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December 2005




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Inquiries from July 2005 to December 2005

e 19344 USA : I am a builder in Michigan . I have a customer who wants to put Blue Luise on her hutch. That would require (3) small pieces. Two at 26"x19" finished size and one at 42" x 22" finished size. The only Michigan supplier I have found that has it only has a very large (42 sf) slab and wants to sell me the whole thing. I don't need that much. Does anyone out there have remnants that would do what I need? Let me know. Phone: 517-29.....Dec 31 Contact  

e 19341 USA : I am looking for bluestone slabs in ¾”, 1.5” and 2”. I need them delivered to NJ. Dec 31 Contact

e 19336 USA : I would like to know more about the old granite blocks as displayed in ready stock 418. Tel & Fax: 802-25.....Dec 31 Contact

e 19335 USA : Interested in carvable Indian Sandstones.  Please send pictures and specifications of stones with colors. Dec 31 Contact

e 19334 USA : I’m trying to find out all I can about Navajo White Stone. This Company that I’m bidding this job for needs this particular stone for all there vanities in there 224 unit hotel/condo that’s going to be done in the spring. I found out that a company in Britain has it. I was trying to find out if anyone in the U.S. has it.  Dec 31 Contact  

e 19327 USA : Looking for Indian Sandstones. Have you sold these stones in the USA before and do you have pictures? Tel: (310) 96.....Dec 29 Contact  

e 19323 USA : I need 2900 sq ft of limestone color: Sea grass in an 8"x16" tile!!! Tel: 404-35......Dec 29 Contact  

e 19322 USA : Can I get a price list of Turkish stones? Dec 29 Contact

e 19318 USA : I am looking to buy marble chess boards in bulk from Mexico or other countries. Dec 28 Contact 

e 19312 USA : We are trying to locate Turkish tumbled marble 3 cm thick of 15 x 54 slabs to be used as stair treads for our condominium project. We are interested in samples that have a slight pinkish tone, but that does not contain shell in it. Can you send us samples or advise us as to which colors you would suggest we look at ASAP. Tel: 410-20..... Dec 28 Contact   

e 19311 USA : I am interested in buying a full container of Gauged peacock multi slate in January, 06. Tel: 916 50.....Dec 28 Contact   

e 19301 USA : Please provide pricing and delivery times for 20 units for the bathtub as displayed in 0049-0004. Tel: 469-95......Dec 26 Contact

e 19298 USA : I would like know what is the cost for Gangsaws, Cutters, Polishers, Waterjet, CNC / Engraving, Terrazzo Tile and Other stone processing machinery. TELEPHONE: 078863.....Dec 25 Contact  

e 19297 USA : I am building a barn out of blocks of sand stone 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot. I need 12150 square feet. How much if bought in the USA ? Tel: 443-99..... Dec 24 Contact

e 19294 USA : Need to find Bianco Nova White Marble for countertops for residential kitchen & master bath. I have heard this marble is harder and more durable as a countertop for kitchen than Carrera White. Phone number is 94949..... Dec 23 Contact   

e 19292 USA : We are looking for 12x12 golden white Onyx for delivery to PA, USA- approx. 600 sq ft. Dec 23 Contact   

e 19281 USA : I have to place a bid in New York City . They are looking for Limestone in 50 pound Burlap Bags Stones. Must be 2-1/2" or larger. Is there anyone in my local area that can help me find this exact product and I need 300, 50 pound bags.  Tel: 718-98.....Dec 21 Contact 


e 19269 USA : Any idea where I could source Palo Gold Granite? Please email contact, price, color picture of stone. Phone: 937-43..... Dec 21 Contact

e 19266 USA : Need Azul Platino, 30 pcs, 5' x 10'.6" = 50s/f., pay with cash. Would like to buy in-country if possible. I am ready to buy NOW! To finalize I will need price (shipping included) and lead time. Would like to finalize purchase A.S.A.P. *THIS REQUEST IS TO FINISH SUPPLY FOR ONE TOWER/COMPLETE PROJECT TOTAL OF FOUR TOWERS WILL BE BUILT. Tel: 702-64......Dec 20 Contact

e 19255 USA : We are in immediate need of small quantities of basalt slabs (100 - 200 sq feet). They must be dark grey to black in color and in the following thicknesses: 2 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm. Slabs should be either saw finish or honed finish. Slab size is not important as most of the stone will be cut to smaller than 12" x 12" for the finished products at our facility. We will require a sample and upon approval, will be ready for immediate purchase. We would prefer prices for 100 square feet of each thickness product delivered to Arlington , Texas . Tel: 817-89.....Dec 19 Contact

e 19252 USA : We are interested in distributorship opportunities for products displayed in supplier profile sp0493-us. Tel: 469-95......Dec 18 Contact  

e 19236 USA : We are interested in importing some marbles from Spain . Dec 17 Contact 

e 19235 USA : I was interested in your bridge cutter. Dec 16 Contact   


e 19229 USA : In need of six slabs of blue bahia. Dec 16 Contact

e 19224 USA : Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in Komatsu D155A-1. My phone no. is 808 52......Dec 15 Contact   

e 19220 USA : Please quote for Black granite tiles and Black galaxy tiles. Dec 15 Contact

e 19217 USA : Please inform of the suppliers of onyx and what type of inventories are available. Dec 15 Contact 

e 19216 USA : We would like to purchase: 
50 125 mm 5" Turbo Blade, 22.23 inner dia, 2.4 thickness of teeth, height of teeth 7, body thickness 1.4, gradeAAAAA $3.33. 
50 125mm5" segment dry blade, 22.23 inner dia, 1.8/2.0 thickness of teeth, height of teeth 7, body thickness 1.2/1.4 gradeAAAAA $4.11 
How much is freight air freight to Seattle Washington USA , and how quick can it get here? How do we pay? My cell phone is 71438.....Dec 15 Contact   

e19201 USA : Please email with quote of carrara window sill 6 and 5 inches wide and 36, 52, 54, 56, 74 long by 5/8 carrara white and any beige solid not travertine. Tel: 1342 69.....Dec 14 Contact

e19198 USA : I would like to know if we can get granite in 0.75 inch thickness. The sizes are 7 x 3 feet (1 piece), 2 x6 feet (3 pieces). I am interested in Multicolor or Vyara. Could I know what sort of finish is available and the price. I am looking for one piece of 7x3 ft, and three pieces of 2x6 feet in either the Multicolor or Vyara granite in 0.75 inch thickness.  Phone: 573-88.....Dec 14 Contact  

e19196 USA : I am an interior designer. Email me relevant information about Thasos marble coloration, consistency, different types or variations, uses, types of sealers, grades of, etc. Dec 13 Contact

e19195 USA: We are currently looking for 2 gang saws with a minimum of 40 blades @ 3/4" at this point our budget is fairly open. We are  looking for used equipment. Tel: 1-800-30.....Dec 13 Contact  

e19193 USA : I am looking for commercial quantity granite other than my current supplier. Large pieces: 5 x 10 or larger if possible. Tel: 616-88......  Dec 13 Contact  

e19192 USA :  I am looking for cutting equipment for large granite. Over 10 foot cutting. (Commercial use). Dec 13 Contact

e 19181 USA : We need tourmaline powder. We want the powder to go to Shangahi to our factory. We only need a small quantity, maybe 10kg.  Dec 13 Contact  

e19179 USA : I am biding on a project that requires your marble. This project is located in New York City . The materials need is your Bianco Carrara Mosaic 3cm x 3cm, marble saddles, and 3/4 inch slab for vanity tops . I would like to buy this materials direct from you so I can keep the price down for two reasons, one I do not want the owners to go with another product like a ceramic tile that looks like your Carrara they all ready have an look alike option for the floors, second I would like to get this project and keep my price down. This project has 420 bathrooms. 
The amount of Mosaic needed is approximately 53,800 square feet or 5000 metro quadrato. Also I may need an additional of Mosaic 13,000 square feet or 1200 metro quadrato for the floors. They may use something different. The amount of 3/4 inch slab is approximately 16,140 square feet or 1500 metro quadrato. The amount of saddles needed is approximately 450 pieces 36 inch x 5 inch two bevel. All marble with Honed finishes. Please provide me with prices per square feet or metro quadrato. Please provide me with how long it will take to get the this materials. Also please provide shipping pricing and amount of materials that can fit per containers or direct me to a shipping company. Cell 917 44..... Dec 12 Contact   

e19177 USA : I am looking for the following (if not by this name an cross-over information): 
1. Giallo Crystal
2. Romeo
3. White Spring
This is rather urgent. Direct: 503.60.....Dec 12 Contact

e19174 USA : Please quote for quartz and fledspar as displayed in Ready Stock 461. Ph: 858-23......Dec 12 Contact

e19173 USA : Please quote for Black Galaxy slabs as displayed in Ready Stock 452. Ph: 858-23......Dec 12 Contact

e19169 USA : Need price and pictures of columns and granite slabs. Tel: 140731.....Dec 12 Contact

e19167 USA : I am interested in purchasing granite and marble slabs, I do fabrication and installations in the Savannah area. Please mail or fax me a price list. Tel: (912) 92.....Dec 12 Contact  

e19162 USA : Looking for an Brazilian supplier for Granite slabs. Tel: 84367...... Dec 11 Contact   

e19160 USA : We are currently looking for 2 gang saws with a minimum of 40 blades @ ¾”. With a cutting height of 6’ – 7’ & a cutting length of 8’ – 9’. We are hoping to stay in the 40 – 65 thousand $ range. We are located in California but saws to be ship to our plant in Mexico . Dec 10 Contact   

e19157 USA :  I want to buy around 80 tons of Red Rock Canyon building stone for a residential house. DO you know a quarry that carries that?  Tel: 847 69......Dec 10 Contact 

e19155 USA : I am searching for a 1995 Kobelco SK60 or newer. The machine must be in great condition and have 1500 hours or less on the hour meter. Dec 10 Contact 

e19154 USA : I am interested in a Capri limestone from Portugal sink for a guest bathroom in my house. Dec 10 Contact 

e19147 USA : Please quote for Bavelloni 320-3 or other used CNC Centers. Dec 9 Contact   

e19145 USA : Please quote for 1 container of Black Galaxy. Can you please let me know what type of price and what deal you have for Granite and Marble Slab ¾” or 1 ¼”. We FL 33404. Tel +1-888-43.....Dec 9 Contact   

e19143 USA : I am interested in soapstone slabs for countertops. Please contact. Dec 8 Contact 

e19140 USA : Please find the attached file for the stones that I need for Hawaii . We need for now 600 sq ft, end of January, pls inform of your prices, shipping cost, sea, bank details terms etc.  You can call me on 62-3674......Dec 8 Contact   

e19139 USA : Earthmoving Machine: WANT TO BUY WHEEL LOADERS, BULL DOZERS, BOMAG. WE ARE IN TEXAS . TEL. NO. IS 713-77......Dec 8 Contact   

e19135 USA : Would love to hear more about the Naxos white, semi-white, delifi white and Limenas thassos white. Dec 8 Contact 

e19134 USA: Looking for a supplier, preferably in the USA, who can provide ultra thin marble tiles measuring 12 inch x 12 inch x 1/4"+/- thin or even thinner. Colors requested are Crema Marfil Select/Ivory, Emperador Light/Dark, Inca Gold, Giallo Reale, Rojo Alicante. Each color of stone will be purchased in crates at a time. Need material immediately. Tel: 714-28.....Dec 7 Contact   

e19124 USA : Please tell me where I can purchase Perlatino Royal or Perlatino Blue marble tile. My cell phone number is (562)86.....I need about 30 sq feet 12x12 tile pieces. I am located in Southern California . Dec 7 Contact 

e19123 USA : I am interested in purchasing cut to size, polished granite units with bullnose on all four sides. Dimensions are: 26" x 50" as well as 26" x 26". Color: Absolute black. I would like to know the minimum order, as well as shipping costs. These will be used as surfaces for kitchen islands. Also, how can I get samples? Dec 7 Contact   

e19122 USA : I am looking granite from India chima pink- star galaxy –black pearl and from china long life red- z c rose red. Size is 12 x 12. Will buy mix or one kind 5000 sq.ft. Please send cost per sq. ft for 2000 to 7000. Dec 7 Contact   

e19121 USA : We are interested in a quote for a 30" X 48" Polished limestone slab, do you do edges on them? Dec 7 Contact   

e19120 USA : Looking for a supplier in USA for Afyon white 12x12. Phone: (214) 30.....Dec 7 Contact  

e19116 USA: Interested in Santa Cecilia Granite. I am in Seattle . Can you give me a pricing? Phone is 206 38.....Dec 6 Contact   

e19105 USA : Please quote for beach pebbles as displayed in ready stock 511. Dec 6 Contact

e19097 USA : I am in desperate need of a USED DIAMOND BRIDGE SAW....10 to 12 ft., SLABS TO COUNTERTOP...Power Gantry, Laser Light, Digital, Pendant Control, Preferred Tilting Turntable/ will settle for Standard, 10 to 15 hp motor......NEEDED ASAP!!!! Tel: 865-57......Dec 6 Contact  

e19090 USA : Please quote for Brazilian granite as displayed in pricelist 1252 and 619. Dec 5 Contact  

e19089 USA : We are based in California and we are interested in Chinese granites. Please send catalogs. Tel. 760-94.....Dec 5 Contact  

e19087 USA : Do you make 1 ½” granite counter tops? My orders will be specials on one pc sets. That is I will have one stone for one set for one kitchen same as for the bathroom. Dec 5 Contact

e19085 USA : Please quote for granite panels as displayed in ready stock 394. Tel: 203-41.....Dec 5 Contact  

e19080 USA : Attached is the picture of Mahogney Quartz granite I am looking for. This can be either from Brazil or Iran . I am looking for some 7000 sq ft of this granite. Tel: 203 57.....Dec 5 Contact

e19078 USA : Interested in finding a wholesaler who sells natural, raw pumice stones in CA. Dec 5 Contact  

e19076 USA : I am looking for a caterpillar 950 E 1988-1990, price range $40,000 to $48,000 please send a quote. My tel: 1-718-28......Dec 5 Contact  

e19070 USA : I am looking for a granite stone inspector / specialist, in and around Santa Cruz county California. With a lot of years of experience in the business of granite stone products. I need him or her to take a look at a granite countertop and wall in the kitchen. The granite is darker after been used for cooking food for a family of 5. And was normal cleaned after using the stove but the stain is still there. I rented a house and the owner say’s it was properly sealed. But after using it, it started to stained. She wants me to replace the countertop, and find me responsible for the stained. I think that the fault is the material. I don’t know if it is real granite or if it was properly sealed. That’s why I am in need of a granite inspector or specialist. Dec 4 Contact   

e19068 USA : I am looking for a large boulder (2-3 feet high) for use as a grave marker. It must be a hard stone- like granite (no sandstone). Dec 4 Contact   

e19064 USA : Please quote for Turkish travertine 1,000 sqft delivered to Dallas Texas , USA . 972-2......Dec 3  Contact  

e19063 USA : Would like to purchase Indian slate as displayed in ready stock 457 of findstone.com. Tel: 972-22.....Dec 2 Contact  

e19062 USA : I would like to buy pumice stones the size of oranges. My tel. no. is 701.77.....Dec 2 Contact  


e 19053 USA : I am a Retail Buyer needing a Quartz type material (maybe it is quartz—looks like it) that has been called GOLDLEAF. It comes in medium to larger pcs (2 sf ft to 6 sf ft) that might mimic flagstone pavers but this material is much, much stronger. I’m using it for facing stones and more predominantly paving stones for patios and walk ways, on top of concrete and soil.  
I need about 3000 more sq ft, and a ton will do about 150 sq ft at 1-inch thick pcs. I’ve had this material come in at about 2000lbs per pallet or about 300 sq ft per pallet. Therefore, I might need about 9 or 10 pallets at this rate. Might take more for future plans. 
I’ve paid about $.25 a lb for this material delivered to ZIP CODE 94020. I’ve come to understand that the quarry it comes from might shut down during the Winter, and I’ve also heard some people say that they think it comes from Idaho or Montana ; don’t know for sure. I’ve seen some material very similar to this that was labeled Chinese Quartz, and one time I was told that it was stuck on a boat that was waiting “clearance” by customs inspectors after the 9/11 disaster. Again, I do not know the true identity, name or identity of this material other than to describe it as “very quartz” looking, somewhat translucent at times but significantly veined with dark orange markings, suggestive of oxidized iron. It is quite striking when wetted, and it seems to have enough stratification to it that slaps can be “separated” out of its original state. Again, the slabs/pcs are about 1-inch thick but can vary about ¼ of an inch to as much as ½ thicker; at least that is what I have received in the past. My phone number is: 650-74......Dec 1 Contact

e 19048 USA : We are a fabricator in upstate New York , interested in bringing in several containers of 3cm Indian granite as per ready stock 240. We are looking for all colors, we like to have stock of less popular stones (the kind of stuff that clients won't see in home depot). Granites, quartzites, limestones, schists, etc. We are adding 8000 square feet to our yard, so we are looking for exporters who can provide a diverse supply of mixed continers. Tel 845-62.....Dec 1 Contact

e 19047 USA : Please quote for Giallo Santa Cecilia granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 551. Tel: 888-43...... Dec 1 Contact  

e 19037 USA : Can you please help me find 1300 sq.ft traventine stone in the Miami area. Tel: 786-85...... Dec 1 Contact  

e 19036 USA : I would like to purchase machinery for my shop. Tel: 78090..... Dec 1 Contact

e 19030 USA : Looking for Ming Green. I am in Philadelphia , phone 215-59.....Nov 30 Contact

e 19028 USA : How can I get a sample of Travertine Alabastrino. We are looking for @ 1600 square feet.  My telephone is 850-39.....Nov 30 Contact  


e 19024 USA : I am located in Florida . I am looking for a ton of green or motled green, brown soapstone. I am willing to pick it up. If so how much for a ton? I would like to carve it, so anything from five pounds on up will do. Phone no. 727-85.....Nov 29 Contact 

e 19017 USA : Looking for rajah multicolor, 12x12, gauged, 720 sqft. Nov 29 Contact 

e 19016 USA : I am looking for a Serpentine Green Stone and base. All Polished Sides, Size should be 7-8" thick 36" Long 16-18" High, Base: 42" Long 12" wide. Tel: 717 44.....Nov 29 Contact   

e 19015 USA : I am developing a garden design for a private residence and wish to use pietra serena for pathways and steps. How might I obtain a sample of this material? Tel: 864.22.....Nov 28 Contact   

e 19006 USA: I have a garden center in Arizona. I am interested in importing merchandise for our store. We sell garden supplies and accessories. I will be coming to India in February 2006 and might be interested to see what you might have as fare and pottery, garden furniture, statues, and outdoor living supplies. Please let me know if you have other merchandise you have and if you are experienced with shipping to the United States . Cell : 928-30.....Nov 28 Contact   

e 19004 USA : I am a granite countertop supplier in Wisconsin , USA looking to place an order for a full container of granite. In regards to pricelist #807, granite slabs Brazil . Could I please get a quote for Santa Cecilia Gold and pictures of all your granite? Can you fabricate the slabs to backsplash pieces to 2cm x 4 inches x 96 inches with one side polished and slabs cut 3cm thick x 26 inch width (full length of slab) with front side polished with a straight edge? Please let me know what shipping charges would be. Business phone: 715-23.....Nov 28 Contact   

e 19001 USA : Need a bid for a absolute black monument 8 foot high 7 foot wide and 8" inches thick. Need price, freight, insurance, and need someone to etch 45-50 letters plus 8 symbols. This monument needs to be a polished "5". Tel: 636-56.....Nov 28 Contact 

e 19000 USA : I need 250 SF (25 m2) of granite tiles of AMAZON BLUE/BLUE CARMEL any size over 12x12 either 3/8” or ½” thick. The larger the better. Project is in San Diego CA USA . Nov 27 Contact   

e 18999 USA : What would be the cost of tiles or slabs of any size of Absolute Black Granite? Do you ship to the United States Midwest around Chicago ? Also, what product would stain grey grout to match the color of Absolute Black Granite? We are seeking large quantities for construction and new model homes. Nov 27 Contact   

e 18998 USA : I am looking for supplier for Brazilian granite in Brazil to furnish 3cm slabs. I found price list 619 interesting. Tel: 84367.....Nov 27 Contact   

e 18997 USA : I would like to get a quote on 3 cm Madura Gold, Uba Tuba, Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Giallo Valenziano granite slabs of the following in commercial and first quality. Also, the quantity is for full containers of each to be shipped to Miami and ETA if available.  Cell 305 72.....  Nov 27 Contact 

e 18994 USA : I would like to purchase a container of monuments as displayed in pricelist 271. Please contact me at 1-423-62.....Nov 26 Contact   

e 18992 USA : I am searching for travertine, alabastrino honed and filled 18 x 18. Nov 26 Contact 

e 18991 USA : Want to buy Slate floor tile, rajah multicolor, guaged, 12x12. Would buy from NE USA or Overseas if shipping is quoted. 760 sqft +/- depending on pallet sizes. Phone number 413-24..... Nov 25 Contact   

e 18986 USA : Looking for Desert Brown 2 cm full bullnose Prefabricated Counters and islands. My price range 100-200 USD per counter. I can order in 2-4 weeks. I am in Idaho , tel. no. is 208-88......Nov 25 Contact   

e 18976 USA: Do you sell or can I get the name of a company in Greece that sells "stone" that kind that are used to build old Byzantine churches with the red slate roofs???? We are thinking of building a Greek Orthodox church in the U.S. using "old stone" from Greece . My phone number is 301-69.....Nov 24 Contact  

e 18974 USA : Looking for Calacatta White marble tile 24”x24”, approximately: 400 sq.ft. I am in MD. Phone: 410 95.....Nov 24 Contact  

e 18972 USA : Please quote for Bridgesaw ZDCQ. Tel: 203 41.....Nov 23 Contact 

e 18971 USA : What would be the price of 18 x 18 honed walnut travertine? Nov 23 Contact

e 18968 USA : I need quotes for best quality on all colors available for travertine on cross cut honed field and cross cut polished field. Need 4 - 10 container per month. CELL : 843 68.....Nov 23 Contact 

e 18967 USA : Please quote for Spanish marble and granite. Nov 23 Contact 

e 18966 USA : Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 1152. Tel: 818-60.....  Nov 23 Contact 

e 18965 USA : Looking for used limestone blocks as displayed in ready stock 490.  Nov 23 Contact   

e 18963 USA : We are looking for Blue Marinache slabs in the NY NJ area. Nov 22 Contact   

e 18962 USA : I am interested in purchasing 4 fireplaces and 1 bathtub. All in white marble. classical style. Can you please send me some photos of what might be available and also how much they will cost total including shipping to NY? Nov 22 Contact   

e 18957 USA : Please email info and colors for Travertine 18x18, honed and filled. Nov 22 Contact   

e 18954 USA : Need 190 sq m. green ubatuba 3 cm and 190 sq m. santa cecilia (yellow) 3cm from Brazil . Phone: 202-25.....Nov 22 Contact   

e 18953 USA : We need ex-stock vanities in G682 in United States . I need about 150 vanities. size 24"x 60". Any edge is ok. We want this material URGENTLY. Anyone has it ex-stock.. please quote. Nov 22 Contact   

e 18952 USA : Interested in Spanish marble and granite. Nov 22 Contact   

e 18950 USA : Please more information for the two "Spring Rose, and An-An" Limestone you furnish. We need to know FOB price. Nov 21 Contact 

e 18941 USA : I am looking for a limestone, Petit Fossil, (a charcoal grey). How much does it cost? Tel: (713) 52.....Nov 19 Contact   

e 18933 USA : The furniture retailer that I work for is interested in petrified wood end tables to showcase in their furniture showroom. Please quote. Nov 19 Contact

e 18931 USA : Looking for a bridge saw. 253-85.....Nov 19 Contact

e 18930 USA : Please quote for CAT 627B Scraper and CHAMPION 760 Grader as displayed in ready stock 476. Tel. no. is 701-43..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18929 USA : Can you please send price for #A0007 Sand stone carved window 72"x48" x 18". Tel: 786 48..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18928 USA : I import polished tiles from Brazil and I am interested in importing pre-fabricated countertop slabs also. The supplier I use now only processes a limited selection of colors. I am interested in many of the exotic colors you had listed on findstone. PH 001 503 23..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18923 USA : I am looking for a product that has an appearance of a soapstone - it is green in color (through out) and I was told it was a "German Green Stone". I am looking for 3' x 30' and if possible a 4' x 8' of not then a it will be 3' x 38'. Tel: 425.39..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18920 USA : I am interest in 1000 sf of travertine 24x24. I would like to have a pictures of the following:
Light Trv. (Acid Brush Chiseled Edge) 24x24
Yellow Trv. (Acid Brush Chiseled Edge) 
Noce Trv. (Acid Brush Chiseled Edge)
Is possible eventually have it in rectangular shape and how much will be the shipping for L.A. CA ? Nov 18 Contact 

e 18919 USA : I would like to inquire about availability, direct from quarry or local source, for full range Pennslvania Bluestone or Fieldstone, in an ashlar pattern, for application on an exterior wall for a residence. We are architects in FL. Tel: 561 27.....Nov 18 Contact 

e 18918 USA : I have a client looking for a granite bridge saw that can cut a 12'x12' , 3" thick granite slab. Tel: 360-42..... Nov 18 Contact 

e 18915 USA : I would like a quote for Brazilian granite slabs as displayed in price list #1152. Tel: (602)-42.....Nov 17 Contact

e 18910 USA : I am looking to buy ten granite countertops 30mm. 1 finished edge on three sides. Will consider any minimum order  requirements. Colors need to closely resemble Uba Tuba and Tan Brown or Baltic Brown, order split between green and brown. Please provide shipping estimate to Jacksonville , Florida , USA . Ready for immediate purchase. Tel: (904)28...... Nov 17 Contact

e 18905 USA : We are one of the construction company in Guam . We have a requirements of BLACK AND BROWN LAVA TILES. Can you supply/fax us the specifications, pricelist (including delivery from port to port and taxes). What is the minimum quantity you delivered? Sizes of lava tiles as follows: 15cmx30cmx10mm, 20cmx20cmx10mm, 20cmx30cmx10mm. Tel no. (671)47......Nov 17 Contact 

e 18904 USA : Looking for a supplier to furnish slabs and tiles! Looking through Findstone.com, I came across pricelist 916. I would like to purchase all the samples at my expense. Also need to know if they have all in stock and can I mix different color slabs on 2 containers for the first order? Interested in 3cm granite and marble slabs for the samples. Tel: 843-67..... Nov 17 Contact 

e 18900 USA : Do you have any idea how I can find some experienced fabricators. I am in desperate need for several in Tampa Florida ?  Phone number 727-42..... Nov 16 Contact

e 18898 USA : We operate a large retail hardscape and landscape supply yard in Minnesota . We are interested in Moss Boulders, flagstones as displayed in pricelist 643. Nov 16 Contact

e 18897 USA : We are opening a distribution warehouse and showroom in Pennsylvania . Please send me all product info and pricing on Spanish marbles and granite, so that we can offer to our customers. Tel: 888-43.....Nov 16 Contact

e 18895 USA : I am interested in Sales / Marketing representation of Spanish marble and granite in the SE United States market place. I am in 
Fort Lauderdale , Florida , Phone: 954-52.....Nov 16 Contact

e 18894 USA : I am looking for a pair of Gray Granite Steps, 18"D x 96"W x 6 or 7"H . Would like edges to be 'rock face' and the top surface to be textured for traction. Please furnish price for material and delivery price - I may be able to have my landscaper pick up. Tel: 207 33.....Nov 16 Contact

e 18892 USA : I am planning in opening a marble and granite store (to install) I need to know the prices of different equipment such as polishing machine, cutting machine. If you would please send me a quote along with catalogs and how the equipment works. My number is 904-29......Nov 16 Contact

e 18890 USA : I am looking for a local dealer of decomposed gray color granite I am located in Oak View Ca. I would like a supplier near where I am located. You also contact me at (805) 64.....Nov 16 Contact

e18885 USA : I am looking for a stone to use for counters called Petit Fossil. It is a marble. Do you carry this? Tel: (713) 52.....  Nov 15 Contact

e 18883 USA : I am looking for 1000 sq ft of 12 in x 24in x 3/8 or 3/4 thick pietra cardosa.  Contact 415-27.....Nov 15 Contact  

e 18881 USA : I am an architect looking for a reliable source of cantera stone for a project in the Woodlands Texas. The two types of cantera I am looking for are Cafe Terracotta and Luxor . I need to get three 8x8 pieces of this stone for sample boards. Bus: 212.67.....Nov 15 Contact

e 18874 USA : Please quote for red or Yellow granite slabs. Do you have photos?  Nov 14 Contact

e 18868 USA : I am interested in your galaxy black granite. Please give me a price list for slabs as well as tile. I am also interested in slabs with a finish already included, and a quote on the chair-rail finish. Tel: 718-90..... Nov 13 Contact 

e 18866 USA : I would be interested to know the cost of a birdbath delivered to New Jersey , USA , and the specs. Do you have a brochure of birdbaths? My phone # is 732-57.....Nov 13 Contact

e 18857 USA: Please quote for granite countertops in 2cm thickness with 4cm full bullnosed edges in the sizes: 
25.5"x96" with 3 edges bullnosed (2 short sides and 1 long side)
36"x96" with all 4 edges bullnosed
42"x76" with all 4 edges bullnosed
Colors: Santa Cecelia, Tropic Brown, Black Absolute, China Green, Tan Brown, Marigold (from Northern India), Royal Cream (from Northern India), Kashmir Gold, Black Galaxy, Giallo Fiorito, Ubatuba, G682, Oro Brazil, Labrador Antico, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl. Nov 11 Contact 

e 18854 USA : We are a stone importer in California , USA . We are interested to know more about your products; ex: pre-fabricated granite kitchen counter tops. We would appreciate any information such as catalogs and pricing also. Tel: 949-95.....Nov 10 Contact 

e 18837 USA : I am looking for Golden Gate Quartzite tile size 12" x 24", 1200 square feet. I need to get this asap do you know of any suppliers in the united states or what is your lead time on shipping. If you do not have some already cut do you have something that I can. Tel: 303-34......Nov 9 Contact 

e 18836 USA : I am interested in WHITE ANDROMEDA GRANITE. Please let me know where I can obtain this in my area ( Scarsdale , New York , 10583 ).  Nov 9 Contact

e 18835 USA : We are interested in purchasing some Caliza Capri Honed Spanish Marble tile. We are in need of your supplier's name and phone number or, if you are the ones who we need to order from would you please contact us. We need to get this ordered for a project. 
Phone--515-24......Nov 8 Contact

e 18834 USA : I am looking for machine to cut tombstone slabs out of quartz. phone 304 26..... Nov 8 Contact

e 18827 USA : I am interested in an old stone trough, either semi-circular (2-3' radius) or rectangular (perhaps 5' X 2' or 2-3' long by 1' wide), the type that might have been used to water animals or as some sort of garden fountain. Any idea who might have one of these or be able to fabricate one that might look antique? Cell: (201) 52......Nov 8 Contact

e 18824 USA : Please quote for Caliza Capri Spanish marble tile. Looking for a supplier in USA . Phone no. is (515) 24.....Nov 7 Contact

e 18815 USA : Please contact me at 516-42..... interference to 3/4" Botticino Classico Slabs. Nov 7 Contact  

e 18813 USA : In searching for larger Volga Blue granite tiles. I'm interested in Volga Blue and Spectrolite. Can I get a sample of each? 
I am in MI. I'll need 73 square feet for the project I'm working on. Price range or budget: Listed prices were $10.60/sq ft for Spectrolite and $12.30/sq ft for Volga Blue. Please provide estimated total cost for 73 sq ft delivered for each. Nov 7 Contact 


e 18806 USA : We are looking for a large (7 foot) granite rock/fountain for our reception area. Any ideas for where to look in the GA/SC/TN area? We saw a Mizubachi style that was perfect in NM. Nov 5 Contact   

e 18805 USA : We have a client that is interested in buying Corian Countertop Substitute. Can you give me some details as to the types of materials, for counter tops, you provide? Phone: (516) 79...... Nov 5 Contact 

e 18803 USA : I would like to know the prices for slate. I want to purchase in containers. Tel: 210-69.....Nov 4 Contact 

e 18798 USA : I am looking for Granite Excavating Machinery. Nov 4 Contact   

e 18792 USA : I am looking to stock BLACK GRANITE CHIPS for ground cover. I am located in Central Florida . My phone # 352-72.....Nov 3 Contact 

e 18791 USA : Looking to find a slab of 3/4" Borino Beige Honed. Also looking for Arasbescato Oro Polished. Looking for 1 slab each. We are located on Long Island , New York . Tel. 631-84.....Nov 3 Contact 

e 18785 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Komatsu D155. I am in NJ. Tel#:856-48.....Nov 1 Contact 


e 18781 USA: I am a builder / wholesaler interested in purchasing 1500 to 3000 Sq ft of 18x18 honed and filled Turkish Denizli or similar light beige travertine. I will need the materials in 3 weeks. I am located in Portland, Oregon-97229. Please quote prices and shipping cost. If prices are reasonable then we could order larger quantities. Nov 1 Contact   

e 18777 USA :  Landscape: We are looking to buy washed river rock from a quarry to do floors with. This would be available by color. We already have received prices from distributors. We are looking at buying large quantities. Tel: 330-65.....Oct 31 Contact 

e 18774 USA : I am interested in buying travertine for my floor for my apartment. I wanted to know the difference in quality of travertine from Italy and Turkey . I am looking for light beige travertine 24 x 24 inches. I live on Miami Beach and my phone number is 305-77...... I am looking for about 900 square feet. Oct 31 Contact

e 18771 USA : I am looking to purchase a cut slant headstone out of Georgia gray or any light gray. The size I want to be 24" 10" 16" and the front and back to be polished. This is a single size headstone slant no base. I will be having it engraved and sandblasted myself.  Oct 31 Contact

e 18766 USA : Earthmoving Machine: We are in New Jersey and we are looking for some 1985 to 1995 Komatsu D155. Oct 30 Contac 

e 18760 USA : I am very interested in the Egypt Imperial purple red porphyry. I would like to get prices on slabs and also see pictures and prices of the objects made from the porphyry. Tel: 214-87.....Oct 29 Contact

e 18757 USA : I have a client who is looking for between 700 - 800 sf of New Imperial Red Granite tiles to be shipped immediately to my location. Tel: 401-94......Oct 28 Contact

e 18754 USA : Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble. Oct 28 Contact

e 18746 USA : I am in search of some g654 granite slab 3 cm. Tel: 631.29.....Oct 28 Contact

e 18745 USA : Please contact me regarding beach pebble. I'm looking for a supplier for our bulk landscape supplies company. We carry everything from bark, compost, fertilizers, and aggregates. We are located in Bakersfield , California . The phone number is 661-85.....Oct 28 Contact

e 18743 USA : I need a monument made in Serpentine (Green) Standard size width 22" x 8" x 30". Rough or Smooth. Oct 28 Contact  

e 18742 USA : Please send me information on prices for granite / marble containers. Tel: 718-36..... Oct 27 Contact

e 18736 USA : I have interest in importing a container load of prefab granite countertops, tiles (305x305 mm and 458x458 mm) and precut slab (763x2440 mm) and prefab bullnosed countertops of size (647x2440 mm). Can you please quote for these? I am not interested in black or gray granite. Oct 27 Contact  

e 18734 USA : I am interested in pumice stones anywhere from the size of a quarter to a 50 cent piece. I live in CA. I am looking for a couple of pounds to start with. Oct 27 Contact  

e 18732 USA : Please quote for stone excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Oct 27 Contact  

e 18731 USA : Very interested in purchasing Persian materials in 3cm slabs: verde karzai, verde oro, golden musk and other exotic granites. Looking for container quantities. Tel: +1-781-72.....Oct 27 Contact

e 18730 USA : Please quote for block quarrying machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Tel. no. is 678-98.....Oct 26 Contact

e 18725 USA : I am seeking price quotes for industrial diamond powder from India in the following mesh sizes (if such data is available): 45/50,50/60 and 60/70. Oct 26 Contact

e 18722 USA : Looking for supplier for durango stone for pool coping. Tel: 1-888-33.....Oct 25 Contact

e 18711 USA : I am looking for granite tile with a flame finish. The color I would like is Manchester Red. The quantity needed is approximately 800 square feet. Phone no. is 402-39.....Oct 24 Contact

e 18710 USA : We are was looking for Verde Aquamarine marble  in 3CM. Tel. no. is 231-43..... Oct 24 Contact  

e 18706 USA : I am interested in a larger bridge saw and pricing. Oct 24 Contact 

e 18703 USA : Please quote for a concrete tile plant as displayed in ready stock 336. Oct 24 Contact  

e 18698 USA : Need multiple containers of granite tiles 12x12x3/8" and 18x26"x1/2" from Brazil , China , Italy , Brazil , India . I import many containers each month. I am looking for high quality producers of granite tiles with competitive pricing. I am especially looking currently for a quality granite tile producer from Brazil . I need to be provided with specific information about the production equipment of the factory and the various colors of granite tiles they process. Once I am convinced the factory is a high quality producer and we can work out the pricing I will place orders. Tel. no. 503 23.....Oct 23 Contact 

e 18696 USA : We are looking for quantity of Crema Marfil and China Green for our contract job in various sizes. Please make contact with us so we can send detail info for quote. Tel: +1-408-43.....Oct 23 Contact 

e 18682 USA : Please send an email with updated granite information on granite slab pricing, availability, shipping info, etc. We are a fabricator in the mid west and are looking for reliable sources of granite for the home building industry. Oct 21 Contact 

e 18679 USA : Do you know of a source for bulk decomposed granite? Oct 21 Contact   

e 18670 USA : Looking for limestone countertops in the Washington , D.C. area. Tel. no. is 703 44.....Oct 21 Contact 

e 18669 USA : I am a retailer of fine flooring in Havertown , PA. I have a customer looking for 3000 sq ft of gray Peruvian Sandstone. Tel. no. is 610-44.....Oct 21 Contact 

e 18663 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me full details regarding the Caterpillar 824C and the 834B. Also, please send photos and a location for inspection. We will inspect immediately. I am very interested. Tel. 402.20.....Oct 20 Contact   

e 18662 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please send full details and location of the Sterling and Peterbuilt trucks. Oct 20 Contact   

e 18658 USA : Please quote with image for sabbioso granite. I am in MA. Phone: 781.27......Oct 20 Contact   

e 18655 USA : Would like a fabricators and installer for the area. We are located in Waldorf, Md. We'd love to have a granite counter installed in our kitchen. Our telephone number is 301-37.....Oct 20 Contact 

e 18651 USA : I need 4 tropical green prefabricated 9'x26" countertops and a 4'x 5' center island (if available) for immediate delivery in the greater Los Angeles , CA area. Please contact (626) 35......if you are able to supply. Oct 20 Contact   

e 18650 USA : Please quote with sample of polished Perlado. Tel no. is 501.83..... Oct 20 Contact  

e 18648 USA: I am looking for a good price on 12" x 12" x 1/8" Brazilian or Argentine marble tiles for new construction sites in the Gulf Coast area to be shipped via the Port of New Orleans. I require 5,000 sq. feet of anything similar to your Argentine Exstra and or Limay Mahulda, and Brazilian San Antonio. I am not interested in Italian or other very expensive marble, but I'll consider all types of marble tile for future shipments. Tel. no. is 985 89.....Oct 20 Contact 


e 18646 USA : Please quote for Hand Cut Maine Granite Steps, Pavers, Patio Blocks. Oct 19 Contact   

e 18645 USA : Do you have information on Nero Fantasy or Blue Martinica 3cm granite for kitchen countertops? I'm looking for pricing, a good photo and availability in St. Petersburg , Fla. Oct 19 Contact   

e 18643 USA : I am an architect currently looking for Lebanese limestones in a terracotta shade. We would like to have samples of these limestones. I am in NJ. Tel. 609 92.....Oct 19 Contact 

e 18642 USA : I am a builder in Atlanta and want a supplier for onyx table tops and counter tops. At present I want approx 6' round beveled dining room table and a counter top measuring approx 8'X6'. I also want a thinner version to put in the ceiling in sections of approx. 5'x8' I will need at least two of the ceiling pieces. Oct 19 Contact  

e 18639 USA : Looking into sandblasting machine for final inscriptions. Should be mobile, portable unit low in price. Phone number: 972-96.....Oct 19 Contact    

e 18636 USA : I am searching for a distributor in the Houston and surrounding areas that carry a floor gres italian porcelin bodied tiles. Oct 19 Contact   

e 18635 USA : I am a new contractor doing my first remodel. I am interested in getting some quotes on a small order of granite kitchen countertops. The location: Colorado, phone #: 970.72.....Quantity: 3 pieces: 52" x 25" (front and left side finished square, with approx. 30" sink basin hole cut out), 18" x 25" (front and right side finished square), and 52" x 32" (all sides finished square). Price range: hopefully below $2000, including freight. Stone name/type: absolute black granite, needed ASAP. Oct 19 Contact 

e 18634 USA : I am in need of 2 or 3 slabs of exotic yellow granite from Brazil . I would like to know if you have any on stock and how much it will cost. Tel: (805) 93.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18631 USA :  We have a client in Wisconsin (USA) who needs to locate a source for clear quartz sandstone, grains 2-6 mm in diameter. Our tel. no. is 860-87.....Oct 18 Contact   

e 18628 USA : I would like to discuss shipment of tiles to Ghana . Please contact me at 630-22.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18627 USA : We would like to know if you have marble stones, alabaster stones and limestone for carving. Looking to find these Stones in Kentucky , eastern W Virginia or Ohio . Oct 18 Contact 

e 18626 USA : I am a Granite fabricator and installer in USA . I have the ability to sell containers of Granite slabs at a quick pace. I have a large company, bridge saws and everything provable...I am looking for someone who is willing to work together by shipping containers of Granite to my yard on credit, I would be willing to sign a legal document protecting the supplier I feel if the price is right I could do a lot of business...I just did a deal with someone who sent me 2 containers (that's all he can handle) and I sold them to individual customers in 2 weeks...I also have people I know between LA and NY and Las Vegas who are looking for containers I feel I could do a good deal of business with the right person behind me. Oct 18 Contact   

e 18620 USA : Monuments: I would like to open my own memorial business and was wondering if you supply polished markers and slants; and if you do could I receive a price list or catalog. I am in NY 14812. Oct 17 Contact   

e 18617 USA : Looking for flagstones, please advise location and any info you have on lower level rock. Tel. No. is 713 51.....Oct 17 Contact   

e 18616 USA : Looking for a supplier of stone panels for wall cladding, flagstones, etc. Tel. No. 401 61.....Oct 17 Contact   

e 18613 USA : We are a paver manufacturer located in Hilton Head South Carolina. We currently carry and sell a lot of travertine but we are looking for a new supplier. We are interested in importing in large quantities. Tel: 843-78......Oct 16 Contact 

e 18611 USA : Looking for 1-2 slabs of Swedish Mahogany need ASAP. Tel. no. is 917-53.....Oct 16 Contact   

e 18610 USA : Please quote with addition info for a Bridgesaw. My office number is 703-75.....Oct 15 Contact 

e 18609 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Caterpillar as displayed in ready stock 546. Tel. 719-68.....Oct 15 Contact   


e 18603 USA : Interested in a container of crema marfil select polished 32"x32" tiles if available and 4 slabs of crema marfil, contact me at 917-69.....Oct 14 Contact   

e 18597 USA : I am looking for a wholesaler that can get a hold of Mexican Grey or Mexican Black Flagstone. Tel: 559-27.....Oct 13 Contact

e 18596 USA : Looking for a supplier of aggregates/marble chips. Our design studio produces a limited number of concrete counter tops annually and we have a tough time finding a decent supplier. Oct 13 Contact  

e 18590 USA : Would please price the bowl with code number 0019 - 0011, and the delivery time. I am in Raleigh , NC . tel. no. is 919-51.....Oct 12 Contact 

e 18584 USA : I am looking for tumbled Italian Marble Tile that has been coated for sublimation. Oct 12 Contact 

e 18583 USA : I am looking for 4000sf 24x24 Kota Brown Limestone/slate, 250sf 12x12 Red Travertine Polished. Tel: (626)79..... Oct 12 Contact 

e 18579 USA : Please quote for 18" x 18" Turkish Classico Travertine.  Oct 11 Contact   

e 18575 USA : I am searching for Abalone / Corian scraps to finish a bathroom project. Oct 11 Contact

e 18572 USA : Looking for 3-4 slabs (depending on size) of Egyptian Alabaster. Need one slab at least 90 inches long. Want a very dramatic patterning with rows of gold/caramel color alternated with white. Need ASAP to complete a bath project-vanity top and Jacuzzi surround. I am in NH. Cell-207-55..... Oct 10 Contact  

e 18570 USA : We are imports of marble and granite produces based in the USA . We are interested in Chinese granites. Tel: 860-73..... Oct 9 Contact

e 18566 USA : Sinks: What is the price of item # 0035-003 and item # 0035-006. What are their sizes, materials made of and shipping cost to Atlanta Georgia ? Oct 8 Contact

e 18561 USA : Please quote for ¾" Granite polished slabs CIF Los Angeles, CA, USA. We are interested in Absolute Black Granite ASAP. Oct 8 Contact

e 18560 USA : Please quote Tea Rose slab and tiles (18x18, 20x20, 24x24 in sqf) from Philippines and Zaria Red and Yellow Fantasy granite, 3cm slabs, FOB Nigeria . Kindly advise if you cut, edge and design for countertops. Please advise how many tiles are in a package. pls quote cost per unit tile with dimensions in sq ft (18x18, 20x20, 24x24). We are looking for stone tiles such as travertine, porcelaine, ceramic and limestone for export to Nigeria , West Africa . Dimension are 18x18 sqf, 20x20 sqf, 24x24 sqf. Pls quote per unit tile slab FOB Philipines or elsewhere. Also state quantity per 20' container with total $ amount.  We have a local US office in OK. Tel. 580-58..... Oct 8 Contact

e 18525 USA : I am interested in White gravel, Ivory Gravel. @ USD 160/Ton. What does it cost to ship 6 yards to Newburyport , MA . Cell 1-978-20.... Sept 30 Contact 

e 18521 USA: We are in need of 12,000 square feet of roof tiles made of slate, with holes already for nails. We prefer multi colored tiles. Can you offer us some possible available products? Tel. no. is 718 31.....Sept 30 Contact 

e 18520 USA: We are looking for about 250 sq ft of the blue pearl GT floor tile 12 x 12 or 18 x 18. I would like the blue pearl that is lighter in color, I think it's called "GT". Sept 30 Contact   

e 18519 USA : We are looking for a supplier of travertine tile from Torreon and/or Durango . We are currently a wholesale distributorship branching out, specifically with this material in mind. We are looking to purchase up to 10 containers a month of travertine that is honed, filled, tumbled and/or chiseled for an assortment of sheet mosaics, listelles, and trim pieces. We are willing to come to Mexico and visit the factory. 
If there are any suppliers aside from the one listed above that meet these requirements, please contact me with this information. We would also appreciate pricing information and quantity per month availability. Sept 30 Contact 

e 18518 USA : Please quote for Indian Sandstone, slate, green marble. I am a supplier based in Ohio My tel. no. is 419 86..... Sept 29 Contact 

e 18511 USA : I need "Mexican Beach Sand" it is a fine black pebble, need it NOW... 303-41.....Sept 28 Contact  

e 18510 USA : I am in San Diego and looking for a 48" travertine/marble medallion. Am installing 18 x 18 travertine tile. Tel: 858 60.....Sept 27 Contact   

e 18507 USA: I am an Independent broker looking a granite source. Please send me a price list for tile, countertops, vanities, and please let me know where they will be shipped from. Sept 27 Contact  

e 18502 USA: We are located in northern Virginia and looking for used bridge saw ASAP. Could you tell us prices, delivery time? Tel:703-59.....Sept 26 Contact  

e 18501 USA: Can you tell me where I might find okalahoma fieldstone and rocks? Sept 26 Contact  

e 18498 USA: We need a large quantity to persian travertine 18x18 honed and filled and tumbled as well. Please quote us your price soon, so we can order the sample container. Sept 25 Contact 

e 18490 USA : I am looking for a golden or beige granite for stair treads Mediterranean look for a project in Pebble Beach , CA. Tel. no. is 970-52.....Sept 23 Contact  

e 18485 USA : We are interested in Stone Processing machine. Cell no. is 720 98.....Sept 22 Contact

e 18476 USA: I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of granite stair treads. Please call me @ 714-86.....Sept 21 Contact

e 18467 USA: I would like Marble Tile (300x300) samples of Jania Blue, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Extra, Tiger Skin. I am in Santa Clara, CA. Sept 21 Contact   


e 18462 USA: Do you sell flagstone and how much per ton? I live in TX. Sept 20 Contact 

e 18450 USA : Please quote for pebbles as displayed in Findstone.com's online stores 022-0013. My telephone number is 1209 91......
I am looking for either a Mexican beach pebble or something a tad bit smaller. And I am looking to cover a surface area of about 800 square feet. The color is black. Sept 19 Contact 

e 18446 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested to buy the Caterpillar wheel loaders. Tel 1 604 24......Sept 17 Contact 

e 18445 USA: Please quote for Granite bridge cutter. Sept 17 Contact

e 18444 USA: We are an architecture firm. Please provide a pricelist and details of marble slabs and tiles. We are in CA. Tel: (858) 27.....Sept 16 Contact 

e 18438 USA : Please quote for caterpillar 950B wheel Loaders as displayed in ready stock 575. Sept 15 Contact   

e 18431 USA : I am a builder in SE FL and I require many different granite counter top applications. We are looking for 50,000 square foot of Madura Gold Granite. They do not need to be pre-cut, slabs of granite is how we would like them to arrive. They do need to be polished of course. This will need to be imported to Miami , FL USA . We would like this by February 2006. Upon the best price, we are ready to send our quality control team to your factory and begin purchase immediately. I want to buy granite from an Indian factory. I am in FL. Sept 14 Contact  

e 18426 USA: EARTHMOVING MACHINERY: Please quote for a krupp bucket wheel excavator as displayed in 570. Sept 13 Contact  


e 18418 USA : I am interested in contacting a supplier of granite flagstones. Sept 10 Contact

e 18412 USA : I need 300 square feet of 6/8 or 7/9 cubes of black granite or basalt for laying into an overlapping arc pattern typical of what can be found in historic street paving. The weight of the order, and resultant shipping costs, will depend on which size the supplier will provide. The granite variety needs to be all black with little to no sparkle. I will need to have samples shipped to me prior to ordering. I need a quote including shipping to my jobsite in Portland, Oregon, USA. I will pay with a credit card. I need the shipment as soon as possible and need the supplier to tell me when I can expect to receive it at my jobsite. Ph: 503.22.....Sept 9 Contact

e 18411 USA: I am looking for a quarry/ manufacturer that can supply at cost below and quality for 18x18" F/H, Sq. Edge that beats Fabor, Cevikler, Marmi, and Mermertay from Turkey. Phone:  (602) 25.....Sept 9 Contact

e 18410 USA: i am an interior decorator. I am looking for specifications with regard to fire retardency for granite and marble. If you have brochures with these products in mind, please send along with specs. Sept 9 Contact

e 18405 USA: Email me relevant information on granite, marble , travertine, sandstone, slate, quartzite. Sept 8 Contact

e 18404 USA: In search of a stone possible granite or limestone (not sure) called Giallo Rustico. Approx 350 sq. ft. 2cm or 3cm need pricing on both customer is undecided on thickness. Tel: (215) 28.....Sept 8 Contact

e 18402 USA : I am looking for a stone table top for a coffee table of dimensions approx. 60" x 20". The metal table base is a brass color (photo can be emailed). The room colors are cream, dusty rose, and burgundy. Looking for either a creamy or rose tint. I of course understand the lack of control over natural stone, so please do not think I am being too literal in my description. I prefer a very hard substance with a high degree of chemical stability. This makes me a little nervous about using marble, but if it can be stabilized, I will consider it. Please give me an idea of what might work for me, and approximate costs. I can provide photos, and would like to visit any location you have that is close to Arlington , VA. Home: 703 92.....Sept 8 Contact

e 18401 USA : Please quote Salome marble from Turkey . Sept 8 Contact  

e 18399 USA : I am in need of a marble slab in "Ming Green". I want to use it for a kitchen countertop. My source here in Texas found one in Houston and one in New Jersey but both had large fissures running through the middle of them. They will not buy them because they fear when they start fabricating them that they will break up because of the weakness caused by the fissures. Can you find me a slab that has no fissures or at least fissures that are small enough that they would be acceptable to my marble fabricator in Texas. Do ya'll do kitchen countertops and then ship? If you do have a Ming Green slab- how much is it? By the way, is China Green marble the same as Ming Green? I understand this Ming Green comes out of China. My tel. no. is 512-28.....Sept 8 Contact  

e 18384 USA: Our company imports 20 containers per month of beach pebbles for landscape applications in Miami, FL. Does your company have access to smooth rounded and flat pebbles? If so, we would be very interested in purchasing large quantities. Tel: 305-24.....Sept 5 Contact

e 18379 USA: Looking for 2000 sq. ft. fossilized stone flooring in 12x12 or 18x18 tiles. Shipped to St. Pete Beach, FL. Cell: 213.39..... Sept 3 Contact

e 18375 USA: I own a contractor warehouse, and we sell cantera stone and other stones. We are interested in selling Guatemalan stone fountains, pillars, etc. E-mail us a brochure of your products please. I am in California. My telephone no. is 818 98..... Sept 2 Contact  

e 18373 USA : I am in the market for 4000 sq. ft. of Pennsylvania Select Bluestone. I would like to post on your website the following requirements for Pennsylvania Select Bluestone: 
I am a Buyer looking for 4000 sq. ft of top quality Pennsylvania SELECT Bluestone with the following requirements:
* Natural cleft SELECT Bluestone with all sides clean cut
* Varying Dimensions e.g 36"x24",24"x24", 24"x18",12"x12" etc....The larger sizes should make up at least 66% of the total requirement of 4000 sq. ft 
* The thickness can vary from 1" to 1.75".
* Need price per sq. ft and Delivery to Hartford , CT.
* Immediate buy after receipt of samples. Contact me at (860) 63.....Sept 2 Contact

e 18363 USA : I am Looking for a China based company. that sells a Quartz material. The Quantity is going to be based on supply and color match to the Cambria colors. If satisfied we would be looking at 2 containers to start with. Tel: 616-29.....Aug 31 Contact  

e 18353 USA: Monument: Looking for granite memorial markers. I am in PA 16407. Aug 28 Contact  

e 18349 USA: Looking for a supplier of statutory marble. Need 20 four foot counters. Tel: (310) 96.....Aug 27 Contact   

e 18347 USA : Please send pricelist and catalog of all Indian granite slabs and tiles. 
Granite counter tops 1 1/2" thick made to my print kitchen sinks statuary, Tile 305 X 305 X 10mm, LCL orders import from China , India , etc. 
Must have catalogue of stones. Phone/fax 419 86...... Aug 26 Contact

e 18344 USA: Please quote for Indian granite tiles. Aug 26 Contact   

e 18343 USA : I am currently trying to contact red sandstone quarries from all over the world for a large scale artist's project in the States that will incorporate red sandstone from many countries. We are looking for raw blocks of red sandstone. I have been looking at the following stones on your website: 
Pink brazil sandstone and rosa bahia from Brazil 
S 1808 from China
Peirre De Jaumont Blanc Lacour from France
Dietenhaan Rot, Frudental and Kyllburg from Germany
Red sandstone from Italy (no name on site beneath the red coloured stone image)
Golden from Pakistan
African Sun and Rich Autumn from South Africa
At the moment I do not have specfic measurements, but am looking for an approximate cost of 20 tons (one sea carrier) of red sandstone, to be imported to the USA. Is there any way that you can tell me each of the costs of the above mentioned stones? if 20 tons is too vague, perhaps you could tell me how much the quarries charge for one cubic metre (m3) of each stone. We are looking for raw blocks. Aug 26 Contact 

e 18336 USA :  I need to see some prefab counter tops in in Houston . Aug 25 Contact 

e 18334 USA: Looking for santa rita soapstone -- and/or darkest black with minimal veining as possible in california. Aug 24 Contact 

e 18326 USA: I am interesting granite slabs. Please email me the your price list. My phone # 941-36.....Aug 23 Contact 

e 18320 USA : We are trying to determine the quarry and importer for the attached stone, which was mislabled by the stone wholesaler and doesn't seem to be available at other stone importers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are looking to purchase 3 slabs. Aug 22 Contact 

e 18311 USA : I am a Stone Sculptor based in U.S.A. ( Ariz. )& would like to know where "Labrador Antique's" quarried from, who's the Company & their point of contact? Aug 19 Contact   

e 18295 USA: I am looking for 120 square feet of green onyx tile. I am in KY. My tel. no. is (859) 49.....Aug 16 Contact

e 18294 USA: I just open a warehouse here in Houston, TX and I would like to find a granite supplier who can offer me consignment basis or credit of 30 days, after I receive the material. Aug 16 Contact

e 18288 USA: I am interested in just black river stones and I was wondering what the total cost would be after shipping and taxes. I live in Colorado. Aug 13 Contact

e 18286 USA : How much is 004-0029 or 008 - 0036 fireplace surround plus shipping to santa fe , nm? Aug 12 Contact  

e 18275 USA : I am working on a project in Ohio and the Architect has specified Tennessee Pink Marble for the vanities and back splashes. Aug 9 Contact

e 18273 USA : I am looking for a used, but in good condition, Eclipse 3200 or Moon 3000 bridge saw. Tel. no. is 956-65.....Aug 8 Contact

e 18272 USA: I am looking for Verde Fire in northern California.   

e 18270 USA: I need a white marble boulder approximately 4' tall 3 tons or so. Tel. 757-57.....Aug 7 Contact

e 18268 USA : Please e-mail price list for 2" bluestone treads thermal & natural cleft: 1 1/2"-2" bluestone pattern thermal & nat cleft and  Pennsylvania flat fieldstone. We are looking for a wholesaler who can supply us with approximately 20+ truckloads of bluestone per year and 20+ truckloads of Pennsylvania flat fieldstone per year. Our fax # is 978-38.....Aug 6 Contact

e 18256 USA: Please quote for pebbles from Vietnam as displayed in pricelist 578. Tel no. is 314-75.....Aug 3 Contact

e 18254 USA: I am looking for a supplier in China that can produce quartz agglomerates in a full range of different colors. I am in NY. Tel: 631-29.....Aug 3 Contact

e 18253 USA : I am looking for stones pebbles from Jerusalem , Israel for sale in the USA . They should be 1"by 11/2 " by 2" size. Aug 3 Contact  

e 18248 USA : We are looking for 18x18 and 12 x12 honed and filled travertine. Please quote us you best possible prices. Also tumbled in above mentioned sizes and color. Aug 2 Contact 

e 18245 USA : I am a natural stone supplier in the far north Dallas area an d am interested in dry stacked walls stones. My phone number is 214-38.....Aug 1 Contact

e 18242 USA : Please send info and pricing for dry stacked walls stones. We are in FL. Phone no. is 407-87.....Aug 1 Contact

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