb 25 Contact  

e 16934 USA : I want to buy from Spain 700 sqm paradise rose and 300 sqm negro marquina of limestone. Feb 25 Contact    

e 16932 USA : I am searching for 12" x 12" x 3/8" tiles of Alba Chiara. I'm looking for pieces that are predominately green and/or white (with little of the peach). I'll be needing approximately 28 tiles Feb 25 Contact  

e 16930 USA : Where near or in Jacksonville , Florida do I find honed granite for kitchen island, counter tops, and bathroom counter tops? Are there any retail sales for pre-made granite counter tops in length of 9 feet in this part of the state? Feb 25 Contact    

e 16927 USA : We looking for 5000SF of 16x16 or 18x18 Beauharnais light lime stone. Let us know if it is 1st or second material? 
Feb 25 Contact    

e 16926 USA : I am looking for a reputable company to buy mainly travertine and other stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Slab/tiles. I am also interested in Fireplaces, Inlays / Medallions, Arches and Pavers. My first order will be approx. 7,000 sq. ft. Feb 24 Contact  


e 16914 USA : I am an interior designer. We're looking for a slab 3cm thick to match some floor tiles. Name of stone is Adriatic Dark. It's an Italian Limestone in a honed finish. Any information would be great. Feb 24. Contact

e 16913 USA : I am looking for Jerusalem Antique Gold Honed in 16x16 tiles - about 800 sq ft. Feb 23.  Contact  

e 16912 USA : Need sky rose 12x12 polished marble. Feb 23.  Contact

e 16909 USA :  I am looking to purchase Vanities-pre fab in the material of Sabbioso Granite for 84 hotel rooms in Michigan . Please let me know where I can find the material. I need them for June. Feb 23, Contact

e 16892 USA : We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore , Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore . We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Feb 22 Contact   

e 16890 USA : We will be building a home this summer, and would like to install 2400 sq. ft. of Travertine, 18 x 18, honed and filled.  Feb 22 Contact   

e 16889 USA : I need a quote for a large granite monuments LCL. Indian Premium Black Granite Die: 2-0 x 4-0 x 0-8 Polish 5; Half Serp top with polished chamfers, convex sides according to customer design. Please see attached drawings: picture 1 and picture 2
Base: 3-0 x 1-0 x 1-0 Polished top polished sides 
Ledger Option 1
5-0 x 2-0 x 0-8 Polished top polished 3 sides * one 2-0 end to joint to die, polished chamfers per design, pls. see attachment
Option 2
5-0 x 2-6 x 0-8 Polished top polished 3 sides * one 2-6 end to joint to die....rest same as option 1
Vase: Turned vase H ~ 10-12 dia ~7 "
Also Indian Premium Black Granite Sample would be pretty desirable.
What is Your processing time for LCL orders. Feb 22 Contact 

e 16881 USA : I am a new entrant who is interested in selling headstones in the northwest. Can you tell me the nearest distributor available. Contact

e 16877  United States  :  I'm a civil engineering student at Middlesex County College , New jersey . I am working on a project and I have to design a polished granite wall. I'd like to know more about the polished granite since i have no experience on it. I'd like to know the unit price, transportation costs, etc.. If possible, please send me some information on how to work with this material, such as reinforcement, connections, slab, footing, its properties etc..  Contact  

e 16875 United States :  Specifications: 3cm thick, 1st quality granite slabs in the following colors and estimated quantities: Uba Tuba Green 3 bundles, Giallo Veneziano 2 bundles, Carioca Gold 2 bundles, Santa Cecilia 3 bundles, San Gabriel Black 2 Bundles.  Contact  

e 16869  United States  :  We are looking for 600 SQ Ft of Sahara Gold Marble (HONED) 18" x 18" tiles for a client. We are wholesaler/distributor but our current sources are out of this tile. Tile would need to be from warehouse in USA since we need this in less than 2 weeks. Our warehouse is in zip code 54130. Please reply with as soon as possible with availability, price, and freight.  Contact    

e 16868  United States  :  I am a factory owner looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine.  Contact  


e 16859  USA :  Regarding the 800 M2 marble. at Euro 2.5/ SQM you have for sale are these tiles with broken edges that can be cut down to a smaller size or are they broken across the face of the tiles? I import many containers of tile and stone from Italy . Let me know the details of the Brecia Onic. you have for sale. Best Regards,  Contact  

e 16858  USA :  Please provide me with the pricing for Rojo Alecante tiles and slab for Los Angeles . Only good material, Only wholesale. Contact

e 16856  United States  :  We are looking for samples of sandstone to use on a large residential building project in NYC. Do you have any US representatives that could provide us with a sample catalog? We are architects.  Contact  

e 16855  United States  :  We are a limestone company making tiles .We would like to purchase a new or used in good condition Limestone Plant for making tiles and updating our old plant. The plant must have all necessary equipments and machines, to cut the limestone blocks to the final polishing stage ready for shipping .Please contact us, by submitting your catalogs and price list.  Contact    

e 16852  United States  :  I need a soft stone, either limestone or soapstone, that will eventually erode of the years, for a tombstone-sized sculpture; approx. 28" x 18" x 4-5".  Contact  

e 16851  USA :  Looking for wholesale tile for a retail store.  Contact

e 16850  United States  :  Looking for supplier of 2'-3' ft Boulders. Landscape purpose. Earthtone colors. Delivered. Aprox 35 3' ft needed soon. Contact  

e 16835  United States  :  I am looking for 15,000 sq ft of 24 x 24" Royal Oyster marble for a client in South Florida . Do you have this?  Contact 

e 16822  United States  :  Looking to buy (and potentially have laid) ~1,700 sq ft of slate tile, 16*16 or 24*24, gauged. Base color of light-medium grey (e.g. China P003, P010, India Himchal Grey). Ready to buy now, but must have sample. Location is Palm Springs , CA 92270  Contact  

e 16821  United States  :  We are a limestone company making tiles. We would like to purchase a new or used in good condition Limestone Plant for making tiles and updating our old plant. The plant must have all necessary equipments and machines, to cut the limestone blocks to the final polishing stage ready for shipping. Please contact us, by submitting your catalogs and price list.  Contact


e 16819  United States  :  We are one of the largest importers and wholesalers of Stone in the Midwest with five locations in Illinois , two in Michigan and one each in Ohio & Wisconsin . Last year we imported 790 containers from all over the world. We regularly require all popular stones and for that reason I contact you but with a specific requirement of Crema Marfil in size 12 * 12, 16 * 16 & 18 * 18. Although we have our suppliers for the same but if we can get a better price with the same quality we would want to work ahead with your company. I would appreciate if you can assist us to have the price of the same for quantity 7000 sq ft for 12*12 and 6400 sq ft for 16's and 18's both for regular and select qualities to start with. All tiles to be totally free from any manufacturing defects. Prices to be in US$ /sft FOB or CIF. Please feel free to get in touch with me in case of any further clarification. Image 1 : [ 1781.jpg Contact  

e 16809  United States  :  I am looking for scrap in the marble and granite industry to run through a crusher to use in my cultered marble factory. Feb 12  Contact  

e 16805  United States  :  Please send information on stone for landscaping and walkways. Feb 12.  Contact  

e 16803  United States  :  I am working on starting up a company right now that will manufacture stone products, and am looking into some information and contacts for a business plan. I am not sure on the quantity to start (partially price dependent), and I would like a variety of colors. We will mostly be making picture frames, coasters, and swith covers. So if the stone could be delivered in sheets it would be a tremendous help. Contact  

e 16801 USA: We are an importer in Baltimore USA and are looking to buy 1 container (40+ slabs) of Blue Pearl HQ Plus - 2cm and 3cm slabs 1st quality. Please quote FOB prices your country with available dimensions in inches. Currency may be USD or Euro. All initial communication through email only - we will call qualified sellers after evaluating all quotations. Feb 11, Contact 

e 16792 USA : I am looking for Italian Marble for die sublimation. Do you have any die sublimation products? My tel. no. is 310-56......Feb 9, Contact   

e 16786 USA : Please send me a price list. I am inquiring about 1 assorted container of granite. I am in LA. My tel. no. is 225.23...... Feb 9, Contact  

e 16771 USA : I own a Gift Company here in San Francisco . I want to get into sandblasting coaster. I need a 4 x 4 size square. I would like the squares in Sandstone and Sierra Stone. I need to find out if you can cut the squares and what the cost would be? I also need to find out how many I would need to purchase? My tel. no. is 415-58.....Feb 7, Contact  

e 16766 USA : Stone Processing Machine: I am a Cabinet maker. I need 2 machines. One for cutting granite slabs 120x55 inches and the other a polisher. My budget is 6000 USD. Feb 7, Contact  

e 16759 USA : I am looking for table tops in Marble and granite and also looking for large sheet  of LAVA to cut into table tops. I am in FL. My tel. no. is 941-95.....Feb 5, Contact

e 16758 USA : I am looking for 400 s/f of Chinese Random Ashlar Pattern Slate. If you could tell me who in the United States would have this in stock in there warehouse at this time. I am in MO. Phone: 314 96.....Feb 4, Contact  

e 16750 USA : Please quote 1000 sqm of Vermelho Capão Bonito in 60 x 120 x 2 cm (polished). You may contact us at (503) 88.....Feb 3, Contact

e 16745 USA : I am looking for a list of foreign exporters in Granite and marble. We are doing about 6 countertops a week and are interested in bringing them in by container if the price is reasonable. We are in Mississippi . Our tel. no. is 601-99.....Feb 3, Contact  

e 16744 USA : Looking for 12 x12 vein cut Navona travertine in South Florida . Customer needs 1000 sq ft. Need location and price. Feb 3, Contact

e 16741 USA : I require a quote for a project that will require 100 square feet of 16"x16" marble tile, at least 1/2" thick to be delivered to Atlanta , Georgia , USA . I am hoping to stay within a budget of no more than $6 USD per square foot. Preferably I would like to stay between $4-$5 UDS per square foot. Further my timeline for delivery is within the next 2-4 weeks. I am interested in Brescia ainai, Loannina Beige, Karnezeika Beige Banded, Abedah, Sand Botticino, Uromieh Cream, Sicilian Cream, Crema Mora, Rosa Sanmarco, Diano Real, Cemmar Beige, Botticiano, Grantinillo Lucido, Trani Bronzetto, Desert Rose, Capristrano, Crema Malgata, Bilecik Pure Beige and Tabarka. My tel. no. is 404.57.....Feb 3, Contact

e 16740 USA : I need granite slabs for a job in MA. Feb 3, Contact 

e 16738 USA : We are interested in 30cm2 slate tiles in black, pallet quantities. We are in Maryland . Our tel. no. is 410-92.....Feb 3, Contact   

e 16734 USA : Source and prices for 12" x 12" or larger 200 sq ft Baltic green tiles please! I am in CA 93103. Feb 2, Contact 

e 16733 USA : I would like for you to send me a price list and colors of granites slabs & tiles that you have available (in stock). I am looking for good prices on Indian, Brazilian & Chinese material. I shall be placing an order soon (2 - 4 containers). My tel. no. is (713) 89.....Feb 2, Contact   

e 16732 USA : I am looking for an outlet for large/small field rock ideal for landscaping, etc. Feb 2, Contact  

e 16730 USA : I am needing 1200 tiles of Volga Blue only in the black and blue colors, no green. My tel no. is 907 586-6096Feb 2, Contac 

e 16730 USA : I am needing 1200 tiles of Volga Blue only in the black and blue colors, no green. My tel no. is 907 586-6096Feb 2, Contact

e 16723 USA : We need Tile porcelain glazed, white body, sizes in inches : 13 x 13, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20. Size for which current possibility is 16x16 inch and 18x18 inch. Please rush for the info. We would like to receive samples and container prices. (Each container usually includes between 17000 to 18000 sq.ft of laminates). The material is needed for USA and the samples would be required at our Singapore office. Feb 2, Contact

e 16718 USA : What kind of saws do you have? How old? Condition and price? Feb 2, Contact

e 16715 USA : Can you contact me regarding TERZAGO 216 Bridge cutter ASAP. I am in Virginia 22314. Phone no. is 703 82.....Feb 2, Contact

e 16711 USA : I am looking for 3cm slabs cinnamon brown granite. Can you send me a sample or email a pic? I am in Maine . Feb 1, Contact  

e 16710 USA: We have seen your price list we can buy from you in bulk please send us your catalogues and bulk pricing to move forward also send us the payment terms. Our tel. no. is 732 39.....Feb 1, Contact

e 16709 USA : Please quote the following: 
5,000 sf - 10,000 sg - 15,000 sf of a brown granite tile in the following size 16" X 16" in the following thickness: 9mm and 12 mm thickness. 
Price with delivery to 07601 New Jersey in the United States . I can take 16" X 16" or 18"X18" granite thin granite tiles. Tel. 201 48....address is NJ. Feb 1, Contact


e 16699 USA : Do you carry pavers? We are looking to use pavers on our driveway approximately 1500 sq ft. Could you send me pictures of your products and a pricelist? Feb 1, Contact

e 16696 USA : I am a contractor. I have a customer in Houston TX requesting crushed granite for walk ways throughout property, and driveways. Feb 1, Contact 


e 16672 USA : We are contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area whose supplier in India failed to fulfill an order. We are looking for a replacement to that order as soon as possible. We will consider all prices, but will not pay an unfair price. The owner prefers to stay with the original specifications at this point in time. We are serious and immediate buyers if you have what we need and we agree on price. For more info, please click here. We are in CA and our tel no. is 650-79..... Jan 29, Contact  

e 16671 USA : We are a marble and granite inc., like to request your price list.  My phone # is 813 69..... I am in FL. We are manufactures and retail sales need price list of all the materials in slabs in 2cm & 3cm. Jan 29, Contact  

e 16670 USA : We looking for companies who is making tumbled travertine pool coping in 2", 3" and 4" Thickness. Please contact us if you have and are able to make this product. We will give the further information to company manufacturing ability to make this product. Jan 29, Contact  

e 16669 USA : Interested in buying a terrazzo manufacturing plant. Please send me more info or call about your plant for sale. My tel. no. is 917 65.....Jan 28, Contact  

e 16660 USA : I am a massage therapist looking for a set of basalt stones. I can utilise during hot stone massage. There are some specific requirements as far as diameter... 
2 nos. 6 in diameter
6 nos. 4 in diameter
6 nos. 2 in in diameter.
Do you think you could fufill this small order? Jan 28, Contact

e 16659 USA : I am interested in buying quantities of landscape rock, sand, and mulch. I am in KY. Phone 606-54...... I am wanting to buy several tons of several varieties. What do you have? Jan 28, Contact

e 16658 USA : I am looking for a supplier from Spain on Crema Marfil 18"x18" Acid Wash tiles first grade and would also need slabs for stair treads and risers. I am a company in Virgin Islands . Jan 28, Contact

e 16656 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for KOMATSU excavators. Please send photos. We have supply order of 25 exevactar from Pakistan . Phone no. is 310 61.....Jan 28, Contact  

e 16655 USA : I am looking to get samples of Brazilian conglomerates. Please send 4 samples of Tiziano and 4 samples of Rhodium BahiaI am in Cincinnati , OH . Is there anyone here who might have stock of these materials?  Jan 28, Contact   

e 16653 USA : I am interested in 12"x12" blackest black granite ( India granite) or marble tiles. I am looking for possibly boxes of 12 tiles and I am in the market to purchase as soon as possible. As the demand for these portraits increase so will my quantity needed.  I am located in Virginia and would prefer to have tiles shipped from a company that is close to save on shipping costs. Jan 28, Contact   

e 16651 USA :  We require a Brazilian producer of Santa Cicilia 18"X18" tiles. Approx. qty; 4,000 sq. mts. Jan 28, Contact   

e 16649 USA : Looking for Z. Bavelloni EGAR 320-3 machine. My tel. no. is 303-67.....Jan 27, Contact   

e 16648 USA : I am currently looking for sizes ranging from 18 x 18 to 12 x 12 in either marble or Porcelain 50,000 sq ft. Looking for Crema Marfil or similar in color. Using for showers and bath room floors.  Also need approx 271 tub decks Crema Marfil or similar color. I am willing to buy from Brazil , Italy and Spain . Currently at 50% construction Documents and receiving bids. I would like to be able to travel and see the product and factory. As well as pick the variance in colors. This is just the tip of the iceberg I have several other area that need tile or marble as well. We also have close to 13,000 Linear ft of granite. I will be looking to finalize the deal by the end of Feb to Middle March 05.    My contact no. is 727-42..... Interested buying bulk for projects in Tampa , FL. Jan 27, Contact   

e 16643 USA : We need 2000 square feet of tumbled limestone floor tile. We need it in a rectangular size 16" x 24" or larger. We like Jerusalem Ramon gray or something similar. Other acceptable colors are off-white, bone, cream or beige but no gold. We are ready to finalize a supplier as soon as possible. We expect to order by February 7th. We are willing to buy from any geographical area. We are in CA , tel. no. is 707-34.....Jan 27, Contact

e 16642 USA : I am looking on information on Lava. Jan 27, Contact

e 16639 USA : I am looking for approx. 2300 sq. ft of 18" X 18" turk rojo. Can you get it & what is the cost per sq, ft.? How much to ship to Phoenix , Az ?  I am a contractor in California & am moving my business to the Phoenix area. Tel. no. is (714) 54.....Jan 27, Contact

e 16637 USA : Do you know where I can find a couple of slabs of Kashmir Gold Light for use in countertops ? I imported four slabs for my countertops and one got damaged in the container.  My tel. no. is 941 31.....Jan 27, Contact

e 16636 USA : We are looking for a source of quarry stone from 12"-30" in size for an upcoming construction project. Stone to be used as riprap and specific gravity required is 2.6 or greater; type of rock not important, but does have to pass a number of lab tests for weathering, etc. My tel. no. is 213-45..... Jan 26, Contact  

e 16635 USA : I represent a distributor in the United States that is looking for Absolute Black Granite pieces to purchase by the container. Please see attached specs. Can you quote and sample me? Must be completely black and polished. Material is for use in laser engraving / etching. I can email specs. I am in FL. My tel no. is (305) 59.....Jan 26, Contact  

e 16634 USA : We are a design and construction company in Lexington , KY. We have been in business for 9 years. We do both commercial and residential projects and are looking for a regular supplier for granite Countertops and Strips for use in these projects. We have several projects in the next 90 days which require granite products. You can reach us at (859) 26.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16633 USA : I am interested in doing granite tile countertops. One of my concerns is the shipping costs. Can you send me some information. Jan 26, Contact

e 16627 USA : I am interested in buying 20 honey onyx sink. Would like to know the country of origin, grade of stone, any cracks...etc. What are all dimensions? What is drain outlet dimension?  Please send info... Interested in buying a sample. I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-38.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16625 USA : Email me relevant information about your granite slabs, prices, dimensions & availability. I am looking for a good price of Ubatuba slabs & Tropic Brown. I will be placing an order of about 2 containers soon. My tel. no. is (713) 89.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16624 USA : Looking to purchase pumice stones in large volume wholesale. Need to see your selection and pricing. Tel 718-96.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16623 USA : I am looking for a variety of marbles and granites to be shipped to me in CA. I do pet memorial markers, and would preferably like to receive the marble and granite cut, polished (on top and all sides) and boxed. 
One stone in particular that I'm looking for is Pennsylvania Bluestone. I am also looking for:
1) deep green marble (picture attached), which i know is available in china
2) white marble with black/gray veining
3) pink Indian granite
4) black granite
5) white or gray slate
6) river rocks
I am willing to buy from any geographical area. I'm looking for pieces that are 5"x8" and 8"x12". I need all pieces to be 0.75" thick. I would also like
the larger pieces of marble and granite to have an unpolished square in the middle where engraving will go. I will be ready to purchase stone in mid-February. My tel. no. is 714-25.....Jan 25, Contact 

e 16622 USA : I am looking for travertine fireplace surrounds. I need it urgently. I live in Calabasas , CA . I need to see some samples. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16620 USA : We are a wholesaler of building material and landscaping supply. Please send us more info on your product, and pricing. We are in CA. Tel. no. is 714 57.....Jan 25, Contact 

e 16619 USA : I am a small builder. I have 5 projects at the present time. I would be interested to buy a pallet of granite or marble tiles, preferably not Chinese, but could be if the price is right. Need to include prices FOB St. Louis , Mo. area. My cell # is 314-58......Do you know anything about shipping from Turkey to the USA it seems easy to be my own importer just it takes longer with more planning. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16604 USA : I am looking to get prices on Jerusalem stone to cover 580 sqft of wall area. The project is the interior of a Jewish Temple in NY State, and the stone would be on the two walls flanking the ark. The pieces would range between 2.5' x 3.5' to 2.5' x 4' vertically oriented, how thick would pieces that size need to be to be sturdy and what are the possibilities for attaching the pieces to the wall. Jan 25, Contact   

e 16601 USA : I need 300 sq ft of 8 or 12 inch tumbled beige or golden travertine. I am willing to import from Iran , Turkey or Italy . I need it immediate in 2nd week of February. I am in Cincinnati , Ohio . My phone no. is 435-64.....Jan 24, Contact 

e 16596 USA : We are a whole supplier of landscape materials including decorative gravels direct from the quarries, landscape rock, mulches, and composts. We are currently seeking new decorative gravels to purchase direct from its source. What do you sell? We buy by the tractor/trailer loads for resale. Our business is located KY. Jan 24, Contact   

e 16573 USA : Diamond Tools: I am interested in purchasing the cutting wheel machine. My tel. no. is 212-30.....Jan 22, Contact


e 16569 Kenya : Quarrying Machinery: I like to have a price for the block excavating machinery. My tel. no. is +25402037.....Jan 21, Contact  

e 16568 USA : I am looking for a 6inch round piece of pink marble to use for a lamp base. Jan 21, Contact

e 16559 USA: I am interested in Giallo Veneziano 12 x 12 granite tile. What is price per sq/ft? Jan 21, Contact

e 16558 USA : I am looking for a used Bridge saw for granite business. Any type fine if in good shape, Park, Matrix, ZDCQ, etc. . Preferably 3-phase, 20HP motor. My cell phone no. is 717-68.....Jan 21, Contact  

e 16551 USA : Machinery: I am a potter and also work at a public school. The kiln in our art room has shelves that are damaged from glazes running off the pieces of pottery. I am looking for some type of grinder to attach to my drill that will grind off the glaze that has adhered to our kiln shelves. My tel. no. is 231-88.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16550 USA : Please quote for Italian Cream Marble tiles as attached. Prefer 12" x 12". Will consider other sizes. Quantity: 85 Sq Ft. Needed: ASAP. I have been able to find this marble only in slabs from two sources and certainly there is none available locally. I am in IN. My tel. no. is 317-25.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16543 USA : Please quote for Montuak Black honed 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 800 sf and Ramdom Pattern 1200sf, Crema Marfil standard or premium 12 x 12 1000sf. Please provide possible time of delivery. Jan 20, Contact

e 16542 USA : I represent a marble slabs and tiles company in MA. Would like to know details of Crema Marfil, Crème Valencia , Giallo Atlantide, Rosa Zarchi and Belmonte Green. My tel. no. is 617 26.....Jan 20, Contact


e 16533 USA : I am attempting to fill a custom order for Portuguese Marble. The piece is for replacement of a table-top inlay, measuring 22" x 14" x 1/2", with the facing surface polished. This order is for replacement of a piece damaged during a move, and will be paid as an insurance settlement. If you can fill this order, please send a quote on company letterhead as an e-mail attachment. Please include the cost of shipping to San Antonio , Texas . Once I have received an estimate that I can file, I will contact your offices regarding payment and shipping. My tel. no. is 210-33.....Portuguese Marble, preferably Rosa Potugal or Rosa Aurora 22" x 14" x 1/2" Facing surface polished (piece is for table-top inlay). Include shipping to San Antonio , TX .  Please use or attach a company letterhead. Jan 20, Contact

e 16532 USA : I have a product idea that requires the type of soapstone that is used to produce fireplace heaters. Something that will hold heat well. I am curious if there are quarries anywhere in Bangladesh that could machine small parts from soapstone. The finished product will be approximately 18 " X 8" X 5" (inches) and will be machined. 
Color: Blue/green Blue/gray White/gray + some Brown
Quantity : Prototype samples 50 units Test order 500 units Initial inventory 4-5000 units. I have indigenous contacts in Bangladesh so would like to purchase the stone and have it machined there, or in India if necessary. Jan 20, Contact

e 16530 USA : I am looking to make contact with your Houston supplier or any other supplier closer to San Antonio TX . for 1 slab of marble, polished one side, approx size 5ft x 10ft x 3cm (please specify if different). My price range or budget: $10-$15 square foot. I build custom furniture and do my own stone work - San Antonio suppliers want to do the finish product. I am interested in Dracevica from Croatia , Bresciasinai - Egypt , Gauingen - Germany , Ioannina Beige - Greece , Beige D2 - Indonesia , Sicilian Cream - Italy or Ivory - Malaysia . My phone number: (830) 75.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16529 Belgium : I want to buy a kit for hot stones for massage. Could you send me your price list and the condition to deliver them in Brussels ? I am looking for a kit of around 50 stones of different sizes and the heater, I don't want something too big, because a don't have a lot of space in the massage room and I would like to use it time to time in an other practice. Jan 20, Contact  

e 16527 USA : Can you send me a price on a Slate Slab - Red Multicolor 8' long by 24" Wide? Jan 20, Contact   

e 16526 USA : I am a landscaping company looking for various types of stone. I am trying to find a a stone called Kewanee Skippers and Mexican beach pebbles. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16524 USA : I am trying to source some Chomac Honed marble. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16523 USA : I am interested in 275 sq ft green pebbles as displayed in photo. Please provide me with a price quote. I am in CA. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16521 USA : Interested in translucent marbles for back lighting particularly rosa aurora. Need 10 Thick slabs, 3cm minimum about 12-16"" wide by 24-30" tall. My tel. no. is (540)55..... Jan 19, Contact 

e 16514 USA : I need truckload bluestone one inch cleft natural pattern for patio and 3-8 inch thick fieldstone for retaining wall. Need delivery send price also for 2 inch coping 24 feet blue bluestone 18 inches wide and 24 inches wide. My tel. no. is 631 24.....Jan 19, Contact   

e 16513 USA : I am looking for good quality sodalite as well (for counter top applications). We need approximately 20 to 25 sq. ft. for a counter top in sailboat (this is a refit that we will be using for promotional purposes). We intend to use either several slabs or individual tiles to construct the top. This will be determined by availability of materials and costs thereof. It would be beneficial to see examples of the various grades of sodalite and the cost associated with each grade. We are in MN. Our tel. no. is (952) 44.....Jan 19, Contact 

e 16511 USA : We are located in New York and we are looking to buy boreal green granite tiles. Jan 19, Contact  


e 16507 USA : Please give me the price per/cu ft US $ FOB for rajnagar white marble. I am in Connecticut . My tel: 203-48.....Jan 19, Contact

e 16506 USA: I need a quote on the white Carrara finish or marble but I prefer the finish this are the dimensions 78 x 40" and I need 100 pieces. My tel. no. is 310-51.....Jan 19, Contact

e 16505 USA : I am looking to see if you have any 70 inch x 10 to 12 inch slate available. I am making shelves and need about 5 sheets. I am looking to pick up in the Philadelphia area. Jan 18, Contact  

e 16502 USA : Our business is templates, fabricates, and installs granite and marble countertops, etc., and would like to get into having more product in our stock yard. Please contact me regarding granite and marble shipping, etc. We are in PA. Phone no. is 717.68.....Jan 18, Contact

e 16490 USA : I am trying to find Volga Blue Tile in the 12" x 12" size. Intend to use the tile to cover the walls in the alcove that our wood stove will be located. We have a local supplier for the Volga Blue slabs for our counters. We are doing a basement remodel that includes a bar / 
kitchen and we would like to match the counter tops around the wood stove. We are willing to consider suppliers in the USA only. Our remodeling project is underway and we need the tiles in 3 to 6 weeks. I am located in Williamsburg , VA and tel. no. is (757) 56.....Jan 18, Contact   

e 16489 USA : Our company is located in state of Wisconsin in U.S.A and our company is interested to start importing granite in to our state. We are searching for great companies in China , India that could help us importing great quality granite at a competitive wholesale price. We will appreciated if you would kindly send us a small samples of various kinds of granite with a list of prices to our address below. Upon receipt of your list we would contact your company and we shall make a trip to your country and meet with you in the future. Our tel. no. is (262) 71..... Jan 18, Contact     

e 16486 USA : I need 60 square feet navona which I have is a vanilla color (very light) in 24 x 24 or 12 x 24. I am in Miami . My tel. no. is 305 81.....Jan 18, Contact     

e 16483 USA : I am in the process of setting up a monument company and would like to have the chance to purchase some of your products. Not certain on quantities starting monument company from scratch. We are in Cleveland . Tel. no. is 918-35..... Jan 18, Contact     

e 16465 USA : We operate a mulch and stone center and are looking for crushed black granite stone. Do you wholesale this product or know of anyone who would? We are in KY. Tel. no. is 270-84.....We buy by the tractor trailer loads. Jan 16, Contact  

e 16464 USA : I would like to build a walk path using Pennsylvania River Rock (I think that's the correct term, could it be Riverbed rock?). I'd like to lay it in stone dust and let moss grow between the stones (it's a shady area). I am in CT. Jan 16, Contact

e 16463 USA : I need to purchase Arizona flagstones to build a patio area. Here is the spec: 
Flagstone, color of Sedona Red, to cover 1000 square ft area, thickness of ~1.5'', Size of each stone could be patio grade (small
piece) or select (big sheet). Ready to buy, need it in 2-4 weeks. 
Install service: would also like to get a quote for install service. Install in a flat area, on top of cement, no need to lay the concrete though. 
Location: Phoenix , AZ. Contact Info: 602-31..... Jan 16, Contact

e 16459 USA : I am a home builder in Washington , USA . I am very interested in finding a supplier of black granite. However it is so expensive here to buy stone so I have to look out of the country. What are your policies about shipping direct to me in the USA . And if you can, how much will it cost for the granite and the shipping? Also, do you have a minimum amount to purchase. I plan on building two homes a year and require about 200 sq feet of granite in each home. I install at least one island 5 feet wide by 6 feet long, and the rest will be 26" wide counter tops with 4" back splash. Jan 16, Contact  

e 16455 USA : I am looking for granite wholesalers in Connecticut . We are looking for a Taupe color. It would be best if we can go look at the samples so we can pick what we want. This is for our Kitchen Countertops. Telephone no is 203-92.....Jan 15, Contact  

e 16454 USA : Please quote for 20 ft container for granite slabs. I need to know the colors you have in stock and the prices and how soon can you ship.I am in NC. My phone no. is 336 22..... Jan 15, Contact

e 16447 USA : Please quote for Arizona flagstone pavers. How much of each color do you have? Jan 15, Contact 

e 16446 USA : Email me information on price and availability of BLACK granite or black diorite. We would like to find two or possibility three quarry split blocks approximately 1 meter x 1 meter x 2 1/2 meter height (could accept 60 cm. x 80 cm. x 2 meter height). We are also in the market for (2) blocks of BLACK granite, diorite , or marble ; sawn (2) (top and bottom) approximate size 30 cm. height x 1 meter(-) x 1 meter (-). Blocks with one or more sawn surface (monument industry cutoff) might also be of interest We would appreciate a company that would help arrange shipping to Arkansas . My tel. no. is 479-25..... Jan 15, Contact   

e 16442 USA : I am a sculptor looking for a large monolith of red porphyry to make a fountain bowl. 11'3" diameter, 12" thick. Can you help? Jan 15, Contact 

e 16433 USA : I need 1.25" thick, tumbled 7000 travertine marble pavers in French pattern. Light color. In need in 1 - 3 weeks. I am in FL. My tel. no. is (954) 48.....Jan 14, Contact   

e 16432 USA : I need for my project seven (7) slabs of Calacatta Gold marble. I need minimum 7'6" slabs which will be book matched for a bathroom. The veining must be more to the gold than to the grey/silver side. The slabs that I have seen locally have been more grey than gold. I am ready to buy ASAP & have the stone delivered to my fabricator. I am in NY. My tel. no. is 212-58.....Jan 14, Contact   

e 16425 USA : Looking for large Terra Cotta Italian minimum 16x16. Jan 13, Contact   

e 16415 USA : Interested in river rock- bags and mess mount. Jan 13, Contact  

e 16413 USA : I am looking for eight black marble spheres, approximately 6" in diameter. Can you quote a price? Jan 13, Contact

e 16412 Austria : We are looking for Turkish companies who can supply cut to size forms in yellow onyx for architectural use. TEL / FAX : +43 1 99.....Jan 13, Contact  

e 16408 USA : I am interested in purchasing one full sea container of pre-fabricated granite countertops. I prefer 2.5 cm thick, but it could be 3 cm 25 3/4" x 96", full bullnose edge along front and polished. I would like a mix of colors such as: Blue Barracuda, giallo veneziano, St. Cecelia, Champagne, Juparana columbo, Juparanã Mantena, Giallo Antico, Kinawa and Sao Francisco Verde. What would the price range be? I am in CO. My tel. no. is 1-303-81.....Jan 12, Contact  

e 16406 USA : We are natural stone producer, Importers and Distributors in USA . We are looking for new supplier from turkey who can produce or currently producing Noche, Walnut and Beige Travertine Pavers in different finishes. 
We are looking for a long term Pattern, we will prefer people with their quarries and factories. If you have both and you can supply us material on long term basis with competitive price.  Jan 12, Contact

e 16405 USA : I would like a commercial quote 30 pcs of travertine blocks to act as a base for a corporate award. The size would be 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". I am in San Diego , California and my tel no. is 301-56.....The blocks should have no chips or scratches. I need them by 24 Jan 05, Monday. Jan 12, Contact

e 16394 USA : I am an architect looking for "Van Gogh" granite slabs from Brazil . Color: blue and rust - heavy veins. Jan 12, Contact  

e 16390 USA : I would like to purchase a gang saw machine for granite and a polishing line machine for granite slabs. Jan 12, Contact

e 16389 Israel : Price list of polishing machine required. Telephone 00972505......Jan 12, Contact

e 16387 USA : I am looking for 12x12 bahia red slate or orange colored slate at 100sq/ft priced at 1.65sq/ft. Need urgently. I am located in the Bronx and will pay cash and could pick up in your new jersey warehouse. Jan 11, Contact

e 16379 USA : Can you provide me with a quote of 3/4" thick x 26" W x 96"L, full bull nose/glazed counter top at FOB Xiamen port for the following granites from China : Pingshan Red 3, Full River Red, Concubine Red. Jan 11, Contact

e 16377 USA : Stone Processing Machine: I am looking for a block making machine (Stationary). Can you send me some info. on what machines you have and prices? My tel. number is: 763-75.....Jan 11, Contact   

e 16373 USA : We are building a house in the summer, and I saw full sheets of engineered stone for a walk in shower application. Is this something I can buy and have installed without a middleman? My tel. no. is 608 82.....Jan 11, Contact 

e 16372 USA : I am interested in your marble/granite. Here are the names of the ones I need: BALTIC BROWN, UBA-TUBA, VERDE-BUTTERFLY, NEW VENEZIAN GOLD, GIALLO VENEZIANO, TROPICAL BROWN, SANTA CECELIA and JUPARANA GIBLE/CEDAR BEIGE. The main two that I need soon are VERDE BUTTERFLY & BALTIC BROWN. These are all slabs 2 cm and 3 cm. Please get back to me and let me know if you have them all or not. If not, the which ones you do have and what the price is on them. I am interested in buying wholesale. Jan 11, Contact 


e 16369 USA : I am searching the most expensive material you sell. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply with the price and convert the price of whatever country it is from to US currency. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16361 USA : I will be in the market for 3500 sq. ft of travertine in the next few months. I am in FL. Jan 10, Contact 

e 16360 Iran : Please quote for Jhansi red granite 180 x 60 x 3cm, 2000 sqm. Jan 10, Contact  

e 16359 USA : I am an owner of a stone shop in Portland , Oregon . I import tile and natural stone from many different countries. I am interested in importing inexpensive glazed porcelain tiles, granite tiles, marble tiles, travertine tiles, etc. Please send me more information. Jan 10, Contact

e 16355 USA : Please quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of various stones, and stone shapes. I would be able to place an order, as soon as I have received samples, and they are reviewed. The approximate quantity of stone is as follows:
a. 16,000 sq.ft. of Travertine Tile ( 24"x 24"x 1/2" Cross-cut, Filled, Honed, and Edges Chamfered ).
b. 27 Limestone and Travertine columns.
c. 150 lin.ft. of granite counter top.
d. Floating Sphere Fountain.
e. Granite Paver's (specific size and color unavailable at this time).
f . 15,000 sq.ft. of slate roof tile.
g. Approximately 400 lin.ft. of Limestone window and door surrounds.
h. Approximately 15,000 sq.ft. of Limestone, Granite, or Slate exterior cladding. (Sizes to be determined after sample review).
i. Approximately 600 lin.ft. of Granite trim moulding.
j. Shower and wall tile for 5 bathrooms.
k. 5 stone fireplace surrounds.
4) I prefer to import my stone.
5) All Drawings will be sent after sample approval. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 248-65.....Jan 10, Contact 

e 16351 USA : Currently building and looking to buy 2000-5000 sq feet total of slate and/or granite tiles. Looking for quote on granite countertop for undermount sink and no tap/faucet holes. Dimensions will be approximate at this time but we anticipate installation sometime around early march 2005. 14" long U shaped with one arm 2' long and the other about 6' long. We are in Indiana . My tel no. is 812-93.....Jan 10, Contact 

e 16347 USA : Inquiry for commercial quantities of Basalt.  
Specifications: MOHS Hardness of 6.0 minimum
US Sieve Size              % Passing
No. 4                               100
No. 8                               97-100
No. 12                             3-30
No. 20                             0-3 
Maximum aggregate moisture shall not exceed 0.5%
Aggregate shall be supplied in bags (2,000 lbs preferred, smaller would be acceptable)
Sieve analysis and certified test reports shall be required
Approximate Quantities: 14 to 20 tons 
Delivery to western South Dakota
Timeframe: sometime between April and June of 2005
Material is to be used for Bridge Rehabilitation Projects for the South Dakota Department of Transportation, several project will be let every year, so a supplier would see repeat business on this material. My tel. no. is (605) 34..... Jan 10, Contact  

e 16341 USA : Stone Processing Machine: Interested in the nc 160 breton machine. I am in NH. My tel. no. is ph#603 36..... Jan 9, Contact   

e 16333 USA : I am a homeowner interested in building a wall and well surround of limestone blocks. Would need an estimated 1200 blocks at 1ft.x1ft.x2ft. I am in Virginia . No time constraints. Don't have any arranged transport for material that would have to be arranged. Jan 8, Contact 

e 16325 USA : I am looking to buy loose stones in turq, coral, jade @ about 5.00 pound. Jan 8, Contact

e 16324 USA : I am an importer of natural stone and items made from stone. Please send me your price lists. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 83..... Jan 8, Contact  

e 16322 USA : Looking to get some info on cnc breton nc160 machine. I am in NH. Jan 8, Contact

e 16317 USA : Please quote for Azul Macaubas. Jan 8, Contact

e 16316 USA : I am looking for 12 X 12 Onyx Tile. I am not certain of the name, but I think it is "Breche de Veron" ( Pakistan ?). The tile is Maroon in color with green and gold streaks through it. I need 1300 sq. ft. I need the stone immediately. Delivery must be by 1/31/05. I am in Texas and my phone no. is 214-80.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16315 USA : I am looking for polished granite balls, 30 centimeters in diameter. Black granite is an option or brown or natural gray, depending on price. I need three of these items. My tel. no. is (714) 27.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16312 USA : I want Golden Travertine in the following sizes and quantities:
1) 4x4 tumbled - 100 sq. ft
2) 12x12 Honed and Filled. 1000 sq. ft. (could use 16x16)
Please provide a sq. ft. price and shipping to Iowa . I am ready to purchase immediately. My tel. no. is  319-41.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16311 USA : I am looking for 5 slabs of gold persia or silver n gold for a kitchen. Please e-mail me a picture. Jan 7, Contact 

e 16310 USA : Can I see some sizes and shapes that you offer for Memorial Products and Cremation urns? Along with current prices an quantity amounts and shipping info. Please contact me ASAP. My tel. no. is 001-570-58.....Jan 7, Contact  

e 16309 USA : Could you send me some prices on all your products. I live in Texas so include delivery. Jan 7, Contact 

e 16308 USA: I need a quote for a large granite monuments
Jet Black Granite
Die: 2-0 x 4-0 x 0-8 Polish 5; HalfSerp top with polished chamfers according to customer design
Laser itched portrait
Carving: Star of David and Light on the bottom 
Lettering: First & last Name 
Date: Basic
3-0 x 1-0 x 1-0 Polished top polished sides 
Option 1
5-0 x 2-0 x 0-8 Polished top polished sides * one 2-0 end to joint to die, polished chamfers per design, 
Carving: Carnation pls. 
Lettering: ~50
Option 2
5-0 x 2-6 x 0-8 Polished top polished sides * one 2-6 end to joint to die....rest same as option 1
Vase: Turned vase H ~ 10-11".
My tel. no. is 404-72.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16304 USA : We are searching for a new supplier of bulk massage hot stones. Please call us. Our tel. no. is 646 29.....We are in New York . Jan 7, Contact 

e 16303 USA : I saw on television about replacement counter tops that are actually mounted on top of formica tops that look like granite. It is basically a shell only 1/4 or 3/8 thick or so. They made paper templates of the existing formica tops, then made the replacement top shell with a edge turn down that would hide the existing formica one. They again are like a thin material shell, and they are light to work with. They apply an adhesive to the formica top, and lay this granite type shell top on it roll it, and you have an appearance of a granite counter top at a third of the cost. Do you have any information on this type of product, and application? Jan 7, Contact 

e 16298 USA : Monuments: I am looking for a small absolute black granite bevel marker. Please see attached sketch. The marker would be 6" x 6" with a bevel top. The thickness at the front would be 4". The thickness at the back would be 6". This size is not critical - a similar size would be acceptable. I would like a quantity of 12. If I can find a reasonable price I am ready to place an order now. I am willing to buy from any geographical location. These markers would be used as memorials in a garden environment. I will be laser etching the markers. I am in IN. My phone no. is (260) 42..........Jan 7, Contact

e 16294 USA : We have just installed a Blue Pearl granite countertop and want to use the same material as inserts in a white ceramic tile backsplash. We need two sizes: 4" x 4" x 1/4" and 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/4" squares. Most 4x4 samples we have seen are 3/8" thick and this doesn't look good and it's not cost effective to cut/polish it down. We would need 36 tiles of each size. We are in Texas . Our tel. no. is 281-56.....Jan 6, Contact

e 16287 USA : We would like to purchase on an ongoing basis large blocks of carving stone(s) from very southern Mexico (from Cancun to Merida to Campeche to Tuxtla Gutierrez . Projects are headquartered just south of Cancun on Yucatan peninsula. My tel. no. is (541) 38.....Jan 6, Contact  

e 16286 USA : I am looking for a gold blend cobbled stone Travertine. Jan 6, Contact  

e 16285 USA : Requesting price and materials list.  I am a builder in Chicago Metro and Western MI areas. Jan 6, Contact  

e 16284 USA : I am a metal sculptor and I use stone for the base of my steel sculptures. I have been looking for a source to get some end pieces of petrified logs, say about 3" to 8" in diameter and whatever length (I have a 20" slab saw so that I can cut the ends any length). Do you have access to any pieces like this and what would be the cost, shipping, handling and quantity available? I am in MN. My tel. no. is 651.76.....Jan 6, Contact  


e 16274 USA : We are working on a design competition for a large public building and are looking for samples of stone that is native to Alaska . See pricelist 915. Jan 5, Contact

e 16273 USA : We are in process of making water fountains. We are looking for an Indian slate-Raj multicolor. We're looking for a supplier around California , So. California even better. Not sure of qty just yet. Also wanting to know if you guys can custom cut. What size and thickness, and also delivery times? Our tel. no. is (909) 90..... Jan 5, Contact

e 16272 USA : Looking for blue mountain granite. Jan 5, Contact 

e 16271 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for loaders, excavators, tractors, etc. My tel. no. is 602-55.....Jan 5, Contact

e 16270 USA : I am interested in buying containers of tumbled travertine pavers. Please, contact me in the US . My telephone number is 281-70.....Jan 5, Contact  

e 16269 USA : I am a representative from a small importing company, based in MA. We are currently researching products in Poland appropriate for the US marketplace. I am interested in any info available on native Polish Granite and Marble in both slab and tile form. My interest at this time is to find out exactly what is available, native to Poland , for export to the US . Colors, weights, and size availability in particular. We do not currently keep any stone in stock, so orders would be on a per-retailer basis. At this time I am only interested in advertising everything available to my retailers, in order to see if there is enough interest for import. Jan 5, Contact  

e 16246 USA : Please quote for 770 sq ft ROSA AURORA from Portugal . My tel no. is 772-37.....Jan 2, Contact 


e 16242 USA : I need to order (asap) 850sq. feet of White Thassos marble in 16x16 to be shipped to Chicago . Phone is (773) 97..... The budget price is $7.40 sq. ft. Please inform as to shipping price and procedures, and possibly mailing a sample of said marble. Jan 1, Contact 

e 16241 USA : I would like to know the price on rough rutilated quartz. I am looking for clear rutilated quartz rough in at least 30x22mm pieces. My tel. no. is (254)54......Jan 1, Contact

e 16240 USA : I will need approx 4000 sq ft of St claire remy or Beaumaniere in size 24x24 or 18x18 in San Diego in about 3 months. I am a retail buyer and am willing to import directly and to establish LC if required. My tel. no. is 85840.....Jan 1, Contact 

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