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October 2006




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Inquiries from July 2006 to October 2006

e 21423 USA : Please forward current price list on Cherokee Stone or similar flagstone. Approx. 3000 sq. ft. of 1-1.5 in. thick slabs of light grey irregular size stand-up flagstone shipped on pallets to the job site. Tel: (757) 96......Sept 21 Contact

e 21422 USA : I am the manager of home design company. We are fabricators of natural stone. I would like a pricelist of all the different granites you have, mailed to me if possible. We order different containers every month and I would like to know the lowest price I am able to obtain. Direct: 248-54.....Sept 21 Contact

e 21420 USA : We need 1000-5000 SF - calibrated Arizona Flagstone, Cut optimally 18 x 18 but please specify if other sizes in stock, in Buff color. Phone number (310) 56......
Sept 21 Contact  

21412 USA: We are in the process of opening a shop in Guadalajara, Mexico we would also like to become a supplier we would like for you to inform us about your prices on granites, marbles, travertines, limestones, slabs, and tiles. We would like the price of sq ft delivered in Long Beach , California . Sept 19 Contact

e 21410 USA : I am interested in opening a monument business and a monument service business. I was wondering if you could fill me in on how much space, money, equipment and tools it would take to do this. Sept 18 Contact

e 21409 USA :  I am looking for the following granite countertops in these sizes and in these finishes: 
96x26x3cm bullnose, pencil,or ongee, etc.
84x26x3cm bullnose, pencil, or ongee, etc

1. Gallo Veneziano
2. G682
3. Small Three Flower
4. Tiger Skin Yellow
5. Rusty Yellow
6. 3742
8. Giallo Florito
9. Tiger Skin Rust
10. Santa Cecilia
Please specify minimums and availability, lead time. Shipping is to USA , Boston , Ma…This will be sample order, we are looking to establish a long term relationship with a supplier for import/distribution business. Sept 18 Contact

e 21408 USA : I would like open a small business with granite countertop, what is necessary. Sept 18 Contact

e 21407 USA : We use a lot of boulders and flat rock in our landscapes and we are currently looking for different styles of boulders for out-croppings and flat rock for steppers and paths. We are also looking for Highland type field stone slabs 5-10" thick for out-croppings. Sept 18 Contact  

e 21406 USA : I am interested in purchasing granite and marble as displayed in pricelist 417. Sept 18 Contact

e 21405: We are owner builder looking for 2 X 5’ slab of Morrocan fossil marble with ammonites. The color earthy with some red and browns. We are located in Alaska , USA . If we can’t find slab then would like 12x 12” tiles. Sept 18 Contact

e 21401 USA : Looking for prices of Chinese granites. Tel: 267-23.....Sept 17 Contact

e 21400 USA : Looking for monument suppliers from India . Sept 16 Contact

e 21399 USA : Please quote for Hard Sandstone (Gray Antique) from USA . Sept 16 Contact

e 21397 USA : We have a need for large quantities of granite quarry blocks, and the expertise to operate a quarry on every level. Sept 15 Contact

e 21396 USA : Please quote for pavers  of Arizona flagstone  as displayed in ready stock 544. Sept 15 Contact

e 21395 USA : Please quote for polishing pads as displayed in ready stock 413. Tel: 612 73......Sept 15 Contact

e 21393 USA : I am interested in meeting with you to see your factory. I will be in China in October 17 through October 29 for the show. I am looking for a company in China that will supply our needs i.e. marble and granite. Please let me know the details as to how we may meet in China . Phone: 916-63......Sept 14 Contact

e 21383 USA : Kindly get back to me with the cost of these qty model bellow so that i can let you know the quantity i will be in need of.
diamond blades 350mm 14" blades 10mm Segment.......50 units.  Also l want you to get back to me with the 1-2 delivery. as to know the total amount am paying for so that i can forward you our Visa Card to Charge the total payment. Sept 13 Contact  

e 21379 USA : Looking for substantial quantity (3000) sf of Grey Jerusalem with a rough finish - shot blasted or tumbled. 16 x 24" for a running bond pattern. Need delivery in Wisconsin - would purchase from anywhere. Prefer 3/8" thickness but would accept 3/4". Please call or email 262 24......Sept 12 Contact

e 21373 USA : Please email me specific information regarding black pumice or other stone with an interesting surface texture, like lava. I need slabs of any size, preferably at least 4 feet sq. with thickness of at least 1.5-2 inches. Not interested in small pieces or rock like shapes. I need slabs than can be cut cleanly and used in constructing sculpture or bases for sculpture. I currently work in metal and wood and know little about stone so I will appreciate very precise information about what type of stone will suit my requested needs. Sept 11 Contact

e 21371 USA : I am interested in the tumbled marble in classic light. The size is listed as "cobblestone". Could you let me know the dimensions in inches for this size? Sept 11 Contact

e 21368 China : Presently I am cooperating with a project in USA , and our client required me to use the Blue Savoy marble, so I contact you right now. For it is very urgent and wish you could inform me a Chinese agency, so that I can get this marble soon, as you know it is very far away between France and China , but I must delivery the products to USA before November this year. Mobile :86-130328......Sept 11 Contact

e 21365 USA : Looking for granite cobblestone. Are you the one with Paris , France stone. Need 2000 Sq Ft. Sept 10 Contact

e 21361 USA : Could I get better pricing for the Versailles Pattern Travertine? What color is the travertine? Right now, I am getting Versailles Pattern Travertine color Walnut for $2.60, could you beat this price? Mobile : 858.38.....Sept 9 Contact

e 21358 USA : Looking to purchase approx 1,400 s.f. of Saturnia Travertine or Durango Limestone in 18X18 to 24X24 pieces for an entry hall and kitchen floor renovation job we are doing. Tel. (516) 48......Sept 8 Contact

e 21349 USA : I am interested in your pillars and cobblestones. Would you provide me with the size of each cobblestone? How many of these would fit in each square foot or square meter? How many available for purchase? What is the price for each cobblestone? I have an area of about 50,000 square feet for parking which needs cobblestones. Do you have a picture of them? I am also interested in your pillars. Would you please provide me with the size and a picture? how many available for purchase? what price for each? what are your terms and how long for shipment to Connecticut , USA 06514? tel: 1 718 31......Sept 7 Contact

e 21348 USA : LOOKING FOR A LARGE MANSION UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Prices for slabs and tiles in marble and granite. We are especially interested in the INDIA MARBLES in BRIGHT and LIGHT GREEN'S. Also from INDIA PURPLE MARBLES. PHONE: 719 54.....Sept 7 Contact

e 21345 USA : We are interested in purchasing ASAP the following: Z Bavelloni CNC Marble/Stone Cutting saw and CNC Marble/stone Router. Please advise if you can be of any help in this matter. Tel: 201 79.....Sept 7 Contact

e 21338 USA : I am looking for Mexican Beach pebbles (black) for my home. I need between 500-700 square feet. I live in Charlotte , NC . Tel: 1 704 88.....Sept 6 Contact

e 21336 USA : Please send me information on pricing for granite pre-fabricated countertops with 3 sides of edge detail. Looking for 2cm 84”x25.5”. Will purchase minimum 1 container & would like to have variety of materials mixed in container if possible. Need references from supplier & have immediate buyer waiting for pricing.  Tel: 214.77.....Sept 6 Contact  

e 21329 USA : Looking for box of 10 of 12x12x3/8 polished TRAVERTINO ALABASTRINA cross cut. Please confirm availability, form of payment and delivery. Ph: 703-52......Sept 4 Contact  

e 21328 USA : We are in need of at least 10,000 pavers (cobblestones) preferably orange or red color. to be used in courtyards and terraces of about 8000-15,000 square feet.
price is important factor. Delivery to CT. Wanted for immediate purchase. Tel: 718 31......Sept 4 Contact


e 21309 USA : Interested in Brazilian granite. See price list 29. Sept 1 Contact

e 21308 USA : We have a contract in Virginia . Can u give me the price and sizes available for travertine window sills and thresholds. Pics of the shades avbl will also b helpful. Sept 1 Contact

e 21306 USA : Need granite countertops for fabrication and install. Granite slabs ft/in. Price range $20000-$30000. Can order in 45-60 days. ME. 3300Sqft or one container. Yes import and domestic. Polished 2MM. Shade Standard. Quality first. call: 1-808-63.....Aug 31 Contact

e 21303 USA : I have a job in Temecula , CA where we need 2400 sq. ft. of Travertine - 1700 sq. ft. of that to be the Versailles pattern, chiseled edge and honed surface. Could I get a quote for that with delivery? Aug 31 Contact

e 21301 USA : I need 7 to 9 ton granite boulders for my waterfront for bulkhead. I'd even be interested in larger than 9 ton. What is the price? Tel: 904-25.....Aug 31 Contact  

e 21297 USA : I am looking for a farmhouse sink in honed black granite single bowl 30x20x10. Aug 30 Contact

e 21296 USA : Looking to buy in USA large quantity of 12x12 tiles of Noce Alpaca of Peru . Please email availability and best price for ready inventories only. Tel: 713.66.....Aug 30 Contact

e 21293 USA : I am looking for slabs or remnants of Mirage/Fantastico granite quarried in Wyoming . This was used in 2002 in the Wyoming State Assembly remodel. To be used in a bathroom addition ASAP. Will consider other American quarried granite with similar features. Cell: 831-33.....Aug 29 Contact  

e 21287 USA : I am looking for images and sources for yellow Tufa Limestone. Tel: 310-62.....Aug 28 Contact  

e 21285 USA: I am looking for a supplier of absolute black marble products such as picture frames, boxes, plaques, etc that can be lasered.  PH 307-75.....Aug 28 Contact  

e 21282 USA : We will open a new manufacturing place in Louisiana . We need bridge saw and edge machines. Please send detailed information about your machines and leasing conditions. Aug 28 Contact

e 21275 USA : We are looking for: Ivory light travertine : 7000 Sft Honed finish, 18 x 18 x1/2 and  Silver travertine Mosaic ;6000 Sft Honed finish , 2x2x 1/2. tel : 212- 86......Aug 27 Contact

e 21274 USA : We are looking for : 7000 Sf of Azul Bateig Lime stone from Portugal . Finish : Honed 18 x 18 x 1/2. Time : 8 weeks. Tel : 212- 86.....Aug 27 Contact

e 21269 USA : I need a price per square meter for Indonesian natural stones, specifically lava stones. Aug 26 Contact

e 21262 USA : I am looking for slabs of "coral mahogany" granite. Aug 24 Contact

e 21260 USA : I live in Columbus , Ohio and interested in purchasing White marble chips by the bulk. I would like to have a list of Local sources so I may obtain price and availability as well as delivery of the Marble chips. I would like the chips to be around 3/4" or so. Aug 24 Contact

e 21250 USA : We are currently looking for 1st and 2nd quality containers of 3 cm slabs from Brazil for immediate purchase. I don't really want to get involved with brokers in the United States . We would rather deal directly with quarries in Brazil , as we have representation in Brazil . Tel: 732-61.....Aug 22 Contact

e 21246 USA :  I am looking for mexican black pebbles. I wanted to use them around my pool for the drainage area. I can only find them in very expensive small quantities. Do you know of any one who sells in bulk? Aug 21 Contact  

e 21244 USA : We’re looking for Carrara white in either 24”x24” or 18”x24” tiles – something bigger than your standard 12x12. We need approximately 40 square feet. We’re ready to buy and will need the tile within the next month – we will place an order immediately after viewing a sample that works. We have no restrictions on geographical area for the tile. My I am located in Denver , Colorado , USA . Phone number is (303) 33.....Aug 21 Contact

e 21242 USA : Please send me pricelist for your granite slabs. Aug 21 Contact  

e 21240 USA : I am currently having a bronze chandelier made and I would like alabaster shades made for this project. I'm not sure of the dimensions, perhaps it's 8-10" diameter, small on the bottom where it meets the electrified bronzework.........the shades face upwards and are open to the ceiling with carvings on 3/4 of the shade, the top part being smooth.........please respond whether this is the type of work that you do. I am located in the NYC area. Tel: 917-70.....Aug 20 Contact

e 21235 USA : Looking for a block of Wine River Granite. Office: (425) 48......Aug 20 Contact

e 21230 USA: I own a retreat center and were looking to use significant quantities of river rock – 600 feet by 20 feet wide – and we also need some ½ - ¾ granite for landscaping around our 22 cabins. We also need soil to build a football field and bark chips for several spots on our 20 acre property. We use local vendors out of AZ but wanted to find out if there were other national vendors where we could source the material cheaper. Aug 18 Contact

e 21219 USA : We are looking for a 48” x 100” 3mm slab of Blue Bahia fob Houston …. Please advise your availability…Ph: 713-83.....Aug 15 Contact

e 21217 USA :  There are 2 live orders now for our project. This first one is bound for the US for doing pavers for 300 homes. They are asking me for a price chart for these patterns with the delimitations prices of these materials from 1 -25 containers fitting 20% of each material to make up 1 container. The delimitation of content of each container is as follows:
4 piece pattern = 8 sq ft
2 piece pattern = 8x8
1 piece pattern = 8x16
2 pieces patterns = 16x16
1 piece pattern = 16x24
Ashler pattern tumbler marble.
We also need price on 6x12 separately for 1 container each chiseled edge for these 3 colors - Ivory, Noche and Gold.
Secondly, we have another project which is bound for Costa Rica . We are interested to buy if given the price and quality is right. The materials specs are as follows:
12 X 12 OR 16 X 16 Noche, Ivory, and Gold colors. Please send me prices for 30,000 sq. ft. of either 12x12 OR 16x16 which ever size is better for you to supply. Please send me prices for these 3 colors at this quantity 30,000 sq. ft. This price quote for Costa Rica is immediate. Aug 15 Contact

e 21216 USA : Need stone for a shrine of the holy spirit tower. Dimensions are 80' tall 20' side wall 3 sided tower covered with marble color must match tower is not built the pc. of marble can be any size? bigger is better have not worked with stone. Call 417-59......Aug 14 Contact  

e 21212 USA : We are looking for Hematite ore another name is Red Iron another name is taconite stone. I know it comes from Brazil but I could be wrong, it comes from Iron Quarry. We are looking for slabs 3 cm thinness or even the whole block format. I have attached a few photos any information. Aug 13 Contact

e 21208  USA : Please quote for 40 sq ft Verde Francisco, 10 sq ft of Verde Fire. Location-- Oakland , CA , USA .  Aug 13 Contact

e 21207 USA : I am with a stone (mostly granite) fabrication and installation company out of Wilmington , NC . We have a supplier we normally use but I had a customer come in today very interested in a marble called eaoped bordeaux . I can't locate the stone anywhere else. I'm looking for availibility, price, and slab sizes. Aug 13 Contact  

e 21205 USA : We are looking for a new or used Cat D9H Dozer that must have a double shank ripper that has a cutting depth of 3'- 4' with each pass. We prefer to lease. If you have any questions, call our plant manger on 740 68...... Aug 12 Contact

e 21191 USA : Interested in buying box of 10 of 12x12x3/8 polished TRAVERTINO ALABASTRINA cross cut. Please confirm availability, form of payment and delivery.
Ph: 703-52.....Aug 10 Contact

e 21188 USA : I am an architect currently working on a project in Washington D.C. in which we will have to supply some pink marble to match the existing marble in the bathrooms. Is there anyway you could supply a sample of Clauzetto Unito and Crevola D’Ossola? Aug 10 Contact

e 21184 USA : We are builders and would like a quote on travertine and granite floor tiles. Telephone: 1-904-38.....Fax: 904-38.....Aug 9 Contact

e 21183 USA : We are interested in Premium black and black galaxy granite tiles and would like to see your samples. Aug 9 Contact

e 21179 USA : Please quote for Black galaxy and absolute black granite tiles. My tel no. is 612 73.....Aug 8 Contact

e 21178 USA : I am interested in purchasing granite slabs in big quantities. I would like to request you your contact info and physical address to visit. Tel: 940-59.....Aug 8 Contact

e 21172 USA : Our company is looking for carrara white 12x12 commercial grade tiles. Need 5 containers. TEL: 626-45.....Aug 5 Contact

e 21167 USA : Do you sell granite slabs to building contractors? If so where are you located and what is your phone number? Tel: 530-30.....Aug 4 Contact

e 21166 USA : For a hotel project we need 300 bathroom vanity tops, in 2 cm Pine Green. Quotes with and without a laminated bull-nose edge.
Top = 70" x 22", with under-mount bowl cutout (to be specified) and 3 faucet holes. Backsplash = 70" x 4".

e 21164 USA : Could you please and catalogues of ceramic tiles from China . Office no. : 213 48.....Aug 3 Contact

e 21159 USA : We are contractors and looking for 1800 sq ft of limestone in a Slab Color Crema Europa or similar. Must be delivered to the job site in North Jersey . Aug 2 Contact

e 21153 USA : I am trying to locate low cost granite and marble tile of all colors and sizes to be purchased in bulk. The amount of the order will depend on the prices quoted, but I am hoping to purchase several thousand square feet. I am located in Austin , Texas USA but prefer to purchase my materials out of Mexico . Once product pricing and availability have been established, this order can proceed quickly. If you have information about the cost and process for transporting the material from Mexico to the United States , please provide as this will also speed the process along. Aug 2 Contact

e 21152 USA : I am looking for used tiles production machine to set up a tile factory. Aug 2 Contact

e 21151 Saudi Arabia : Please quote for flagstones from Spain . Aug 2 Contact

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