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Artifact Inquiries! July 11, 2002
www.findstone.com info@findstone.com
Below are the latest inquiries. The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
ALL: e 3406 UK: Artifact: Very interested in some of the artefacts of the type that you have in 
Online Stores
. Could you send me a brochure or some information. July 11. Contact US $ 10.
e 3397 India: Artifact: I want a 6- 8 seat dining table as per the attached design. I am based in Bombay. Kindly quote along with relevant/proportionate dimensions. July 10, Contact
ALL: e 3385 USA: Artifacts: I am a small manufacture of key stone and would like to see if I can import key stone balusters, columns, and fountains. We are located in Florida. July 9, Contact US $ 25
e 3358 USA: Artifacts: One Large Fountain needed. Black Granite Chisel Finish (Split Face). Bowl Diameter 8 to 10 feet (+ or -). Base can be up to to 5 feet wide at bottom. Base also at least 8 to 10 feet tall. Typical "Bird Feeder" Style of look but very large. Can be larger! In stock? Lead time? Price? Location F.O.B. Denver CO. Any supplier would be fine. July 8, Contact US $ 20
e 3302 USA: Artifacts: Where can I get inlay work for our showroom. We are in Mendham, NJ. July 3, Contact US$ 10
IN: e 3294 USA: Artifacts: I will require tile and mosaics for a project in the USA, I am now in the UAE. Shipment could be from India to Dubai or India to USA. Quantity 300 meters initially. July 1, Contact $ 25.

e 3252 USA: Artifacts: I want 120 meters of complete balustrade - balister, top rail, pillar. To meet building codes here in the U.S., the total height of the balustrade must be 36" (or 950mm). Can you supply a balustrade in which the bottom and top rail plus balister are 950mm? Please quote with delivery to Rochester, Michigan 48306. June 25. Contact, See Offers US $ 50.
e 3227 USA: Artifacts: Please indicate Prices (USD) for Assorted Colors. 
5,000 Polished STONE Eggs 30 X 40 mm. no stand (pedestal).
10,000 Polished STONE Balls 30 mm. no stand (pedestal). Indicate shipping weights FOB your Port. June 21. Contact. Commission only, See Offers 
e 3189 USA: Artifacts: I am an Architect/Builder. Please e-mail photographs of the Marble Fireplaces. I need 5 high quality Fireplace fronts for a project I am about to begin in Rochester Hills, Michigan. June 15. Contact
e 3186 USA: Artifacts: We want to purchase immediately fireplaces. Please send us image photos of color and size description and prices. Shipping to Central Pennsylvania. We are expanding current business. We have planned a grand opening in July. We supply to contractors, builders, etc., hence quantity undetermined. June 14. Contact
e 3185 India: Artifacts: Please quote for water fountains, etc. in www.findstone.com/artistic.htm . June 14. Contact
e 3180 USA: Artifact: I am interested in purchasing high grade marble fireplaces. Please send me the price list. June 14. Contact
e 3139 USA: Artifacts: Please send us the complete price list of the marble items of the following categories 
1. Marble onyx sphere all sizes 
2. Marble onyx chess boards all sizes 
3. Marble onyx Matki Jar all sizes 
4. Marble assorted animals all sizes 
5. Marble pyramids all sizes 
6. Marble onyx eggs all sizes 
7. Marble onyx egg base stand. June 9. Contact, See Offers
e 3135 Germany: Please let me have the price for CIOTTOLI 100x100 mm, Triangle 100x100 mm, ORTONI 1030x1030 mm marble polished. June 7. Contact
e 3131 France: Artifacts: Please send your price list for inlay table tops. June 6. Contact, See Offers
e 3121 USA: Artifacts: Please provide more info, price, color, material, shipping, assembly, etc. regarding item no. Fountains 002-002 to Zion, Illinois. June 6. Contact
e 3116 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in the travertine tabletops. June 6. Contact
e 3104 USA: Landscape / Artifact: Our Company is an importer of stone products for use into the landscape & aquarium / pet industry. We are looking for the following:
1) Round polished stones in all sizes. These are used for decorations in fish aquariums and on potted plants, flooring systems for patios and swimming pools, landscape ground cover, etc...
2) Colored sands and crushed gravels, sized and packed bulk and small poly bags for retail. These are also used for aquariums and flooring systems.
3) Stone furniture, bird baths and material to build fountains. 
What is your best product (price, quantity, quality) you can offer us in relation to the landscape aquarium industry? I am in Seattle, WA. June 6, Contact
e 3075 USA: Artifacts: Looking for fossil stone furniture. June 1. Contact 

e 3036 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in sandstone columns and sandstone cladding. Specifically, if they have shipped to USA (if so references) and also to obtain samples of the stone for the columns. The cladding I am interested in would be 24” X 48” X 4” rough chisel cut or smooth (hone) finished. May 24. Contact
e 3035 USA: Artifacts: Interested in your marble columns listed in the online store section of findstone #002-0066. Please advise regarding type of stone, color, other sizes if available, and if shipment to Newark USA possible (timing and cost as well). May 24. Contact
IN: e 2966 India: Artifacts: Require details and prices for codes IT0010 and 002-0080. May 12. Contact
e 2928 France: Artifact: We seek to sell in France, 1000 vases & crosses made from granite as per attachment details. Please quote us price in various colours (price FOB port by piece). May 7. Contact
See Offers
e 2926 Australia: Artifact: Can you please send me the price and the sizes (thickness and diameter) of the MOSAIC model 005 0006. And also can you tell me the delivery date and package details. May 7. Contact 
e 2897 Turkey: Artifact: I am looking for table top made by water jet from granite or marble products from China. May 3. Contact
e 2885 USA: Artifacts: I'm seeking Travertine 16"x16" top quality 825 square feet delivered to Austin Texas. Also Travertine medallion approximately 36 inches diameter. May 2. Contact, See Offers
e 2872 Kazakhstan: Artifacts: We have a large order to manufacture granite mosiac designs. We are looking for companies that have water-jet machines that can help us in fulfilling this order. May 1. Contact
See Offers
e 2871 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in item with code 002-0066 carved 7.75' column. Is it marble, 3 piece or one. Price to ship to Maui, Hawaii, USA. How long would it take to ship 2 of them. May 1. Contact, See Offers
e 2868 UK: Artifacts: We wish to buy old stone troughs, sinks, baths, animal waterers, fountains, etc for decorative use in gardens. Made from sandtone, granite, slate. Usually hand carved by stone mason. 
We wish to import to UK and if the products were good then we would take large quantities on monthly basis. May 1. Contact,
See Offers 

e 2852 USA: Artifacts: Quote on your 48 inch round Travertine light stone polished table tops. What is the thickness, type stone, color, and weight of the table top? Of course please include shipping costs to Midland, Texas. April 27. Contact
IN: e 2849 USA: Listed below are several items which we are interested in, can you provide details if you can supply and estimates of time to delivery exported to USA Newark, NJ. Pricing would be helpful, possibly rough estimates. 
We are particularly interested in columns to be made out of the beige sandstone or other stone, dimensions to be 12” diameter, and then 8 ft in height. We also require a capital and base, each being 12 inches in height for these columns, these would be carved. Total quantity roughly 20.  
Another item is granite tiles, dimensions 48” X 48”, could you supply these? Quantity in lots of 5 to 10,000 sq ft. Colored variety …silver, gray blue (sample provided by us) “bala flower” 
Kota stone 24”X24” smooth finish not polished, 1-1.5” thick, with edges on top surface beveled. 10-20,000 sq feet.
Jodhpur sandstone for cladding. In a pink or white color, smooth cut on 4 sides and the facing surface is chisel cut. We would like pieces that are 24” height, 48 “ width and 4” thick. Quantity in lots of 10 – 20,000 sq feet. Also need information on performance in freezing climates USA.
If you have any experience with exporting especially to US, please provide details and references. Also, would you be able to send samples of specific stones? Let me know and then I will let you know which ones. April 27. Contact
e 2800 USA: Artifact: I'm planning to start an import business in stone products. I want to deal in articles like in the online store mentioned in your website. Please quote on wholesale and retail basis. April 21. Contact
e 2798 Australia: Artifact: Please send price lists on granite bench-tops for kitchens and bathrooms. I am also interested in reconstituted stone option. April 21. Contact, See Offers 
e 2795 USA: Artifact: I am looking for Onyx Lamps, Vases and Figurines. Where can I find them with wholesale pricing and shipping charges to Florida, USA? April 20. Contact, See Offers
e 2786 USA: Artifact: I am interested in buying an inlay table top (IT0010) from a supplier in USA preferably. April 20. Contact, See Offers
e 2784 India: Artifacts: I am looking out for Dealers of Turkish & Italian Mosaics in Bombay or nearby area for a project. April 19. Contact
e 2783 Australia: Artifacts:  I want to purchase your artifacts. 
1) IT0006 - 100piece
2) IT0008 - 15 piece
Please send me your appropriate rates. April 19. Contact
e 2763 USA: Artifacts: Looking for a source for Cantera stone columns for the house I'm building near Austin, TX (Wimberley, TX). Trying to get some idea of the cost of nine columns @ 9' tall and 16" diameter seven columns @ 8' tall and 16" diameter.  April 16. Contact, See Offers
e 2752 USA: Artifact: I have attached a picture of a coffee table I would like to buy for my home, but I do not know what type of material this is. I would like to know what type of material you think this looks like and if you know of any place that sells these tables? April 14. Contact
See Offers

e 2651 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in finding (or having built) a table and benches for use in a grammar school as a chess table. Ideally, the table would have a chess board (or two) already on its surface. Do you have anything like that, and at what cost? The school is in Baltimore, Maryland, and is made of stone (Indiana Limestone), which is why I am interested in a table made of stone. March 24. Contact.
e 2649 USA: Sculpting: I need a slate base for a bronze sculpture in the dimensions:
L - 21" / W - 25" / H - 1.5 to 2". I would like the color to be dark gray / black. I am in New Mexico, USA. March 24. Contact
e 2637 Vietnam: Artifact: I am interested in marble fireplaces on wholesale basis. Please send some images of marble fireplaces you have in stock to have an idea about size, color, fabrication, etc. March 21. Contact
e 2627 USA: Artifacts: We are custom home builders in California. Generally, each home we build has 3 to 5 stone fireplaces (sandstone or marble). Additionally, we are interested in a number of other architectural artifacts that you make, such as the carved windows and sandstone pillars.
Would you be so kind as to give us an idea of pricing and, most importantly, shipping costs to San Diego, CA? Also, please advise as to what quantity (weight?) makes sense in terms of shipping. (I assume that consolidating shipment of a number of items yields a more cost efficient freight.) March 20. Contact
e 2623 USA: Artifacts: I would like to have a table made similar to the one pictured in the attachment out of a white or white/gray veined marble. The dimensions would be 76 cm diameter (top), 70 cm height from bottom to top of the table top; 3 cm table top thickness. What would be the pricing for such a product? I am located in Dallas, Texas. March 18. Contact
e 2606 Saudi Arabia: Artifact: I would like to receive your price list in US$ for the published arches like 004-0016 and 004-0015 etc. Please inform me the age of those arches and the stone type. March 15. Contact
e 2589 USA: Artifact: I am looking for granite balls. I live in Houston, Texas, USA. March 12. Contact
e 2588 USA: Artifact: We are looking for a stone eggs. Size 8 to 12. I would like to know if you carry stone eggs that size and if you do what your pricing is? March 12. Contact
e 2581 USA: Artifacts: Could you please email the prices of A0004 and A0005? Also, do you have any other fireplace surrounds? March 11. Contact
e 2502 USA: Artifacts: Please quote prices and sizes for fountains starting with NH 0001. Please quote FOB or CIF Portland, Oregon, USA. Feb 21. Contact

eh 2487 UK: Artifacts: Please indicate a price for items IT0010 & A0004. I am located in Scotland. Feb 18. Contact

eh 2472 USA: Artifacts: I am interested in Mantels & more interested. I live in Colorado, USA. Please send me a pricing or brochure. I have a store ,and about to open a shop. Feb 15. Contact
ALL: eh 2470 UK: I wish to import stone fireplaces to UK. Currently we are importing material from China, we are looking for other sources. Feb 14. Contact
eh 2469 USA: Do you have a price list in US $ for your inlay tops and for the columns? Also, dimensions for the pedestals. Feb 14. Contact
eh 2467 USA: Artifacts: Can you please tell me the price in US dollars for item A0004? How much does shipping cost to Portland Oregon, USA? How long does it take to arrive here? Are there any additional customs costs? Feb 14. Contact
eh 2463 USA: Artifacts: Can you tell me the size, material and cost of the artistic stones listed below: A0074 Shiva & A0086 Ganesh. Feb 12. Contact
eh 2437 USA: Artifact: What is the price of the stone bench item a 002? How much is shipping and are there taxes that will need to be paid. Feb 7. Contact, See Offers  
eh 2415 Latvia: Artifacts: Please give me the dimensions and prices for: NH0044, NH0072, NH0074, NH0063, NH0057, NH0001 - NH0014, IT0001, IT0015, A0072, A0004, A0009, A0069, A0002, A0008, A0040, A0042. and also for the next items: A0074, A0096, A0073, A0005, A0012, A0010, A0011, A0013 - A0016, A0017 - A0024, A0025 - A0028. These items are visible on www.findstone.com/artistic.htm. Feb 2. Contact
We have not uploaded artifact inquiries before February 1, 2002 in this section. Please refer to previous trade inquiries for artifact inquiries for that period.

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