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June 2004




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from  USA. 

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Inquiries from January 2004 to June 2004

e 13347 USA: Please send us a pricelist of natural stones. June 29, Contact  

e 13345 USA: Looking fro manufacturers of Indian granite counter tops. June 29, Contact  

e 13330 USA: I have a customer looking for Tiger Skin (a Chinese granite). I want to purchase from supplier state side. June 27, Contact

e 13328 USA: I am interested Shayan Black Granite Tiles 12 x 12.  Please quote in USD. June 27, Contact

e 13324 USA: Looking for granite quarry owners in Spain. June 27, Contact

e 13316 USA: I am looking for a supplier / pricing on Blue Sodalite slabs for a kitchen countertop application. June 26, Contact

e 13312 USA: Please send us information on your granite slabs and the Price List. We are Based in California and Central-East Europe. June 26, Contact

e 13310 USA: Where can I find Sodalite Blue slabs? My tel. no. is 770.36.....June 26, Contact

e 13306 USA: Need significant amount of granite tiles for a large distributor in the East coast. Need to ensure exact thickness 3/8" on all colors ordered, along with "beveled edges". Need samples. My tel. no. is 412-40....June 26, Contact

e 13286 USA: Do you have COLONIAL DREAM granite tiles available? I am in Chicago. Phone no. is 773-58.....June 25, Contact

e 13273 USA: We are Granite retailer. Please send me your granite slabs price list. We are in CA. My mobile no. is  925-25.....June 24, Contact

e 13246 USA: I am an architect in NY. I like the cerna voda granite from Czechoslovakia. Our tel. no. is 646-25..... June 23, Contact 

e 13243 USA: I am looking for a source for absolute black granite tile ranging from 6 x 6" and up for laser etching. June 23, Contact

e 13235 USA: I want Brazilian Ubatuba slabs. June 22, Contact

e 13228 USA: We are currently working on the design of a curtain wall system (re-cladding an existing structure) for an office building in Manhattan. We would like to look at your product with the possibility of specifying it as part of the curtain wall system. If possible, please send me a 4" X 4" or larger sample and specifications (ASTM C-97, C170, C99, C880 and C241) of the following products Academy Black, Mason, AFG54. We are in NY. My tel. no. 212.22.....June 22, Contact

e 13208 USA: We are looking for white marble blocks & slab from China, Vietnam. June 20, Contact

e 13207 USA: I am interested in Mocca Red. The customer I am working with had this granite in New Jersey. They will not sell slabs and will not give me any information as to where it can be secured. In appearance it is very similar to Coffee Brown, with two very prominent differences. It has more "red" and has large inclusions of the deep, deep red, while still prominently portraying an all over pattern. June 20, Contact

e 13187 USA: Looking for Milford Pink granite slabs. June 19, Contact 

e 13184 USA: I am trying to get a price for African Red granite in 12X12 squares or slab. June 18, Contact 

e 13183 USA: I live in California  and I want to become a reseller of Brazilian Stones. I have some question: 
1. How do I order Brazilian stones in containers?
2. Do I supply the container or would you ship to Long Beach Harbor for me?
3. How much would it cost to ship each container to Long Beach Harbor?
4. How does payment work, do you need half or all upfront before shipping?
5. How long would a shipment take to get here from Brazil, as in days or weeks? 
Please respond to me asap. If I need to talk to someone. June 18, Contact 

e 13120 USA: We represent some buyers in China. We look for suppliers of granite block and granite slabs in USA. Colors are raw silk, camelia white, bitu grey, mahogany dokota, giallo california. We need big quantities. Our tel. no. is 972-62.....June 15, Contact

e 13046 USA: I am interested in purchasing stone tiles and slabs for from Jamaica. Looking for  factories located in Jamaica. My tel. no. is 847.35..... June 12, Contact

e 13008 USA: I am trying to locate a slab of aqualux/ dallas white granite. Is it the same as white nepal or white paricema?? I need two lenghts of 61/2' by 2 ft plus surround.  I am in Lafayette, LA. My tel. no. is 337-98.....June 9, Contact

e 13005 USA: We would be interested in developing a line of Vietnamese marble and granite. Please send catalog and quotes. Our tel. no. is 602-43.....June 9, Contact

e 13000 USA: I need Negro De or White Andromeda or Branco Polar in 18" x 18" tiles to cover 2000 sq. ft. What is the price? I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-35.....June 9, Contact

e 12965 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black quantity of 3000 12x12x1/2 tiles for $2.00 or less per per tile of high quality and 1000 tiles of ASIAN BEIGE 12x12x1/2 for under $.75 cents also of high quality. We are looking to ship within the week. My phone no. is 914 37.....June 5, Contact

e 12952 USA: We have a need to occasionally import granite from China and India. Please quote for one container. 
Black Shanxi tiles 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12"x12") 10 mm (3/8") thick (polished). 
Black Shanxi Countertops - Quantity 12, 24" x 72" Standard edge profile.
Please provide a quotation FOB China AND CIF Jacksonville, Florida. My tel. no. is (770) 56..... June 5, Contact

e 12951 USA: We also fabricate our own granite. We have been dealing with a company out of Denver. We are looking for a new connection. Please contact me as soon as possible. My contact detail no. is 406-25.....June 5, Contact

e 12945 USA: I just need samples of G703, G767, G739, G623 granite tiles. One of each. Phone no. is 620-34.....June 4, Contact

e 12926 USA: I own several granite shops and am very interested in buying a few containers of Brazilian granite. My tel. no. is 1 (609) 26.....June 3, Contact

e 12925 USA: I need 175 sq.ft. 12" x 12" Raw Silk, Flamed granite, approx thickness is . In need of deliver ASAP as job started and previous order was totally lost. I am a builder and my tel. no. is 916.83.....June 2, Contact

e 12922 USA: I am looking for 20 slabs of black granite delivered to Connecticut. Please call 860-34.....June 2, Contact

e 12916 USA: Please quote for rosa mistica 16 x 16 and 12 x 12 inches. My contact no. is 808 67.....June 2, Contact

e 12902 USA: Please quote for Kashmire Gold Tile 12 X 12 X 3/8". We have a requirement of 10,000 SF. Contact Number is 254.39.....June 1, Contact

e 12900 USA: I need 2 bundles of Brazilian Juparana Palha. I will need a sample of this stone. Can you please quote for 2cm thick slabs. We area stone marble and granite company in FL. Our tel. no. is (941) 74.....June 1, Contact

e 12890 USA: Please quote - FOB San Diego, CA for granite counter tops as attached. May 31, Contact

e 12855 USA: We are in wholesale granite (Slabs and Tiles) business since 2001. At this time we are looking to import following colors and Quantities from India (North and South). May we request you to kindly advise your best prices FOB Chennai and availability. The terms will be as follows: 1. Only First quality material will be accepted. We will hire SGS Inspection Company and arrange for their representative to come to your Plant for inspection of slabs. Any slabs rejected by him will not be accepted. 2. Payment - Irrevocable Letter of credit. Colors /Qty. required as follows: Size - Min 280*180*20mm.  Black Galaxy - 30 slabs / Black Dark - 30 Slabs / Tan Brown - 20 Slabs / Ivory Brown - 20 Slabs / Jakranda - 20 Slabs / Sira Grey - 20 Slabs / Madurai Gold - 20 Slabs / Indian Juprana - 10 slabs / Hassan Green - 10 Slabs / Indian Mahogany - 10 slabs / Kashmir White - 10 Slabs / Colombo Juprana - 10 Slabs / Paradiso - 10 slabs / Raw Silk (Pink) - 20 Slabs / Multicolor Red - 20 Slabs / Desert Brown - 10 Slabs / Apple Green - 10 Slabs / Ruby Red - 10 Slabs / Golden Pearl - 10 slabs / Rosy Pink - 10 Slabs / Imperial Pink - 10 Slabs / Ocean Blue - 10 slabs / Jhansi Red - 10 slabs / Mokalsar Green - 10 slabs / Coffee Brown - 10 slabs / Yalagiri Brown - 10 slabs / Chima Pink - 10 slabs. Would appreciate your best quote at the earliest. We are in Houston. Our tel. no. is 1-713-78.....May 29, Contact  

e 12793 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. What is your price for a container? How many slabs are in a container? Also, the time frame for your shipping? May 24, Contact

e 12785 USA: I am doing fabrication in Las Vegas. Please send me a catalog of Brazil slabs. I would like to buy juperanas, giallo veneciano, santa cecilia, etc. My phone number (702) 32.....May 24, Contact

e 12780 USA: I am a fabricator in OK and I am seeking suppliers of marble and granite. Please send me a price list. My tel. no. is 417-75.....May 23, Contact

e 12774 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black granite quantity of 3600 + no more then 5000 of 12x12x3/8 tiles for $2 or less per Sq footage my negotiate only within a small spread must be of high quality. We are looking to receive shipment in one week and only under those conditions. My phone number is 914 37.....I am in NY. May 22, Contact

e 12759 USA: I represent a granite and marble store. I want to find some new stones for my company so I need prices and photos of all slabs. My tel. no. is 201 44.....May 21, Contact

e 12752 USA: I am looking to purchase 2cm and 3cm granite slabs in containers. Could you please send me a price list for all the granites you carry and can get.  I am particularly interested in seeing the granites that are exclusively from your quarry. Could you please send me a price list for all the granite that you carry and can get and contact me in reference to seeing your quarry granites? I am in Houston. May 20, Contact

e 12739 USA: Please quote for 1 container 3cm granite slabs from India. I am in VA. My phone no. is (571) 22.....May 20, Contact

e 12729 USA: Please quote on per container basis for granite and marble slabs and tiles delivered to Willmington port, North Carolina. Please inform of how is the product cut and the quantity per container. 
My tel. no. is (704) 24.....May 19, Contact

e 12692 USA: Would like to start granite business in USA and import the stones from India...any information in this regard is really appreciated. My tel. no. is 414-74.....May 18, Contact

e 12684 USA: I own a small fabrication shop in Baltimore and am looking for a price quote on the following 30MM (1.25") Indian granite slabs of Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Black Absolute, Jet Black, Tropical Green, Red Multicolor, Siva Yellow, Kashmir Gold, Golden Juparana, Seaweed Green and Golden Oak. 
If you carry new colors, I would like a quote on that too. My current supplier is not able to provide many of these colors on a regular basis and I am ready to make a switch IMMEDIATELY if the prices are right. I make about 2 kitchens a week. 
We are a small company and only interested in buying from local vendors who have a warehouse here. Since we buy small lots we cannot import. May 17, Contact

e 12610 USA: Our company is a distributor in Massachusetts and import granite and marble slabs from all over the world of their own origin. We want companies who have their own quarry of any single color or a combinations of different granite colors so that it would enable us to establish a long term business relationship with these sources. The turn over time to provide the quantity and color variations we require from companies who do not have their own quarries is too slow because of processes they have to go through to get to the finished product. Our company imports on container base for each color. 
Here are few of granite colors to mention and ready to import: Saphire Blue, Tan Brown, Shivakashi Yellow, Vyara Gold, Seaweed Green, Madurai Gold, Kashmire Gold, Royal Gold, Imperial White, Tropical Green, Rose Wood, Lady Dream, etc. Our phone no. is 781-8473-.....May 12, Contact

e 12607 USA: I own a construction company in San Jose, CA. We are experiencing an increasing demand for granite countertops and are considering expanding our business to include retail and wholesale sale of countertops. We are interested in container quantities of countertops mostly of China origin (light in color), but I would like to also stock some popular colors such as Baltic brown, Absolute black, Blue pearl etc. 
We would like countertops polished in 3/4 inch thickness with laminated bullnose approx. 26 in. wide and 78 to 99 in. long. 
For our first order we would like a full container of approx. five or six colors. I'm not sure how many countertops will fit into a container, so please advise. I have price list 572 which seems to have what we are looking for. Please contact me with current pricing, materials, sizes, shipping cost, minimum order payment information and delivery time. My tel. no. is 408-26.....May 12, Contact

e 12596 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Currently we directly buy from India and Brazil. We would like better offers so we can do business with you. We like big slabs like 5 x 10 ft or bigger. Also mention your terms and conditions of payment. We can send the deposit money and they sent the stone like one container on trial and later more, but only for first time we can pay the cost or the freight and as we sell we wire the money or transfer to you. We are in Denver. May 11, Contact

e 12595 USA: I am a small distributor of granite counter tops and I am seeking a new supplier. I am looking to purchase approximately 240 slabs of 26"x96"x3cm in various colors. I would like three edges bull-nosed and polished and the top polished. I will be needing to order these before 6/18/04 and would like to know what options I would have costing under $70.00 USD. I have no problems importing from any country if it will give me more competitive pricing. I am in TX. May 11, Contact

e 12593 USA: I am interested in the following Black Granite, Lavender Blue, Paradisco Bash, Golden Fantasy or Grey Th, Grey Jericho, 9K Fantasy, SJ Blue, Nero Marmo Marble. I plan to cover a residential area of 600 sqm. I will be looking for POLISHED, BEVELED AND CALIBRATED granite or marble tiles for my home and retail. Please give me a quotation including shipping FOB Accra, Ghana. I am in CT and my phone no. is 860 65.....May 11, Contact

e 12578 USA: Please quote for 3 cm granite slabs by the container. My shop is in Mobile AL. May 10, Contact

e 12537 USA: We are currently looking for a full container (20'FCL) of Kashmir White Granite, polished. Require size 18"x18" tiles, thickness: 1.2 cm. Terms: I found a price quotation 977 on Findstone.com. 
We understand that price is $4.60 USD / sq.ft FOB CANADA. Delivery 15 days after purchase. We would appreciate if you can (1) clarify your sales condition and (2) send us picture of this merchandise. May 7, Contact

e 12514 USA: We are building a 26 unit apartment in Olympia. We are seeking pricing for a 26 unit apartment in Olympia Washington. We are currently 2 months from completion. Slab Granite Counters 3/4" with 3/4" bull nose edge. 4" backsplash and sides polished with eased edges. Include Installation. Sink cut outs to be field cut by installer. We can order immediately. All Dimensions in inches: 
1 each 30x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
14 each 45x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
6 each 48x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
2 each 33x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash 
3 each 54x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
1 each L shape 26sqf
2 each Parallel 29sqf
6 each U shape 42sqf
12 each U shape 39sqf
2 each parallel 31sqf
3 each U shape 41sqf
Bar tops
2 each 102x18x3/4
6 each 90x18x3/4
12 each 84x18x3/4
2 each 120x18x3/4
3 each L shape bar top 17 sq ft. His no. is 1 253 27......May 6, Contact  

e 12498 USA: We need 3 large slabs of very fine grain absolute Black sample needs to be sent to us for testing. Will travel or pay shipping to us. Please no Indian Blacks, prefer south Africa, Rhino Black or Belfast black need stone with no coatings at all. Our tel. no. is 717-36..... May 5, Contact

e 12493 USA: We are Architects - Planners - Facilities Consultants. Want Absolute Black granite. Would like to have samples first. We are in OK. Our tel. no. (405) 23..... May 4, Contact

e 12491 USA: Please quote for Indian Granite tiles. Looking for tan brown, black galaxy, absolute black and Kashmir White. See price list 243. May 4, Contact  

e 12481 USA: I have a client who needs an initial order of 30,000 sq ft of Chinese granite 305x305x10 tile, 5 different colors.  I would be more than willing to pay for samples. I will be traveling to China the last week of May and would like to visit the plant. I am in Alaska. My contact no. is 1907 86.....May 4, Contact

e 12461 USA: Would like a wholesale quote on the Spanish Emperador stone. My tel. no. is 702-74.....I am in NY. Would like large tiles (16x16) polished. Would like a container. How many sq ft will fit in a container? May 3, Contact

e 12455 USA: I need from my supplier: 
The very best quality of pre-finished countertops. I also need to know that my supplier can keep up with my demand, which could be as much as 4000-5000 pre-finished countertops a month once it gets rolling and organized. Also, I need to know that I can get all the dimensions and edges that are common in a kitchen and bathroom and the ability to order custom cuts.

I will need pre-finished countertops ranging from 18'' wide all the way to 48'' wide. The most common that I will need are the 26'' and the 36'' and a length of 96''. I need the guarantee that the finished product will be of top quality so I know the home owner will be satisfied. I also need the option of custom cuts. If I send you plans of 300 houses with exact dimensions of the kitchen and vanities, it would be nice if I can get the cuts exactly to match the plans of the kitchen. I plan on using the granite in tract homes and the non-expensive homes.
I need samples of these 10 cheapest granite colors for I have 1000's of customers ready to order. 

I just want you to know that I need a very dependable supplier because I am running a multi-million dollar company and plan on buying 10's of thousands of pre-finished countertops and vanities a year. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in undertaking, please email me back as soon as possible so we can talk a make agreements on price, quantities, payments, and shipping. 

I live in AZ so I would like to know the shipping costs for my materials and also, I need a supplier that guarantees their quality and their shipping. I also need a supplier that can negotiate payment terms, for example, 50% up front and 50% when the material gets here. Please get back to me as soon as possible for I am looking to order within the next week. Looking for a supplier that will be dependable enough to keep up with my fast expansion. Send me sample pictures of their 10 least expensive granite colors and a price list for all of their materials. 

I was looking of the price list on FindStone's website, I was seeing 96''x26'' pieces for 20 to 30 dollars pre-finished. I was seeing 96x36 for under 50 and 96x46 under 70. I am interested in these prices. I am interested in any country that can provide in prices like this. I am willing to pay more for the more expensive colors but I want the option of buying the cheap granite for around 20-30 dollars a pre-finished counter. Please find me the very least expensive that can handle large quantities, the country doesn't matter.
The buyer is very serious and will pay FindStone commission. The first step is to send FindStone the price list
. May 3, Contact

e 12447 USA: I am interested in purchasing 1 container of Baltic Brown 2cm large polished slabs. Please quote. I am in CA. My phone no. is +1-559-22.....May 1, Contact

e 12435 USA: We like to get a price list from China and Italy for marble and granite. We are looking for white marble (Han White) from China (slabs) and blue pearl, black ice flower, indian red, great flower (green). Our fax. no. is 503 25.....Apr 30, Contact

e 12416 USA: Is there a location in Houston to see samples of the granite counters? Our tel. no. is 281-86.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12414 USA: I am looking for a good deal on a few slabs of neutral granite--beiges, creams, taupe's, etc. I am in the Seattle area. My contact no. is (206) 81.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12333 India: I would like to import Impala Black (Zimbabwe) & Tropic Brown (Saudi Arabia). Minimum size gangsaw - 240 x 160 up (Tropic Brown), all sizes (Impala Black). My tel. no. is 91-44-243.....
Apr 23, Contact

e 12327 USA: We are wholesaler/ distributor of Granite and Marble slabs in Massachusetts. We are ONLY looking for a company who can supply or own a quarry of South African granite slabs such as Impala Black polish and Zimbawe Black honed. Apr 23, Contact

e 12311 USA: Need price and availability on 3000 sf Indian Tan Brown granite 18x18x1/2 thick polished granite. 818-50.....Apr 21, Contact

e 12309 USA: Please advise on G603 granite from China. Please quote with images. Apr 21, Contact

e 12273 USA: Please quote for granite tiles. Our tel. no. is 845 42.....Apr 19, Contact

e 12186 USA: I am a granite importer in VA. Looking for materials from South Africa and Brazil. Please forward on your products and price list. My phone no. is (757) 46.....Apr 13, Contact

e 12179 USA: We have a customer wants a dark color granite. I need samples or catalog with pricing. Custom size or bulk. I am in Texas 77450. Apr 12, Contact

e 12163 USA: I am needing 2 slabs of Rainforest Brown Marble, 30mm, 108" x 54". I could be interested in other slabs as well potentially. Can shipping be calculate for me on two slabs since clearly this is not enough for a full container? What port would this come into? I am in Florida but would need the slabs to go to North Carolina. I am just starting to open a business of flooring/mosaic/tile/slabs and would appreciate your source as a contact for potential future business. I could potentially send orders to you as well for 4 absolute black granite slabs and other tile needs
I am also at the start of a large 1 year building project and may need 4 columns and a fireplace made of Rainforest Brown Marble. The Columns will be fluted, 10 feet tall total (with a plain cap and base), and 12 inches thick. Fireplace will be 80 inches wide, 75 inches tall and 12-16 inches deep (on the mantle). If this is possible. My contact no. is 1-407-64.....Apr 11, Contact

e 12155 USA: Please forward to me a price list of all colors of marble and granite from a Brazilian distributor for my new opening business. I am in Maynard, MA. My contact no. is 978-46.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12146 USA: Please quote for black point white, golden leaf, red pink granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 412. My contact no. is (860) 23.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12113 USA: Please quote for Chinese granites and marble tiles and slabs. I am in IL 60173. Apr 8, Contact

e 12104 USA: We are in needs of constant supply of Granite. Please refer to the attachment and quote us the price CIF Houston, USA for 100 pc of each color available. Apr 7, Contact

e 12101 USA: We have a remodeling business and wish to get into the granite counter top business. We already install kitchens and bathrooms. Our phone number is 609-56.....I am looking for wholesale prices. 
Apr 7, Contact

e 12095 USA: We are importers of natural stone from India and Brazil. We need 1st grade Indian granite calibrated, chamfered, polished tiles - 12" x 12" (10mm), 18" x 18" (12mm) and Polished Slabs (30mm thick). Thickness tolerance will be +/- 0.5mm. Slight variation acceptable. Quantity estimate is 2 to 4 containers per month. Material needed by end April. Payment terms irrevocable LC at sight. Inspection will be arranged by us. Ready to pay for courier cost of samples. I am in DE 19707. Apr 7, Contact 

e 12094 USA: Would like to purchase Bethel White & Camelia White granite slabs. Need 20 to 30 containers, depending on the price. Need the material for export to XIAMEN (CIF). Please quote the price of Granite & shipping. Would like to purchase asap. My contact no. is 401 99.....Apr 7, Contact

e 12067 USA: Please quote for black galaxy slabs in polish 2 and 3 cm. Also mention delivery time. Apr 5, Contact

e 11964 USA: I am looking for granite countertops. I am a contractor in Utah. Mar 30, Contact

e 11961 USA: Please quote in full container sizes for slate and other stone for flooring. Granite in slabs for floors and counter tops. Please send prices and specifications. Currently we buy from China and other countries. We would now like to buy from India. Mar 30, Contact 

e 11815 USA: We are looking for prefabricated granite countertops 3 cm with quarter bevel edge on three sides and 2cm with a laminate 2cm same edge. Countries: Brazil & India. Terms: 2-3 months. We need prices and color availability information. Ordering approximately in 2 months. My location is NJ 08009. Mar 20, Contact  

e 11772 USA: I am looking for 2300 sq ft of 18x18 absolute black tile in the Ft. Lauderdale area (nice grade). Our tel. no. is 770-59.....Mar 17, Contact  

209 36.....Mar 16, Contact  

e 11745 USA: I am need of 2700 sq ft black galaxy tile available for immediate delivery to South Carolina - zip code 29577. Tile size 12" to 18". Must deal early this week. I am in SC 29577. Mar 15, Contact  

e 11740 USA: We are looking for granite for counter top and tile. We are located on MA and have computerized wet jets for cutting. We are very interested in getting pricing. Mar 15, Contact  

e 11710 USA: Please quote for Indian granites. I am in Utah. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11703 USA: I am interested in Brazilian granite. I would like to increase my suppliers. I would also inspect the containers. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11684 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. Our phone no. is 412-26.....Mar 11, Contact 

e 11581 USA: Please quote for Granite and Marble. I am actively looking for Granite and Marble tiles, Granite Vanity and Counter tops. Quantity depends upon price; one 20' container to start with. My phone no. is 770-51....Mar 6, Contact

e 11578 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

e 11472 USA: We  are starting a granite countertop business. We are looking for a supplier. Please send a pricelist and shipping costs to the US. Mar 1, Contact  

e 10882 USA: We are stone fabricators from NY. I am looking for 10-15 slabs 11/4 of TianShan Red or chinese Imperial Red slabs in NY, I can ship from any point at the USA, NY 11205 Tel: 718-85.....Jan 31, Contact (open)

e 10871 USA: I would like information on wholesale suppliers of granite and marble from India, China, Italy, Brazil and Turkey. My phone no. is 718-96.....Jan 30, Contact

e 10865 USA: I am currently searching for a reliable supplier of granites from Finland. We are in South Carolina. Phone number is 843.53.....Jan 30, Contact  

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