TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   February 28, 2003  
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January Inquiries

MX: e 6270 USA: Landscape: We want +/- 12 tons of Black Mexican Beach Pebble; 3"-5" size for a project in the Seattle WA area. Delivery needed by mid-April. Feb 28, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 6269 Germany: I have a huge requirement from a customer for Mint Sandstone in gang saw cut sizes and in rustic and honed small size slabs. Please quote MINT Slabs USD/m on C&F European Port for:
50 m 3 cm thick natural cleft surface* slab size around 250 x 150 cm
50 m 5 cm thick natural cleft surface slab size around 250 x 150 cm
30 m 20 cm thick natural cleft surface 100 x 60 cm
48 m 5 cm thick natural cleft surface 60 x 60 cm
230 m 1 cm thick natural cleft surface 60 x 30 cm
100 m 15 cm thick slabs in size around* 200 x 150 cm ( both sides saw cut)
100 m 12 cm thick slabs in size around 200 x 150 cm ( both sides saw cut)
800 m 3 cm thick Honed surface* 120 x 60 cm
800 m 3 cm thick Natural cleft 120 x 60 cm
800 m 5 cm thick Honed surface 120 x 60 cm
80 m 5 cm thick Natural cleft 120 x 60 cm
400 m 3 cm thick Natural cleft 90 x 30 cm
400 m 5 cm thick Natural cleft 90 x 30 cm
* Natural cleft thickness (+/-), Edges hand-cut or machine cut.
*15 and 12 cm thick slabs - both sides sawn and thickness calibrated.
*Top Honed and bottom calibrated.
Please give C&F quote and shipment time and please also indicate the colour grade of Mint slabs.See pricelist 937. Feb 28, Contact USD 200
e 6267: Machinery: I want gang saw to cut granite blocks to a slab, fully automatic machine reqd. Feb 28, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6266 USA: I want Madura Gold, Saffaire Blue, Indian Black and Indian Juparana, one container load. Please quote. My phone no. is (301) 52.....We are serious buyers. We supply granite slabs to distributors/wholesalers/fabricators in USA. Feb 28, Contact USD 100
e 6265 USA: Artifacts: Please email supply pricing, styles and availability for 0019 - 0010 sink. Feb 28, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 6264: I want marble and granite slabs and tiles. please quote prices for Africa. Feb 28, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6263 Ireland: We want Granite on wholesale basis. Polished marble from 30x30 to larger sizes of first quality. Thickness would be from 12mm for 30x30 & should rise in thickness according to size. We would need to see a range of colours to choose from anywhere in the world. Prices should start at 15 per sq. yard for 30x30 approx. Our phone no. is 053-2.....Feb 28, Contact USD 200
SA: e 6262 USA: I am looking for a quarry in Saudi Arabia who could furnish us with polished slabs of 3cm materials. Feb 28, Contact USD 50
IN: e 6260 Egypt: Kindly quote for commercial and first quality C&F Alexandria port for 4500m2 30x30cm polished tiles of green marble. Also send samples. My contact no. is +202 012 21..... Feb 28, Contact Rs 10000
IN: e 6259 Italy: Please quote for green marble 2 cm polished slabs and tiles 12x12x3/8". Feb 28, Contact 
Rs 5000 
TR/IT: e 6258 Russia: We are interested in Rosso Verona, Botticino, Azul Cielo, Rosso Laguna, Azul Bahia and Verde Laguna. We need these for reconstruction of our building facade. We are particularly interested in the follow information:
The size of stones bit. How permanent the color of the stones in the different parties? The concrete colors of the stone. Please quote for 20 ft. containers with images, payment terms and catalogs. Our tel. no. is 7-3432-6..... Feb 28, Contact, USD 100
e 6257 USA: I want Verde Fuoco granite in south CA. Feb 28, Contact USD 20
CN: e 6256 Germany: please quote for 68.400 sqm G603 granite tiles polished and calibrated 
305 x 305 x 1 cm. Feb 28, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6255 USA: Blocks: I am the supervisor of a paint department in a local retail store. I need sandstone rocks as large number of artists in the area that do faux finishes request them. Feb 28, Contact USD 50
e 6254 India: Please quote with images for Andesite. Feb 28, Contact USD 50
PK/IR/TR: e 6253 Mexico: Please send me pricing for Onyx in slab, tile and mosaics. We are distributors in Mexico. Qty.  container basis. Phone no. is +52 (871) 71.....Feb 28, Contact See Offers USD 200
e 6252 USA: We are a wholesaler and a retailer company looking for a good supplier of Granite tiles. Please quote with delivery time. See pricelist 141. Please provide the FOB port where the tiles will be shipped from. We don't think that we can compete in our market with these prices, our amounts will be 2000 sq. ft and up. Our tel. no. is 780 28..... Feb 28, Contact USD 100
e 6251 India: Machines: We are interested in buying machines as listed in ready stock 308. Feb 28, Contact USD 100
FR: e 6250 Brazil: I want French Limestone. Please see attached photo and inform us about availability or any other similar material. Feb 27, Contact Feb 50
ALL: e 6249 USA: Please quote for quartzite. I represent a stone company in CT 06492. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
BG: e 6247 Germany: We are much interested in limestones tzarevetz and verbeshnitza from Bulgaria. Please quote with samples. Our tel no. is +4930690..... Feb 27, Contact USD 100 
e 6246 USA: I am an architect working on a project where we want to have a translucent stone curtain wall. My contact no. is 843-57.....Feb 27, Contact USD 50
e 6245 USA: We seek Indian manufacturer for our stone sink designs. Feb 27, Contact Rs. 2500
IN: e 6244 USA: Interested in Indian marble. Please quote with full details on your plant and price list. See pricelist 937 for reference. Feb 27, Contact Rs 2500  
e 6243 USA: We want multiple colors polished granite blanks - eased edge 3 sides -  108" x 48" and 108" x 25" for fabricator/countertop installer - delivery to KY 42701 - order volume dependent on color. Feb 27, Contact USD 50
IT: e 6242 UK: Please quote with images for granite slabs and tiles from Italy. Feb 27, Contact USD 50
TW: e 6241 UK: Please quote with images for marble slabs and tiles from Taiwan. Feb 27, Contact USD 50 
e 6240 USA: I want Blue Polare or Volga Blue. Please quote for slabs. I am in VA. Feb 27, Contact USD 20
e 6239 India: Abrasives: We want large quantity of used (scrap) diamond bits. Please quote with terms and conditions. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
e 6238 USA: We want an edger / edging machine. Please quote with pictures. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
TR: e 6237 Israel: Please quote for Andesite. Send pix and other details. See ready stock 322 as reference.  Feb 27, Contact USD 50
IN: e 6236 India: I am an exporter requiring dark red color and wood color Indian Granites. I also require big grain (low priced) Indian granite. Please quote. I may require 6" x 6" samples. Feb 27, Contact Rs 2500
AU: e 6235 Australia: Blocks: I am a sculptor working out of Sydney interested in Australian siltstone and sandstone blocks. My contact no. is 0419 2.....Feb 27, Contact USD 50
e 6234 UK: We are building a new showroom approx 860 sqm, and we will need tiles for the floors etc. We would like a mixture of granite types. Please quote. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6233 Israel: We want Emerald green marble from India. First quality polished slabs of large size range 140 cm (min.) x 200 cm (min.) x 2cm or 3 cm, thickness tolerance can be 3 to 4 mm. Material quality - internal edges of tiles can be unprocessed. Quantity reqd. is 800 sqm. Payment terms can be discussed. Please send your offers and delivery time. We are in Jerusalem. Our fax:972-2-58.... Feb 27, Contact 
Rs 10000
TR: e 6231 Netherlands: I am a stone trader interested in Andesite. Please quote with images. See ready stock 322 as reference. Feb 27, Contact USD 50 
ALL: e 6230 Australia: Landscape: We are an Australian company currently setting up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and carrying out works for large residential and commercial projects. We require a range of ornamental pebbles from 10mm to 60mm sizes for our works. All colors, preferably a river pebble or sea pebble. Please quote. Mobile no. +61-4 -09-0......Feb 27, Contact USD 200
e 6229 Taiwan: We want Indian stone (Green marble, Onyx, and Import Substitute) as shown in pricelist 937. We would like to contact with the supplier to provide us samples and details, especially for William Antique, Tiger Gold, Rossela, Perlato Queen, I. Beige, Raymond Silver, Raymond Brown, White Onyx & Pink Onyx. What are the sizes you supply? Can you supply tiles? Please quote. Our contact details are 
+886 + 2 + 274.....Feb 27, Contact USD 100 
e 6228 USA: We want slates from India. Please quote. See pricelist 358 as reference. Feb 27, Contact
ZW/ZA: e 6227 USA: I am with an export / import company based in the US. I want Zimbabwe Black. I am looking at 1500 slabs for a start. Shipped to Houston. My preference will be from the port in Durban. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
e 6226 USA: We want Deep Chocolate Brown Granite and Antique Brown. Need 100 slabs of 9' x 5' in California. Please quote with availability details. Feb 27, Contact USD 100
e 6225 USA: Artifacts: I want a wholesalers/distributors of soapstone or marble bowls in various sizes (3" to 10"). I am looking for small quantities initially. Perhaps 50 - 100 pieces. Can you do this? Do you have any pictures of your bowls? Feb 26, Contact USD 20
e 6224 USA: Artifacts: I am a tile contractor and retailer in NJ. I currently am working on a very big contract that requires many mosaics in tumble marble 600mm x 1200mm, round (various sizes) and decorative borders starting about 75mm up to 150mm wide. please quote with images and samples. Feb 26, Contact USD 50
e 6223 Poland: Monuments: Please quote for monuments from FindStone's online store, 001, 004, 0010, 0014, 0015, 0019, 0020, 0021, 0026, 0032, 0049. What is the minimum order quantity? Also let me know payment terms and how much time is reqd. to delivery the order? Feb 26, Contact USD 100 
e 6222 Argentina: Machinery: We want a block cutter machine to cut travertines and some others marbles, or any other unit to cut travertine stones. Please quote with catalogues. Feb 26, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6221 Brazil: I WANT ABSOLUTE BLACK GRANITES IN QUANTITY. OUR TEL. NO. IS 28 352.....Feb 26, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 6220 USA: Landscape: I work for a paving company in Florida. We have a customer who wants granite pavers. Please quote with images and also need samples. Feb 26, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6219 Ukraine: We are interested in information about supplier of 20 mm thick marble and granite like Lepanto Rosso, Levanto Rosso, Cristal Rose, Charcoal Rose, Supreme. Our contact no. is 
(+380 62) 3......Feb 26, Contact USD 200
e 6218 Turkey: Tools & Abrasives: We are in charge of importing and selling cutting tools for in Turkey. Please quote for:
1. Polishing Pad 4 3T #50-#3000 
2. Wave Turbo Blade 180x2.5x7.5 with flange .
3. Turbo Cup Wheel 4 aluminum body 
4. Segmental Saw Blade (wet) 350mm-400mm-450mm. Price :C.I.F. Turkey.
Payment :L/C payable in 90 days. Our contact no. is +90 216 32..... Feb 26, Contact USD 100
CN: e 6217 Italy: I want Sandstone from China (Mongolia) like ZH 201. Colour Grey (like Kandla Grey). Slabs 30x60x6/8 cm & 52x52x6/8 cm, all sides hand cut, natural cleft. Quantity 2000 m2. 
Please let me know about items n. ZH S 201, S 1806, 
About Green (items n. 1810). Size 12x12 x2.5-3.5 cm all sides hand cut (please quote also for machine cut), natural cleft, Quantity 6000 m2. PRICE CIF GENOA PORT - ITALY. Feb 26, Contact USD 200
e 6216 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for a round 60 inch diameter table top in a variety of stone materials. Would be interested in granite, marble, travertine, mosaics, lava stone or any other material. 
My interest is for a round 60" table top to be attached to a base I already have, to be used as a dining table in my home. My interest is for a smooth, durable surface, easy to clean. I would consider a variety of stone types, with harder surfaces preferred for reasons of durability and ease of cleaning. I do not want grout lines, so tiles are not appropriate. For color, I prefer light warm colors in the yellow/gold range to fit my decor. I would like to see a photo of the stone, and may follow up with a request for a sample, which I would of course pay for. My budget is $1100 including shipping. Also, estimate of shipping charges to Tampa, Florida. Feb 26, Contact USD 50 
ES: e 6215 USA: I want a blocks of Bateig Blanca limestone from Spain. Feb 26, Contact USD 100
HR: e 6214 Hungary: We are a stone design company. We would like to import Kirmenjak. Please quote with additional information. We are also interested in other products that you have. Our contact no. is .
(+361) 45...... Feb 26, Contact USD 100 
e 6213 Vietnam: Quarry Machines: We want PW 170, PW 130, EX100WD, MORTO GRADER, all wheel loader m3 to 3m3, D65, D85, D3, D41. PC 200. Truck Crane - 50 ton, Earth Drilling Machines - Nippon Shanryo ED 5500 or equivalent of HITACHI, SUMITOMO. Our tel: 84 4 86......Feb 26, Contact USD 100
e 6212 Jordan: Machinery: We want marble gang saw from Italy. See pricelist 006 as reference. Feb 26, Contact USD 100
IT: e 6211 Germany: We need 60 sqm polished Carrara Statuarietto 30.5 x 30.5 at 45 and/or Carrara C 
30.5 x 30.5 at 30 in Hamburg. My contact no. is +49 49 22.....Feb 26, Contact USD 100
PK/IR/TR: e 6210 Hong Kong: Blocks: We want Green & Pink Onyx blocks. Our estimated capacity of these Onyx is about ten containers each month. If you are supplying this material in good quality and achieve our requirements, please contact us and send us some pictures of your existing Green and Pink Onyx blocks in your stockyards through email. 
Our requirements of Green & Pink Onyx Blocks:
1. Size at least above 1.5m X 1.2m X 0.30m
2. Little brown vein acceptable, certainly no brown vein preferable
3. No crack preferable.
We need Green onyx without veins. We have been buying green onyx from Iran and Pakistan. See a couple pictures of onyx that we just bought from Pakistan. The green onyx is "Afghan green onyx" that we require. We use the onyx for producing table tops. That's why we need very clear materials. If you have Pakistan very good quality green onyx. Please send me some pictures again. Our fax no. (852) 25......Feb 26, Contact See Offers USD 200
IN: e 6209 India: We want one container 305x610x10mm polished, calibrated Multicolor Red or Ruby Red granite. Also require three containers 300 x 300 x 20mm Green marble polished tiles. Please quote in Indian Rupees Indian rupees against form H and specify mode of packing. Our tel. no. is 0484 25......Feb 26, Contact Rs 5000
e 6207 USA: We want a supplier of green celadon for a client's kitchen countertops. Our phone no. is 602-84.....Feb 26, Contact USD 50 
e 6206 USA: I want 750 sq ft Jerusalem gold limestone. My contact no. is 800-45..... Feb 26, Contact USD 50
e 6205 USA: Machinery: I am a contractor searching for used machine for marble industry. Feb 26, Contact USD 100
e 6203 USA: I want tumbled stones in the popular colors of noce, ivory, yellow in sizes 10cm x 10cm and 15cm x 15cm sizes. See Ready stock 156 as reference. I represent a flooring company in AL 35758. I would like to purchase one container of tumbled marble & travertine. Also, I would be interested to purchase smaller quantities through a local distributor in the US before I purchase a container. Price target is USD 1.00 per sf. Terms of payment I am requesting are 60-90 days line of credit. I would be willing to put up to 20% down.
I would like to see samples before I commit to a purchase order. I would like the seller to pay for small samples. I can order as soon as April 1 for a container, but smaller quantities now, so I would like to get information & samples soon. Tel: (256) 3...... Feb 26, Contact  USD 200
US: e 6202 USA: Looking for 2 samples (min. 12" x 12" x thickness unimportant) of Seneca Sandstone (i.e. material used on some of the White House). Color unimportant. Need it ASAP. Willing to pay for material and shipping. I am in FL 32806. (407)64...... Feb 26, Contact USD 100
e 6201 USA: Landscape: We want a material called "Mojave Schist". We are using it as walkway/pavers at a high end ranch project. Feb 26, Contact USD 50
e 6200 USA: I want 500 stone circles (approx. 3" x 3/4" thick) made from jet black marble preferably - will consider other colors - around the $2.50 price range. I will laser engrave a logo on the marble. I will be laser engraving the tops of circles - When I burn through the top black color - it will be white underneath. 
If this is the type of marble - is it possible to get one as a sample to test? I am in Colorado - 970-66...... and would like to finalize a quote by the end of March. Feb 26, Closed
e 6199 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for stone sinks as shown in Online Stores of
0014-0001 (does it comes with any counter top show on the picture?), 0014-0002, 0014-0004. Also provide dimensions. Feb 26, Contact USD 50
BR/IN: e 6198 USA: I want granite slabs from Brazil and India. See ready stock 296 and 223 as reference. I am a stone trader and my no. is +1-954-96.....Feb 25, Contact USD 100 
e 6197 UK: I want marble and granite products. I am based in England. Please provide me with some details. Feb 25, Contact USD 50
e 6196 USA: I am looking for a good quality any beige marble such as the Crema Marfil, however I have seen some stone that in the same color scheme that I like. I prefer 18"x18"x1/2" floor tile as the area is fairly large and open. I am shopping for the best stone at the best price including shipping. The shipping cost is a big factor as you know so that the location of the supplier is important. I will like to see some marble samples and pay for same. I would like of course to know of the business practices of the supplier in order to create trust.
My desire is to purchase at the total price between $4.00 and $5.00 per sq ft, including delivery to Georgia 30642, USA. Please quote with shipping for 1500 sq ft. Feb 25, Contact See Offers USD 100
CN: e 6195 South Africa: We want Zh-G013 Granite from China. Please quote. Feb 25, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6193 USA: I represent a northern California company that is rapidly growing in many areas. We are currently servicing our building industry through production homes, new construction, remodeling and as a 'will call' facility specializing in slab granite fabrication for other fabricators.
We are seeking an importer that will supply 3cm granite slabs in 17-25 colors. We will place our orders via container to be transported to our fabrication facility. 
Please quote as we are looking to begin this process in approximately 4-6 months. Our contact no. is 
(916) 8......Feb 25, Sold
e 6192 USA: Machinery: We are a small company looking to open a store to supply counter tops, tiles, etc.. We are based in New Jersey. In order to start our business we are looking for the right machines such as a portable granite cutters and a polishing machine
I will need a contouring machine and a bridgesaw. I am looking to invest 60000 dollars for the 2 machines. What are some good brands, where are they less costly to buy, and if anyone is selling one of these machines? We are beginning with a small volume so the machinery we are looking should not be large or for large volume. Our idea is to be able to provide our customers with granite and installation. So when we receive the slabs we can prepare them for installation. What ever materials we need for this process is what we are looking to buy. Feb 25, Contact USD 100
IN / BR: e 6191 USA: We want different granite colors from India and Brazil along with prices for slabs of 3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch. we would like prices of what it would cost pre cut and what it would cost just the slab it self. We are interested in all colors. We also ask that you send us the rate for delivery from your country. The port is Newark. 
Please include as much information in your reply especially include the price of the item with its specifications. We are eager to begin as soon as possible. The last thing we require is the payment terms. Also include a phone number where we 
can contact you. Below are some colors we are looking to buy: 
Black Galaxy, Black absolute, Black Impala, Colombo Juparana, Golden Fantasy, Hassan Green, Himalayan Blue, Indian Emerald, Imperial White, Indian Juparana, Kuppam Green, Lillet, Paradiso Light, Paradiso Classico, Raw Silk, Red Multicolour, Ruby Red, Sapphire Brown, Seaweed Green, Siva Gold, Tan Brown, Tiger Skin, Tropical Green. Feb 25, Contact USD 200
BR: e 6190 China: We are in stone import & export business in Xiamen China. We want to import Carnelian / Agate stone. Please quote FOB and CNF/CIF, Xiamen port, China. If the price is competitive, we are willing to place the regular orders. Feb 25, Contact USD 200
e 6189 USA: I need 1375 sq ft of Crema Marfil 12 x 12 x 3/8 and 200 sq ft of oriental dark green marble in 12 x 12 x 3/8. Delivery to TN 38555. I will need it in 2 weeks. Contact me at (931)48..... home. Feb 25, Contact USD 100
e 6168 USA: Monuments: Requesting information regarding granite headstones monuments, etc. Feb 25, Contact USD 20 
ES: e 6187 USA: I want to import premium quality Crema Marfil and Rojo Alicante. We are importers of marble, granite, and carved stone from all over the world. Please quote for container loads; and if possible, please send me samples of your different colors of Onyx. I am in NY 11040. Feb 25, Contact USD 200
IR/TR/PK: e 6186 USA: I want to import Onyx to USA. We are importers of marble, granite, and carved stone from all over the world. Please quote for container loads; and if possible, please send me samples of your different colors of Onyx. I am in NY 11040. Feb 25, Contact USD 200
BR: e 6185 USA: I need 6 Blue Star Brazilian granite slabs. The granite will be used for countertops so I will be needing first quality, and polished on one side. The dimensions should be at least 25.5" x 84" x 20mm. I also need back-splashes (4) 4" x 84". I also need 4 Brazilian granite slabs and back splash of Cachemire Rose of the same dimensions.I will also need (4) Brazilian marble slabs of Marafim Brazil with the same dimension of the granite 25.5" x 84" x 2cm.I would prefer to receive samples of the granite and marble before finalizing. I would need the samples by mid-March 2003. I am willing to pay for shipping of samples. I will need the slabs by April 15th. It doesn't matter where the source, however I requested Brazil because of Blue Star quarries are located there. We can also go for Blue Pearl or a material similar in color and density/porosity. The granite will be used for counter-tops so I will be needing first quality, and polished on one side. I will need 6 slabs. The dimensions should be at least 24" x 84" x 20mm. I also need back-splashes (4) 4" x 84". 
As for the marble I will need (4) Brazilian marble slabs and back splashes of White Pinta Verde, with the same dimension as the granite 24" x 84" x 2cm. This is not a one time affair. I have several other projects that will need marble and/or granite. I would prefer to have them mid April, but we may be able to work with a later date. Please contact me at (615) 25.....I work for an interior design firm in TN 37167. Feb 25, Contact USD 100
e 6184 USA: Machinery: I need some granite-cutting equipment with a cutting capability of 2 millimeter. My phone # is (403) 22.....Feb 25, Contact
PT: e 6183 USA: I am building an Italian villa. I am looking for Petrified Wood, Walnut Travertine, Jerusalem stone, Grey hand cut and Bronte sandstone, Limestone French Vanilla, American Rouge marble or granite, any burgundy rich tones and bright white or black Carrara marble, Portuguese limestone in white and gray colors. I am in Texas. My contact no. is 214-45......Feb 24, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 6182 India: We want 500 Tons of Forest Green Marble Blocks delivery at Kandla Port. Please quote for fresh gang saw size blocks without cracks. Our contact details 0294-25.....Feb 24, Contact Rs 10000
IN: e 6181 Australia: Blocks: I want 1st quality Black Galaxy blocks. Please quote FOB price per ton and per cbm basis. Feb 24, Contact 
e 6180 Germany: Artifacts: Please quote for marble entrance as displayed in the Online stores of I also want Marble mosaic tables, wall and floor mosaics. My contact no. is +49 9461 9.....Feb 24, Contact USD 100
e 6179 UK: I need 20mm Black Granite in slabs approx 3Mtr X 1.2Mtr, Please quote C.I.F. to Newcastle upon Tyne England. Feb 24, Contact USD 50
ES: e 6178 USA: I have 2 large projects for delivery July 03', with cut-to-size vanities and tiles, 4 containers. One project material appears to resemble Safra quarry. I need B grade material.  I also need to know the price of blocks. 
I also need prices for Crema Marfil tile. Please quote for 275000 sq ft for various sizes; 12" x 12"; 16" x 16"; 18" x 18" & 24" x 24". Feb 24, Contact USD 200 
IN: e 6177 India: I want DARK KASHMIR granite slabs of sizes 25 cm x 110 cm x 3 cm and coffee brown slab of the same size. Kindly quote price per slab for quantity 1 to 10 nrs,, 10 to 25 nrs. Feb 24, Contact 
Rs 2500
ES/IT/NO: e 6176 Nepal: We are one of the leading marble suppliers in Nepal. We import marble, granite and many other building products from India, Italy, Spain, Greece, Oman etc. We are general contractors in these items and under take big projects for these items.
We need Serpeggiante, Breccia Aurora, Dark Empredor, Red Allicante, Red Quipper, Nerro Marquino, Black Pearl & Blue Pearl Granite (Origin Norway), Perlatino Sicilia. All marbles with net at the back C&F Calcutta Port for our regular local sale. Please send photographs of available marble by email along with there rates for 1st and 2nd choice. We want to visit Carrara and Trapani during 1st week of March. Feb 24, Contact USD 200
e 6174 Egypt: Tools: We want steel grits for granite cutting. Please quote with specifications. Feb 24, Contact USD 50
e 6172 UK: Please quote per sq ft for 8'x4' sheets of granite for worktops. Feb 24, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6171 Ireland: Monuments: We want monuments and memorials. Please send us catalogues, price lists and other information. Our contact no. is 074-2.....Feb 23, Contact USD 200
US: e 6170 USA: I want to contact limestone quarries or want to buy limestone from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but would consider going into Texas to purchase limestone rock for building. Feb 23, Contact USD 50
BR: e 6169 USA: I want giallo veneziano, new veneziano, Caledonia, Amazon Coffee, Amazon Star, Maranice,White piracema, and Giallo Vicenza (Giallo Firenze) and other color granite and marble slabs and tiles. I will be placing orders for more than 1 container by end of March. Looking for samples and pictures if possible. See pricelist 756 as reference. I am in MI 49001. Feb 23, Contact USD 200
FR: e 6168 Poland: We want Rouge Antique / Rouge Royal. Please quote ex-works for blocks of 55x60x220 - 1 pc or 55x60x110 - 2 pcs and 45x45x80 - 1 pc. We are interested in blocks with small parts in white insertions, good for rolling (vases). Feb 23, Contact USD 100
RU: e 6167 USA: I am a importer of fine raw Green Nephrite from the former Soviet union to my facility located here in the United States. I am looking for a supply of high grade White "Mutton Fat" Nephrite to compliment this line. Please give details about White Nephrite and would like an initial sample of this material of about twenty kilos. I am in PA. Feb 23, Contact, USD 200
e 6166 USA: I am interested in building a pool table with Prince of Wales Greenstone. I will be building this table on Prince of Wales island and would like to contact a quarry in that area can you help me with this? 
Feb 23, Contact USD 20
e 6165 Saudi Arabia: I have a stone fabricating factory in Riyadh. I want to import stones. See ready stock 322 as reference. Please quote. Our fax no. is 00966144.....Feb 23, Contact USD 100
BR: e 6163 USA: Blocks: We want verde pavao or verde butterfly granite blocks. Please quote and also mention quarry location. Feb 23, Contact USD 100
e 6162 China: Please quote for Tiger Beige marble. We need huge quantity. Feb 23, Contact USD 100
e 6161 USA: Artifacts: I want granite or marble spheres from 12" to 16". Do you sell less than a container? We are interested in 10 or 15 at a time, possibly more if economics warrant. Are the spheres accurately cut and polished? Feb 23, Contact USD 100
e 6160 USA: Landscape: Please quote for decomposed granite for driveway in Central Florida. Feb 23, Contact USD 20
e 6159 Ecuador: We need 15000 sqm of different types of marble in black, beige, green, blue colors. Tiles 30 x 30 cms and slabs of 1 cm width, delivery to Quito. Feb 23, Contact USD 200
e 6158 USA: Please quote for granite slabs in 2cm for Eco Gold, Amarello Persa Yellow, Juparana Persa. Feb 23, Contact USD 50 
e 6157 Poland: Machinery: PLEASE QUOTE FOR A HIGH SPEED DIAMOND GANG SAW MACHINE. Feb 23, Contact USD 100
e 6156 USA: I WANT ONYX TILES 12" X 12" AND 18" X 18". PLEASE QUOTE WITH PICTURES. Feb 22, Contact USD 50 
e 6155 USA: Diamond Abrasives: We want 7" double row, turbo grinding threaded diamond discs. We are looking for 5000, 1000 and 500. Our contact no. is 631-44......Feb 22, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6154 India: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most reputed timber companies in India. No we are planning to enter the stone market in Panama. We would like to promote Indian marbles, granites products and ceramic tiles. We would like to be your agent / distributor and would like to have your offer regarding the modalities of working together. Please quote FOB prices with catalogs and samples. Feb 22, Contact Rs 10000
TR: e 6150 Korea: I am considering Rosa Levanto slabs and tiles for a project. I need the quantity of model house about 20square meter firstly. I think the main quantity if this useage is about 20square meter X 30 houses. I am in Seoul. Feb 22, Contact USD 50
e 6149 USA: I need Black Onyx 12X12 tiles. Where can I get that. We are a natural stone seller in Chicago and our contact no. is 847-8......Feb 22, Contact USD 100 
e 6146 USA: Machinery: I want proedge 11 edger /polisher. Feb 22, Contact USD 100
e 6145 USA: I want to install 1250 sq. ft. China multi color or California gold slate flooring in my kitchen and living room. Are these different qualities of slate or are they all relatively the same? My contact no. is (702) 30.... Feb 22, Contact USD 100
e 6142 USA: I want Blue Eye's granite slabs. Would like a supplier in Northern California. Feb 22, Closed 
e 6141 USA: I am a builder located in Dallas looking for a supplier of hand carved fireplace mantles and surrounds made from coquina shellstone. Feb 22, Contact USD 20 
e 6140 USA: I want Trani Bronzetto 3/4" slabs. I represent a marble company and my contact no. is  718 85.....Feb 21, Contact USD 100
e 6139 USA: Would like information on availability of marble & granite slabs for counter tops from Nigeria. I am in FLorida. Feb 21, Contact USD 20 
CA: e 6137 USA: We are a stone fabricating company requiring Canadian Gold granite slabs. Please advise availability. We are in New York. Phone is 718 85..... Feb 21, Contact USD 50 
e 6136 USA: I am a stone fabricator in in Maryland in need of several slabs of Tranas Red slabs. Feb 21, Contact USD 100 
e 6135 USA: We want table tops for a restaurant. Qty and sizes are 5 nos. of 30" x 30", 5 nos. of  30" x 48" and 1 no. of 30" x 60". Feb 21, Contact USD 20
e 6134 USA: Please quote for Travertine - Filled-Honed - Light 18" x 18" qty. 1000 Sq. Ft. and 12" x 12" (Shower walls) qty. 250 Sq. Ft. See ready stock 314 as reference. We are in Miami and our contact no. is 954-96..... Feb 21, Closed USD 100
e 6133 India: Diamond Abrasives:  Please quote per piece / each / no and delivery period for:
1. Dia ceramica [ flexible pads ] size 4 inch
2. Buff size 4 & 8 inch
3. Resin bond all grits only.
Kindly note samples are required to place the order and no payment will be made for the same. Also send us catalogues if possible. Our contact no. is + 91 080 22.....Feb 21, Contact 
TR: e 6131 Spain: I need the following:
White (Blanco Ibiza) unpolished........... 40x40x3cm 2000m2
White (Blanco Ibiza) unpolished........... 60x40x3cm 250 m2
I think the material is from Turkey. Feb 21, Contact USD 200
e 6130 Philippines: Machinery: Please quote for wire saw machine CIF Manila, Philippines. Feb 21, Contact USD 100
e 6128 USA: We want 760 sq ft Slate Autumn Mist, 150 sq ft California Gold and 450 sq ft Montauk Black. All these reqd in 16" x 16". Feb 21, Closed
e 6127 France: We want a granite called Goa silver. Please quote with a photo. Feb 21, Contact USD 50
e 6126 Turkey: I want Knefe stone from Turkey. Feb 21, Contact USD 50
e 6125 USA: We are in the home building business. We are looking into the possibility of starting a fabricating business ourselves. We want to purchase some equipment and would also like some guidance towards this business. Also, some products and equipment to stay away from or better yet what you might recommend. Our contact no. is 936-44.....Feb 21, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6124 New Zealand: We are setting up a production yard with two retail outlets in Nelson area of New Zealand. Our objective is to supply wholesale and retail targeting kitchen tops, bathrooms and paving. Please email your range of materials and prices. We would be looking at taking mixed containers initially. 
Presently we require 30mm polished slabs of Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Multicolour, Uba Tuba, Emerald Pearl, Kashmir White. These materials should be 650mm wide by 2.8m+ long with one edge square polished for counter tops. Please send price list. Feb 21, Contact USD 200
US: e 6123 Hong Kong: For a project in Hong Kong we want Dakota Mahogany step and treads: 55 L/M size 400/425 x 1000 x 50 mm Thick (top & front faces bush-hammered, other 4-faces machine sawn cut only). Also need paving tiles 220 M2 size 300 x 300 x 30 mm Thick (surface flamed-finish, other 5-faces machine sawn cut only), skirting tiles: 15 M2 size 150/200 x 600 x 50 mm Thick (Top & Front faces Flamed-finish, other 4-faces machine sawn cut only). Please quote in US$ per m2/LM. CNF Hong Kong and advise delivery lead-time. Feb 21. Contact USD 100
e 6122 USA: Please quote for Absolute Black honed granite tiles of 12" x 12". Feb 21, Contact USD 20
e 6121 USA: We need Azul Imperial.  I am with a design group and we want to use this stone for a large project in Houston. Please quote with images. My contact no. is (713) 33......Feb 21, Contact USD 100
e 6120 USA: I want US sources to buy 2000 sq. ft. 2 cm thick slabs of piedra de cardoso. My contact no. is 970 92..... Feb 21, Contact USD 100
e 6118 Kosovo: We are an Italian Building Company. We have been awarded by a tender to build a school in PRISTINA. We want stones from the Balkan area for window sills and internal stairs floor. We are looking for WHITE / LIGHT YELLOW stone or marble (examples: Trani stone or Histria stone). 
Please quote for window sills, thickness 2 & 3 cm, width 34cm and length variable. Qty is 170 sqm.
Prices should include transport from factory to Pristina (if available). Our phone/fax number is 00381 38 5.....Feb 20, Contact USD 100
IR/PK/TR: e 6117 USA: We are trying to specify yellow onyx on our current project. We are an international interior design firm in RI. Our no. is 401-73...... We request any onyx samples. (most important yellow onyx). We are Feb 20, Contact USD 100
TR/IR/PK: e 6114 USA: Please quote for Yellow / Honey Onyx in a netted mosaic, quantity - 20' FCL. We are in NJ 07670. Phone no. 201 56..... Feb 20, Contact USD 100
e 6113 USA: Machinery: We want a 36" blade saw and a small wire saw.  Wouldn't mind a new or used or materials to build one. Feb 20, Contact USD 100
e 6111 Germany: Machinery: I want gang saws, new or 2nd hand Please include technical specification and current prices. Feb 20, Contact USD 100

NO: e 6110 UAE: We need 3000 sqm of Blue Pearl Granite for a project in Sudan. Size wanted is 30x60x2cm. Please quote CIF Port Sudan in US$. Our contact no. is +971-4-29......Feb 20, Contact USD 200

IN: e 6109 Sri Lanka: We are a trading & contracting company specially dealing with Granite, Marble and all kind of natural stones and ceramic tiles. We are based in Colombo. We need Indian Granite slabs and tiles. Please quote USD/sqm for slabs of different thickness and tiles of different sizes. Our tel. no. is 
094 01 8......Feb 20, Contact USD 100
BR: e 6107 USA: I am an owner of a stone trading company in Georgia. We are looking for a business relationship to Distribute slabs from Brazil to the USA market. We have excellent infrastructure to deal huge quantities of material and can facilitate over 100000 sq ft of fabrication and slab storage. Please quote for container loads. Feb 20, Contact USD 200
e 6106 USA: Please quote for yellow, red and orange onyx 12x12 tiles, 300 sq ft delivered to Chicago. 
Feb 20, Contact USD 20
IN: e 6105 Canada: I want BLACK granite - 30 meter X 4 meter vertical walls 2 walls in total and 13 meter X 4 meter vertical walls 2 walls in total. In summary we need to cover a rectangular hall (30 meter height X 4 meters height X 13 meters width) with black granite stone sheets. 
1) Floor area could be (30 meter X 13 meter) white color/gray granite. Stone should be delivered in Denmark (Quote shipping price separately). Please quote with images. I am in Ontario ant phone no. is 416-44......
Feb 20, Contact USD 100
e 6104 UK: I am interested in purchasing granite worktops and stone tiles for walls. Feb 20, Contact 
USD 50
TR: e 6103 USA: We want containers of standard grade honed and filled light beige travertine. We are in 
Phoenix. Our tel. no. 602-25......Feb 19, Contact USD 200
IN: e 6102 USA: We want containers of Copper and Indian Autumn slate 16"x16" calibrated. We are in 
Phoenix. Our tel. no. 602-25......Feb 19, Contact USD 200
e 6100 India: Diamond segments: We want 30 to 50 sets of segments (of item code : GA 20 or GB 20). 
For item code GA-20 and GB-20, we would like to know the minimum guarantee of how many square feet of surface area it can cut per a set of segments (128 No). I need these to cut stones quarried in Andhra Pradesh. Also give us the exact price of the above coded items (GA-20 & GB-20) in Indian currency.
Also please furnish with details for payment to be made against blade segments on delivery at Chennai, else 
the procedure for getting Segments. Feb 19, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6099 : Please quote for Granite 2mm-5mm, Marble 1.5mm-4mm/4mm-6mm and Calcined flint White. Packaging 25 kg clear plastic bags, quantity: 100, 500,1000,5000,100000 tons.  
All the products need to be washed dried graded (WDG). 
This is a major account and we are looking for a reliable supply who is preferably ISO 900 or ISO 9001 accredited. We need 150000 per item are realistic order values. Feb 19, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 6098 Italy: We need breccia medicea classica to produce mosaics. We are producers and sellers of mosaics. Feb 19, Contact USD 100
BR/IT/IN/CN: e 6097 USA: We are starting a new company offering granite, marble and stone counter tops and art work. We are setting up the shop to be able to offer the creation of the job request, fabrication, installation and distribution of slabs and stone tiles. We are the only company in this Island offering this service. We already visited a couple of distributors in PR that are ready to supply for us. We are very interested on the possibilities of doing business with you, because we would prefer to buy directly from you. We already have customers waiting and big jobs coming. We need to find connections for machinery with the most competitive prices as well. I went through every page of the website, to learn everything there is offering. I also went through the pricelists of every country that I was interested of getting the product from, and the prices that I saw there are the ones that I want to go with. We want granite, marble and quartz plus all new stone products we can get.
Same for tiles.
2cm and 3cm on slabs
On tiles 16 x 16
polished samples of a flamed, bush hammered and sandblast procedures
-First quality
-process quality: thickness tolerance-average
-material quality: shade variation depending on the styles chosen. Please recommend.
-To start with, we are planning on buying 10 slabs for now. The big job will take 3 months before they choose the slabs.
- Therefore we need all the samples for the slabs I will specify on the list
-From $8 to $20/ m2 as in pricelists 811, 280, 27 and so. All depending on customers request. Give the best offers you can find.
- We will be creating a website of the company as soon as is set up.
- We will have storage space available soon.
- Our shop will be consisting of 3500 sq.ft.
-We are trying to set up our connections with a serious and stable supplier.
-As soon as I get the package of my request, we can set a buying date. At least prices shipping quality, shipping insurance, samples included, description of the quality of the material we will get, recommendations on our selections, etc.
Credit card for small purchases, line of credit, deposit with a 30 day term for large purchase
-Buy locally and import.
-We will hire a third party inspector; If you have something to offer would be good to know.
-We are getting free samples from PR, but if the price for the shipment is not outrageous or if it can be included in the cargo with the slabs that will be the best idea. Give some examples of the shipment cost.
- We will definitely order if the price beats the offers we are getting from PR, which are around the numbers I mentioned before.
-If the payment terms are approved and the offer is good, we will start buying tomorrow.
I will appreciate the time you take on responding to each of our request, answer our questions and giving us recommendations  and the information that you can get for us and making this be a good and final deal.
You are welcome to call us at any time.
I am looking forward on hearing from you as soon as possible. Our contact no. is 340-9...... Feb 19, Contact See Offers USD 200
ALL: e 6096 UK: We are an import company / distributor who are setting up a distribution facility in the north east of England. Please send offers for 2 & 3 cm Black Granites & all other materials that are currently selling well in the UK. Tel. no. 0044 19145...... Feb 19, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6095 Germany: I need Indian sandstone Mandana red in Europe. Feb 19, Contact USD 50 
e 6094 USA: Machinery: I am opening a fabrication shop in the NY area. I want a used or refurbished bridge saw. I prefer a supplier from USA. My contact no. is 631 83......Level of automation is not important. My budget is up to $25,000. Feb 19, Contact USD 50
e 6093 USA: Diamond Abrasives: I need smooth round diamond powder in a range of sizes (4-8, 10-20, 15-25, etc.) I emphasize that it must have a smooth surface (not blocky) and as round as possible. I am in Utah, USA. Feb 19, Contact USD 50
TR: e 6092 USA: I want 12" x 12" marble tiles from Turkey called "Gold Lace". Feb 19, Contact USD 20 
IN: e 6090 India: We need Ruby Red, Indian Black, Tan Brown and Galaxy Black small blocks for exports. Please quote (022) 277.....Feb 19, Contact Rs 5000
ZA: e 6088 Poland: I need first quality Rustenburg (Impala) Dark and Medium color granite blocks. Size range - max 200 - 100 cm. Quantity estimate is about 20 m3 (in first delivery). Please quote per cbm basis. Feb 19. 
e 6087 Georgia: Artifacts: I want hands- free wash sinks for the kitchen for a five star hotel in Tbilisi. Please email me images with quotes. Our tel. no. is  (+995 32) 7...... Feb 19, Contact USD 100
e 6086 India: I want 2000 sq. ft. good quality black granite tiles (of your standard size) for use in Bombay. I need it by mid-March. Feb 19, Contact FREE
IN: e 6085 India: We want Morward White Plain, Morwar Dhrmeta, Sawar Brown, Sawar, Andhi Pista, Katani, Sawar Toronto, Indo -Italian, Bidasar, Arana, Green Marble, Toronto, Aspur, Kota Stone (for steps). We are builder in India. Please quote wholesale prices. We are in Jaipur. Our phone no. is 27.....
Feb 19, Contact Rs 2500
PK: e 6084 USA: Artifacts: We want onyx columns and onyx bowls from Pakistan. Please quote with terms and conditions of co-operation. Feb 19, Contact USD 100
IL: e 6081 USA: Please quote for 16" x 24"  0r 24" x 24" Jerusalem travertine or equal with freight included. Qty reqd. is 1500 sq ft to start. Feb 19, Contact USD 50
e 6080 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor of relatively small objects and interested in fairly soft rough rock. I especially liked Beige Banded of Didyma and Pink of Arta. Please quote per pound in USD. Feb 18, Contact USD 50 
e 6079 USA: I want 600 sq ft of red travertine tiles, 12"x12" or 18"x18", to be used as flooring. Delivery to Charlottesville, Virginia by May 30, 2003. Feb 18, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6078 USA: Landscape: We want 20' container of granite cobblestone, 4"x 8" x 3" hand chiseled. We need all samples of different colors to present to our client. Please arrange shipment with UPS or any other fast delivery, cost of shipment we will handle. We are an design firm in NJ. Our tel no. is 856 61.....Feb 18, Contact USD 200 / Rs 10000
e 6077 Pakistan: I need an expert with an investor to install all necessary equipments and machines to explore a great mines in Sindh, Pakistan. Feb 18, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6075 UK: We are going to start business in stones. I want prices of Indian marble and granite. Before I start I would like to visit India to purchase. Feb 18, Contact USD 50
e 6073 USA: I am an interior designer looking for turkish travertine. I am in Kansas City area. My no. is 
316 68.....Feb 18, Closed USD 50
IN: e 6071 Israel: We want Seaweed Green Granite from India. Size: 1400 min. x 2000 min. x 20 - 30mm. One side polished. Quantity: 2 containers per a month. Approx. 800 Sqm. Please provide us with prices as well as a lead time. We are in Jerusalem. Our fax:972-2-58.... Feb 18, Closed USD 200
ALL: e 6070 Panama: We want decorative gravel for aquarium. Feb 18, Contact USD 100
e 6069 Poland: Block: We are interested in granite blocks. Feb 18, Contact USD 50 
e 6067 UK: Machinery: I want information regarding availability of secondhand bridge saws/cutters with wheel capacity of 1500mm diameter. Feb 18, Contact USD 100 
e 6066 UAE: We want to know availability and prices of White and Gold Alabaster. Feb 18, Contact USD 50
e 6065 France: Machinery: I need a machine to polish vitrified tiles. Our sizes are in 10x10cm. Our contact no. is + 33 (0)3 20 9......Feb 18, Contact USD 100
e 6064 New Zealand: I want marble or granite large balls in shape, these are for outdoor garden for viewing purposes only. these are just for the "feature" looks for the garden. I prefer Chinese suppliers. Please quote FOB or CIF per 20ft container prices. Feb 18, Contact USD 200
e 6063 USA: Machinery: I want stone processing machinery as displayed in ready stock 308. Please quote with photos. My contact no. 503-61...... Feb 18, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6061 USA: We are a design firm located on the East Coast of the US, and we have several projects planned, and quite a few square feet involved. We need samples and price list of the products you deal in. We will pay for samples and the shipment. Feb 18, Contact USD 100 
e 6060 UK: Blocks: I am a sculptor in south of England. I want soapstone or alabaster. Feb 18, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6059 USA: Please quote for roofing slate in sizes 16x8, 16x10, and 16x12 in all available colors. Please include the cost per sq meter. If possible, I would also need the shipping costs to the ports of Oakland and California. My fax no. is 650-87...... Feb 18, Contact USD 200
e 6057 USA: I want 2200 sq. ft. 18" x 18" x 1/2" or 16"x16" or 12"x12" Talsar multicolor travertine tiles. I'd like to keep below $2.00 per sq/ft and if it's really beautiful but no more than $3.00 sq/ft. Please quote with images. See ready stock 313 for reference. Feb 17, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 6056 India: We need 5000 pcs of 12" x 12" x 0.5" granite tiles in different colors for flooring in high end houses. Colour will be assorted and will be decided depending upon the availability. This quantity will be for each shipment. 
We will entertain only offers that can be done in Indian Rupees. We will buy and pay in Rupees and take delivery in India after our inspection. Delivery in May 2003 in India. Feb 17, Closed 
HR: e 6055 Germany: Please quote for Croatian marble. Feb 17, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6054  India: Please quote ex-factory and CIF Dubai rates for Kashmir white, Yellow Fantasy, Jhansi Red and Absolute Black granite slabs of 20 mm thickness. Feb 17, Contact Rs 5000
IN: e 6053 USA: We are importers and distributors of natural stones in Atlanta. We require few products to import from India. We wish to deal with well established and reliable companies. Please quote with availability for: 
Sivakasi Yellow slabs
- 110" x 74" x 3 cm & tiles 12 x 12, qty. 1 Container (3250 Sq. ft. - 20')
Black Galaxy same measurements and qty. as above. Premium Black background with evenly scattered speckles.  
Tropical Green same measurements and qty. as above. Feb 17, Contact USD 200 
e 6052 USA: I am a contractor searching for supplier/installer of stone fireplace surrounds in Texas (preferably central Texas). Interested in all color ranges, particularly gray, blue/gray, white, etc. Feb 17, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6051 Canada: I am a contractor in Windsor, Ontario and am looking for pricing on marble/granite slabs to import to my shop. I have a CNC machine to customize countertops, etc. My contact no. is  519-25.....Feb 17, Sold
e 6050 India: I want stones from Australia like blue crystal, beach, bianca mist, opel pearl, pink crystal. Please quote with images. Is it possible to get samples? Feb 17, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6049 New Zealand: I am a stone processing factory owner wanting pricelists for 30 & 20mm granite slabs. Please mention size of slab also. Feb 17, Contact USD 100
e 6047 USA: I am building a house in Staten Island. I require bathrooms and kitchen benches in granite. Please quote  with current prices. Feb 17, Contact USD 20 
e 6046 USA: I want Colonial Green Quartzite Tiles in 12" x 12" and 16" x 16". Please quote for 650 sq. ft. I am in San Francisco. Feb 17, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 6045 USA: We are a new stone fabrication business preparing to set-up shop in early April. We would like to have small samples for our showroom. Feb 17, Contact 
e 6044 USA: I want marble from Ecuador. How can I get a sample, and is there a source for quantities smaller than container? I am in AZ 85737, Feb 17, Contact USD 100
ES: e 6042 USA: We are looking for a Spanish supplier of Azul Aran for a major construction project in the US. Our fax no. is 801-76.....Feb 16, Contact USD 100
NO: e 6040 India: Blocks: We want to  import of rough blocks, 20mm tiles, slabs in Labrador Blue. Need sizes of 150cm x 90 cm. Feb 16, Contact USD 100 
IT: e 6039 Belgium: We want Travertine Romano Classic honed (cross cut) tiles 40x40x2 cm. We need 5000 m. Feb 16, Contact USD 100
PT: e 6038 Israel: We want Ruivina Carla honed from Portugal. Sizes reqd. are 60 x 60 x 2cm - total quantity: 1500 sqm and for stairs, 180*30*4cm total quantity: 300 pcs. Our tel no. is 972-3-68.....Feb 16, Contact USD 200
CN: e 6037 China: We want Chinese Granite 603, 623, 635 & Shanxi Black for 2cm/3cm slabs and 60x60, 30x60, 30x30, 40x40 etc. cut-to sizes tiles. Please quote. Our fax no. is 886 2 878.....Feb 16, Contact 
USD 100
ALL: e 6035 Australia: Please quote for all kinds of granites in Australian Dollars. I am a builder in Adelaide. If prices are good then I may buy 2 container per month. Feb 15, Contact USD 100
IT: e 6034 Italy: I want TRAVERTINO ROMANO CLASSCO TYPE in blocks. Please quote FOB or CIF north Italian Port with availability in tons or cm. My phone no. is +39-348-35.....Feb 15, Contact Feb 200
PT: e 6033 USA: I want Bichos, Vidrado De Creme, and Vidraco De Molianos Creme limestone tiles. Sizes reqd. are 300mm x 600mm (12in. x 24in.), or 400mm x 600mm (16in. x 24in.). Please quote in USD with pricing for delivery to Alabama, Zip code 36607. Are samples of these tiles available? Qty. reqd. is 2500 sq ft (233 sqm) for new residential construction. I am looking for material not to exceed $ 3.00 / sq.ft. (~ $ 30.00/sqm). Feb 15, Contact USD 100
e 6030 New Zealand: Machinery: I want edge polishing and other marble and granite processing machines. I am ready to purchase immediately. See ready stock 308 as reference of what I am looking for. Please quote with details. Feb 15, Contact USD 100 
ES: e 6029 Malaysia: Blocks: We want Blanco Caceras granite blocks from Spain Please quote unit price. We want 100 cbm immediately. Feb 15, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 6027 USA: I want various types of granite slabs. I am looking for more colors with veins. Please quote cost per square foot with shipping cost to Dallas, Texas. I am a builder looking for better supply for granite. My phone is 972-89.....Feb 15, Contact USD 200
e 6025 Portugal: Diamond tools: We want diamond discs to cut granite and for general use. Need type turbo 180. Please quote FOB and CIF Europe (Portugal or Italy). If price/quality are good we can use large quantities. We mainly import and sell marble/granite and related cutting discs. Feb 14, Contact USD 100
US: e 6024 USA: Landscape: I currently stock Pennsylvanian Blue stone, I would also like to stock NY stone. Please quote with a list of what you have and availability. Also mention if there are any freight charges or pallet charges. I need about 8-10 loads per season. I am in NJ. Feb 14, Contact USD 100
e 6023 China: Blocks: We want Tan Brown and Black Galaxy blocks. Block size we prefer are 120cm x 60 cm up and 150cm x 80 cm up. Qty. reqd is more than 100 cbm per month. Our contact no. is 0086 592 55.....Feb 14, Contact
IN: e 6022 India: We want Mandana stone (red color) for our factory unit near New Bombay. Please quote for slabs and tiles with images available, so that we can decide on the quantity. Feb 14, Contact Rs. 2500
ZW/SW: e 6021 Canada: Blocks: I am an artist looking for a black granite, Zimbabwe granite or Swedish Ebony. Please quote for boulders and blocks. I am interested in purchasing the stone, but not without a sample for comparison with other stone. Also, it is necessary to see a range of boulders with a sense of scale. Feb 14, Contact USD 100
US: e 6020 USA: Landscape: I want 20 tons of thin and medium size mountain stone from NC area, commonly name "Mountain Mist" flagstone from Marion, NC area. Need it to construct a wall. Delivery to SC, (864) 30.....I am ready to buy immediately. Need dropped with your forklift or boom. Feb 14, Closed
ALL: e 6019 UK: Looking for a supplier of very thin marble and granite tiles, must be 3 mm thick (no thicker) and have one high quality polished face. I am open to suggestion regarding the size of the tiles, the most important feature is an even thickness of no more than 3 mm. I would require fine grain patterns in many colors. Or can you supply small strips of marble and granite at 3 mm thick size example, 150 mm squares. Feb 14, Contact USD 100
BR: e 6018 USA: I work for a stone company in Atlanta. I want Tropical Bahia Granite in 3cm slabs. I  enclose pictures of a material that we are looking to locate. Feb 13, Contact USD 200
e 6017 USA: Please quote for the following stones. 
White Bulgarian Limestone 16 X 16 X 3/4 entry, Quantity 1132 sq ft.
Green Jura Limestone 16x16x3/4, Quantity 1662 sq. ft. 
Dark Refined French limestone 16x16x3/4, quantity 211 sq ft 
Light Refined French 16x16x3/4, quantity 95 sq ft  
Indian Mosaic Ballroom Shower, quantity 112 sq ft
Jerusalem Gold Mosaic Master bath, quantity 10 sq ft 
Stone Protect (5 litre), quantity 10 cans 
3 PKg Installation and CAre 3-SCS, 3-DCC, Feb 13, Contact USD 200
USD 200
e 6015 USA: Would like to contact quarry owners in China, Brazil and USA. Feb 13, Sold
GR: e 6013 Ukraine: We are an engineering company. For our new project we need 100-115 tons of Thassos White Marble broken tiles and lump marble, which we need for polymerconcrete manufacturing:
mm 5-10 (if 115 t)
mm 5-20 (if 115 t)
breccia (if 115 t)
Greece suppliers would be better for us. We also would like to know your conditions for sending us the sample. Please quote with payment and delivery terms. Our tel. no. is 38 062 3......Feb 13, Sold
IT: e 6012 Italy: We want Royal Beige from Oman or a beige marble that is similar. Quantity is 1000 sqm in 60 x 30 x 2cm tiles or rough blocks to work in Italy. We need a serious partner who can offer us good quality and competitive price. Inspection will be done by agent and payment at site. My mobile phone no. is +39 33 95....... Feb 13, Contact USD 200
IN: e 6011 India: I need 2000 sq. ft White Makrana marble immediately. Would like to purchase from Bombay. My estimated purchase price is Rs. 325. Feb 13, Contact Rs 5000
CN: e 6010 Germany: I  want granite and other stone products for various applications. Click here to see detailed inquiry. Please give me your best price for the single items and for the complete order as follows:
1. FOB
2. CIF Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Hamburg and Gondershausen. 
Ill be in Shanghai during 23rd to 25th and will be reachable at my mobile there. +49-171-6...... (mobile) and tel. is +49 (0) 674......Feb 13, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 6009 UK: Artifacts: I want 25cm - 30cm Black marble balls. Qty. reqd. 50, 100, 250 & 500 nos. Please quote CIF by sea Felixtowe, England. Feb 13, Contact 
IT: e 6008 USA: We are a natural stone management and consulting firm. Please quote for the following material (or similar) 10000 Sq Ft of first quality 16" x 16" x 3/8" Statuary White Marble Tile delivered to Miami with expected lead-time/delivery time. our phone no. 703.46.....This is part of a larger project to come. Feb 13, Sold
e 6007 USA: Machinery: I want Galeski 3000 machine. I have a Cougar bridge saw or a Wizard of the same age that I would consider trading. Feb 13, Contact Feb 50 
e 6006 USA: I need Rouge Antique marble from France as shown in FindStone's stone album. I saw a small piece in person recently, and would like to find a supplier that will sell directly to me in CA. Need block enough to make 4 slim, short columns (<40" in height, roughly 4-6" diameter), approx. 2 large slabs, and about 100 sq. ft. of tile (whatever minimum thickness this marble can accommodate). Feb 13, Contact USD 50
e 6005 USA: Monuments: We are monument dealers and want monuments. Please quote with catalogs as I need to see what I am buying. I am in NC. Our tel. no. is 828-88.....Feb 13, Contact USD 100
IN: e 6003 USA: I need 2000 sq ft of Viara Gold 12"x12" polished tile and 1000 sq ft of Absolute Black 12"x12" Polished tile with a thickness of 12mm. The size and thickness variation must be as slight as possible as the two tiles are to be intermingled on the same floor. 
I need the Viara Gold to be of a light shade batch (more light beige than gold) as I understand that this is a granite that can have a wide variation in color. I will approve the shade batch as I hold the sample that the end user chose. I would like samples to be sent to me using my UPS account. I will give the account number to those who respond favorably. I would also prefer that the vendor be in the United States, but if that is not possible I do have time for the material to be sent from overseas.
In the event that I have to set up delivery from overseas, my company headquarters will plan that out with the supplier as they do for the rest of the tile that we import. Payment for this material would be made in the form of a check Fed-Ex'd to the supplier by my company's headquarters, if the supplier is in the U.S. Payment to an overseas 
vendor would be set up by my company's headquarters as with the shipping. 
I have a regular supplier of these tiles in VA, but he is out of the Viara Gold for now. My prices from him on these materials are: $4.50 sf for Viara Gold & $4.00 sf for Absolute Black (These are my landed costs). I do hope to get this material ordered by the end of next week (02-21-03). Feb 13, Contact USD 200
TR: e 6002 Israel: We need "ROZALIA LIGHT" marble from Turkey. We prefer a supplier Izmir. Feb 13, Contact USD 50
MX/EG: e 6000 USA: I am a representative from a company dealing in stone located in Boston. We are a quickly growing company interested in expanding and diversifying our stock by expanding our importing division and incorporating more companies from all over the world. 
Currently we are working with exporters and quarries from India, Norway, Brazil, Italy and Greece. Our new import targets are Egypt and Mexico. Please send pricelists and a complete range of products manufactured / processed by you. Feb 13, Contact USD 200
BR: e 5999 USA: Looking for containers of lower end slabs of polished granite 3 cm. We are located in New York. Contact no. is 607-56.....Feb 12, Contact USD 200
e 5997 Syria: Machinery: I want a gangsaw to cut marble and granite and other machines to process stones. I would also like to be an agent in Syria and other Arab countries. My tel. no. is 009631153.....
Feb 12, Contact USD 100
e 5996 USA: I want 1000 sq. ft of grey limestone for flooring. Feb 12, Sold
e 5995 Singapore: We want 10 slabs of beautiful Juparana granite. All of them must be very uniform in veins, tonality and must be from a single block. Please provide details of pictures and price. Feb 12, Contact USD 100
e 5994 Canada: Machinery: I want a small wire saw that can cut samples of 12 to 24 inches in Dia. 
Feb 12, Contact USD 50
AU/IN: e 5993 Philippines: Blocks: We urgently need blocks of ROYAL MAHOGANY (Desert Rose) and SAPPHIRE BROWN. Kindly quote CNF MANILA PORT, block form. Feb 12, Contact USD 200 / Rs 10000 
ALL: e 5991 UAE: We are  a 26 years old company dealing with tiles, marbles and stones decorations. Please send complete list of your products and prices. Feb 12, Contact USD 100
e 5990 Malaysia: Artifacts: I want elephant sculptures for a resort.. May be metal, stainless steel, wood, stone, etc. Size requirements are 30cm x 30cm base and 90cm height. Granite / Brass sound great! I need them by April. My tel. no. is (+60 88) - 7..... Feb 12, Contact USD 100
e 5989 USA: I want Polar Jade BC and Coralito, please send info on acquiring some samples. Feb 12, Sold
IN/TR/IR: e 5988 China: We are a stone company wanting royal botticino, turkish marble, Indian green marble and black galaxy granite blocks in large quantity. Please quote with images so that we can know more. If possible we will visit next month for selection. Feb 12, Contact USD 200
e 5986 Canada: Please provide price in CAN$ for 800 sq. ft of honed limestone 16x16 or/and 12x24. Feb 12, Contact USD 50 
BE: e 5985 UK: We want limestone from Belgium suitable for bathrooms walls and floors. Colour preferred is ANTALYA CREAM and 40x40 BETRALINE. Feb 12, Contact USD 50
BR: e 5984 USA: I want slabs of Blue Star granite 2 or 3 cm in thickness from Brazil. I need 6 slabs of 8 ft x 2 ft. I also need 4 slabs of marble in Marfim Brazil, 8 ft x 2 ft. I looked through the pricelist and found pricelist 619 and pricelist 807 for the granite. Please quote with shipping and timeframe. Feb 12, Contact 
USD 50
e 5983 USA: I WANT VERDE LAGUNA SLABS 3/4" THICK. I AM A STONE TRADER, MY CONTACT NO. IS 1914-6...... Feb 12, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5982 France: Landscape: I require sandstone paving slabs for construction work in France. Looking for suppliers from France and India currently. I am resident in UK and I need to pave an area round my farm in France. I therefore wish to discover if any construction companies in France currently import Indian sandstone. Feb 12, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5980 USA: We want granite and marble slabs and all products for bathrooms and kitchens like vanity tops, countertops, granite sinks, tiles. I am an owner of stone factory and some stores in Chicago. I am currently importing from China, Italy and Brazil. I would like stones from India now. 
My office no. is 1 773 8.....Feb 12, Contact USD 200
e 5979 Canada: Artifacts: I want 2 of sink and pedestal #0014-0005, and 2 of sink and pedestal #0014-0004 delivered to Windsor, Ontario. Please quote price and time to complete order. Feb 12, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5976 UK: We want limestone for flooring in varied colour, aged look. We are stone traders in Northampton. Feb 11, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5975 Germany: We want slates and slate pencils (click here to see image of what we want). Please quote for 3000 pcs alternative 5000 pcs of slates with wood frame (size 22,5 cm x 30,5 cm). We also need a small hole in the frame with a sponge. Additional, please quote for 3000 assortments alternative 5000 assortments of slate pencils (4 pcs in one assortment). Feb 11, Contact USD 100
e 5974 Taiwan: Please quote for Verde Aver, Arabescato Roberto and Bianco Berro in 2cm/3cm slabs and 30x30, 40x40 and 30x60, 60x60 tiles and specify which country of origin. My fax no. is + 886 2 878.....
Feb 11, Contact
ALL: e 5972 Indonesia: I have been asked by business empire to join their group in the stone business they plan to start. We are planning to buy huge stocks of 100000m2 of granite and marble from all over the world, size in slab polished 2cm thickness, some are cut size 60x60x2cm.
We are gathering all information about the stones and their respective prices and hope to get complete price list to make a good presentation with the owners of the project that we are bidding. Please quote for slabs x 2cm and cut to size 60x60x2cm FOB of the original country port. Feb 11, Contact USD 200
CN: e 5971 Italy: Blocks: We want PURE WHITE MARBLE (JADE WHITE), MOSS GREEN, SHANXI BLACK and ZHM 113 & ZHM 114 from Northern China. Please let us know of monthly yield, price of block CIF Italian Port (Trieste). My minimum purchase for Shanxi Black medium and large blocks will be 200 cbm and a maximum of 400 cbm. I will purchase pure white marble (Jade white) minimum intake will be 500 cbm and a maximum of 1000 cbm. Both of these will depend on quality and price. Would also like a sample of Jade White to send it to my principals. Feb 11, Contact USD 200
e 5969 USA: Looking for 600 sq ft of jack or multi slate Please quote with shipping cost. Feb 11, Contact 
USD 20 
BR: e 5967 Netherlands: We want Quartzite - Silver Gray in 100x200x2 cm rough surface (flame like). Please quote for 500 M2. Feb 11, Contact
PE: e 5964 France: I saw a little piece of gold/black marble coming from Peru in an exhibition. The exact area of extraction was Los Dos Paisanos. Please quote with images. My contact no. is 00 33 1 45 3.....
Feb 11, Contact USD 50
IT/VN/ES: e 5963 USA: I need 5000 sqft (2 containers) of pink numidian or similar product (i.e. Breccia Pernice from Italy, Piel Serpentina from Spain, Yellow from Vietnam) 2cm & 3cm polished slab, also several 4cm to 8cm unpolished slabs possibly over 20000 sq ft tile, delivery before august 2003 to Texas. Please quote with time schedule as early delivery is a factor, references required. Letter of credit available. My phone no. is 817 23......Feb 11, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 5961 Germany: We need black and white granite for a larger building project qty is 1000.00 m2. Please quote with images. Our tel. no. is 08085 .....Feb 10, Contact USD 200
TR: e 5957 Greece: We want andesite stone in 30x60x3, 40x50x3 or slabs 2 and 3cm. Feb 10, Contact 
USD 50
IT/FR/UK: e 5956 Hong Kong: I want limestones like St. Pierre Aigle from France, Nocetto & Perlato Olimpo Medio from Italy and Perryfield Roach from UK. Thickness of the stone should be 3 to 4 cm. With spiral cone small sea shell indentation at some locations, and hollow indentation at other locations. Please quote with large closed-up digital photo for examination. Feb 10, Sold  
e 5954 USA: I am a sculptor looking for limestone, soapstone, particularly featherstone. Please quote with sizes the stones are available in. Feb 10, Contact 
e 5953 Australia: I want a granite called White Berrocal. I will need prices for 3cm. Please send photos or 
samples. The order will be large about 4000 sqm in 3cm. We will buy directly from the processor as part of the contract. Feb 10, Contact USD 200
IN: e 5951 India: I need 2000 Sq ft. 60 x 30 Granite tiles, preferably Black and Light Red. Looking for dealers in Trichur area. Feb 10, Contact Rs 5000
IN: e 5950 India: We want a large quantity of black granite for our three storied office building. Please quote with digital photos. We are in Kerala. Phone no. is +91 478 2......Feb 10, Contact Rs 5000
e 5948 India: We need granite, slate, river pebbles and sculptures for supplying to the US. Please quote with images. Feb 10, Contact Rs 2500
TR: e 5947 USA: I want Saturnia Travertine. I need several thousand square feet. My phone no. is 732-81......Feb 10, Contact USD 200
e 5946 USA: Artifacts: Would like to have prices on various sandstone items like Birdbath, lion and garden bench in particular. These are for resale in USA. Feb 10, Contact USD 50
BR: e 5944 USA: We are a manufacturer of granite and marble products. Our product line ranges from your typical kitchen and bathroom countertops to boardroom tables and fire places. We are located in Illinois and are interested in developing new world wide business relations.
Currently we are in need of approximately one container (~40 slabs, 3 cm thick) of granite slabs (first quality) dimensions around 120-66/73 inches of one or a mix of granite stones (Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Imperial (New Venetian Gold) Ubatuba). 
As we have compared the various pricelists you have provided, the Brazil pricelists offer best value for these granite stones. Right now our timetable allows us for some research so we are not time pressed, and thus we want to consider as many options/offers as we can. 
Through our recent price comparisons we have found the following best values:
For Ubatuba (first quality) $4.09/ft2 (negotiable)
For Giallo Veneziano (first quality) $6.43/ft2 (negotiable).
Delivery to Illinois. Feb 10, Contact USD 200
e 5942 USA: I want a stone called Desert Wave. Feb 9, Contact USD 20
US: e 5941 USA: Blocks: We want one 3'x4'x3' Bethel White block. Feb 9, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5940 Israel: We want snow white dolomite and onyx in powdery form, requested particle size 1-3 mm. I want container load in big bags. Our customer is ready to place immediate orders. My phone no. is (08) 94......  Feb 9, Contact USD 200
FR: e 5939 USA: We want a French Limestone called Hauteville. Please quote per square foot for flamed Hauteville. Feb 9, Contact USD 20
e 5938 USA: I want a granite called "wild wild west" or just "wild west." Feb 9, Contact, USD 20
IT: e 5937 Germany: We want 200m2 of high class marble tiles from Italy for a project near Frankfurt. 
Please quote for marble tiles in white & light yellow color, tile thickness 1 cm. Drawings are in preparation. Specific quantities as option to ceramic tiles will be issued in 8 weeks from now. Feb 9, Contact, USD 100
IN: e 5936 USA: Monuments: Please quote for monuments in Paradiso, Tan Brown, Cats Eye, Bahama Blue, China Green and China Black that are 3-0x0-6x1-8 pol. 2 with 4-0x0-6x1-0 bases with shipping to Kansas 67114. My phone no.  316-28......Feb 9, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 5935 UK: I own a small property development and construction company. I am currently having contracts prepared for a small luxury development of 8 flats and 2 shops fully lifted to all floors that I own in London. I am interested in both wall and flooring grade stones. In addition to these I am interested in procuring the following extra items:- lift and external / internal door surrounds, lift interiors, kitchen work tops, bathroom sink/vanity tops, Stair treads and nosings preferably with anti slip treatment, etc. I have general details regarding price, but could you please give me details regarding these other items and the following points:
1. What are your standard wall and floor tile stock sizes, and can you cut to order i.e. cut to room design size with any specially designed feature inserts/ panels. 
2. Can you produce theses additional extra items to designs and sizes that we will provide, and could you provide typical sample prices. 
3. What discounts do you give for quantity/ contract value. If so what are the criteria and discount levels offered. 
4. Are there any export restrictions to the UK. 
5. What are the shipping cost including Insurance, local taxes, export duties and transport and what are the typical container tonnages assuming 20 and 40 foot container units. 20 foot roof access units being the preferred transport system as will be crane off load in the UK. 
Can you send sample stones to us in the UK. Do you carry any other relevant products which may be of interest to us in our developments. Feb 9, Contact USD 50
e 5932 Switzerland: Blocks: I am looking for bigger pieces Selenite. Feb 9, Contact USD 100
PT: e 5931 USA: I want full loads of blocks of a stone called Alhambra in USA. It looks like "Mocha Creme". It is an off white, oolitic limestone. I am in CA 95404. My contact no. is 707-54.....Feb 9, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 5930 USA: I am in the process of opening a granite distribution center and I am looking for granite mines to do business with. I am in Ohio 43229. My phone # is 614-84.....Feb 8, Contact USD 100
e 5929 Spain: We want Crema Delicato marble tiles. We would like to inform you that we are an international trading company based in Madrid. We need 18000 sqm of Crema Delicato tiles for a project in a third country. You can find the specifications hereunder.
Flooring Crema Delicato (light) 2x60x60 7.680 m2.
Flooring Crema Delicato (dark) 2x30x30 482 m2
Wall Cladding Crema Delicato (light) 2x30x60 1.186 m2
Sill (1 long edge rounded) Crema Delicato (light) 3x21xl 684 m2
Staircase Crema Delicato (light) (details later) 3.990 mts.
Skirting (1 long edge polished and chamfered) " " " 1,5x10xl 3.475 mts.
Skirting 1,5x30 cm wide overall cut to profile of tread and riser) " 1,5x10x30cm 1.219 mts.
Shelf (3 edges polished and chamfered) " 3x60xL 8 mts.
Phone: +34 9175..... Please quote. Feb 8, Contact USD 200
e 5928 USA: I want a source of reddish/yellowish  (approximately 1 to an inch and half thick) from southern Utah. Feb 8, Contact USD 50 
e 5927 UAE: Machinery: I want cheapest second hand stone crushing machine. The spares of this machine should be freely available in Dubai. Please quote with pictures. Feb 8, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5926 India: I want Honey Desert and Viskont White granite in form of blocks and slabs. Please quote. Feb 8, Contact Rs 2500
NO/FI/IT/BR: e 5924 USA: I want a container which includes 10 slabs of blue pearl, 20 of baltic brown, 10 of almond mauve and 10 of rosa beta delivered to Sacramento. Tel no. is 916-31.....Feb 8, Contact  
USD 100
e 5923 USA: Want to buy in bulk corals and turquoises. I am looking to buy at US$ .08/gram. Let me know if you can supply. Feb 8, Contact USD 50
ES: e 5922 USA: I want Spanish marble tiles to export to Nigeria. I am interested in a 20ft. container load. I am in GA 30066. Feb 8, Contact USD 100.
e 5920 USA: I am an interior designer trying to locate granite called Cleopatra for a unit I am designing. 
Feb 8, Contact USD 50
ES/PT: e 5915 UK: We want 200 sqm of limestone in 60x60x2 in cream colour from Spain / Portugal. We would be happy to pay for the courier cost of samples. We would prefer stones from Spain and could order as soon as possible and pay immediately. Feb 7, Contact USD 50
e 5914 USA: I want 12X12 tiles of Opus Anticato Giallo Antico/Negro Marquina. Do you carry borders made of similar materials. Opus Antciato Giallo Antico is from Italy with beige, browns cream and pinks tones. I am looking to purchase at least 12 sheets of the 12 X12 OR 4 sheets plus 24 linear feet of border. My phone number is (408)62...... Feb 7, Contact USD 50.
e 5913 USA: Diamond Tools: I want diamond blades. Please quote. I am a fabricator. Feb 7, Contact
IN: e 5911 India: Landscape: We want Quartzite / sandstone for pavements. Qty reqd. is 14100 sqm, surface bush hammered, edge sawed. Sizes: 58.9 x 58.9 x 15 cm, 58.9 x 44.5 x 15 cm, 58.9 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 44.5 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 29.5 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 14.2 x 14.2 x 15 cm. We also want 100 sqm in 100 x 58.9 x 15 cm and 250 sqm 213 x 142 x 15 cm. 
My terms are:
1.Quality and quantity as above.
2. price required in Indian rupees in two parts.
3. Payment covered by Local rotating L.C. Feb 7, Contact
TR: e 5910 Germany: Blocks: We want Turkish Rosso Laguna or Red Milas marble block.  Please quote in EURO/m3 for only one block and also send photos of the block. Feb 7, Contact USD 200
IR: e 5909 USA: Blocks: I want Bottocino Royal blocks first quality in regular orders of at least 250 tons monthly. I am looking for serious suppliers only. I want to work with the largest quarries who can guarantee regular supplies. I am prepared to go to to the quarry to inspect the blocks available for my selection. I first need a quotation in USD for first quality well squared blocks CF Xiamen for regular supply of 250-300 tons/month. I will pay by L/C. I buy from manufacturers only, not from traders. I already handle 15000 tons of block trade per year. Feb 7, Contact USD 200
IN: e 5907 : I want seaweed green granite from India. See pricelist 641 for reference. Feb 7, Contact
IT: e 5906 UAE: I am a resident of UAE looking to purchase first quality 2000 sq. ft beige color Italian marble or any other marble for my house in India. I want fiber, filled and polished cut to size slabs. The material should be packed in wooden crates so that they don't get damaged during shipment. Please email quote to FindStone. Feb 7, Contact
IN/BR: e 5905 Kazakhstan: Our company want polished granite slabs and tiles as follows: 
Butterfly Green
tiles 600x600x20 - 700 sq.m.
slabs 1200x450x30 - 88 piece
big slabs - 50 sq.m.
Giallo Santa Sicilia
tiles 600x600x20 - 230 sq.m.
tiles 900x350x30 - 60 piece
slabs 1200x450x30 - 40 piece
big slabs - 50 sq.m.
Mudaria Gold
tiles 600x600x20 - 120 sq.m. 
tiles 200x200x20 - 1200 piece (4 end faces are polished)
tiles 200x200x20 - 500 piece (3 end faces are polished)
tiles 200x200x20 - 1700 piece (2 opposite end faces are polished)
big slabs - 50 sq.m. 
Kashmir White: 
tiles 600x600x20 - 155 sq.m. 
tiles 300x300x30 - 111 piece (4 end faces are polished)
tiles 300x300x30 - 57 piece (3 end faces are polished)
tiles 300x300x30 - 200 piece (2 opposite end faces are polished)
slabs 1200x450x30 - 16 piece 
big slabs - 50 sq.m. 
Indian Green: big slabs - 300 sqm. We need the material by April 2003. Feb 7, Contact
IT: e 5902 USA: We need 18-20 slabs of "BEAUMANIERE LIGHT" from a supplier who has it in stock. Feb 7, Contact USD 100
e 5901 USA: I am a builder. I would like to buy stone sinks. I am in OR 97068. Tel no. is 503-6...... Feb 6, Contact USD 50
VN: e 5899 Ireland: Landscape: We are an engineering firm interested in blue limestone from Vietnam for paving. Please quote with images. My contact no. is +353 1 29.....Feb 6, Closed
BR/NO/FI: e 5898 USA: I am in business of marble and granite and am interested in 3 cm thick Blue Pearl, New Venetian Gold, Baltic Brown, Giallo Veneziano, Amazon Star Quisiera. Qty reqd. is one container currently. Please quote with payment terms. My telephone 817 47......and I am in Texas. Feb 6, Contact 
USD 200 
PK: e 5897 Ireland: We are an engineering firm interested in black marble from Pakistan. Please quote with images. My contact no. is +353 1 29.....Feb 6, Contact
e 5896 USA: Please quote on sq. ft. basis for acadamy blk and yaylak. Feb 6, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5895 USA: I am looking for the wholesale prices for fireplaces. I also need marble column 12" in diameter by 8" tall. What would the shipping costs to Minnesota, USA? Are there fireplaces and columns made from the Pakistani green onyx? Feb 6, Contact USD 100
IT: e 5894 UK: I want Azul Cascais, Saltan Green and Rosso Verona marble for a big contract. I need 20 & 30 mm thick slabs. Feb 6, Contact USD 100
PK: e 5893 Australia: I want onyx and marble products. Please send details regarding sizes, finishes, costs, quality, etc. Feb 6, Sold
e 5892 Indonesia: Artifacts: We are a small retail store for designer in Jakarta. We want the following products (stone sinks) from your online stores: 0014 0001, 0014- 0002, 0014 0003, 0014 0004, 0014 0007, 0014 0008, 0014 0009, 0014 0011. Is it possible to buy one piece for each model? How much is the total cost including delivery? My tel 62-21-3.....Feb 6, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5891 South Africa: We want 1st grade, unpolished and polished tiles of marble and granite in the Xiamen and Guangzhou areas. My contact no. is (011) 61.......Feb 6, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5889 USA: I want to purchase Marble & Granite Slabs in bundles. I need prices for slabs in different colors. How much would it be for a Bundle, Qty and Price. How many bundle or pallets fit in a 20' Dry box or open top, including delivery charges? I still have not decided on the colors I want to purchase because I don't know what the shipping charges are covering. I am in stone business. My contact no. is 281-84......
Feb 6, Contact USD 100.
e 5887 USA: We want Travertine Noche polished (cross cut) tiles 12" x 12". We need 100 sq ft and we are located in San Francisco. I will not pay morte than USD 6 per sq.ft. Feb 5, Contact USD 20
e 5886 USA: My customer needs Sierra Chica 18 x 18 tiles. Qty is 2200 sq. ft. Must be stocked in US or Canada. My contact no. is (504) 4......Feb 5, Contact USD 100
e 5884 USA: I am a stone fabricator. Architect has specified Serapi / Sarapy limestone. I am in New Jersey. Contact no. is 973-75...... Feb 5, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5881: We need granite and marble price list for grand project we are undertaking. My contact no. is  034-6492.....Feb 5, Sold
e 5880 Cyprus: Please quote for 2000m2 marbles Golden Line Red, Grass White Jade, Mystic Coffee, Negro Oriental and Snowberry Rose. Feb 5, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5878 Italy: Please quote for tiles of different sizes like 305 x 305 x 10mm. We are interested in Madura Gold, Galaxy Black, Kashmir White, Sivakasi Yellow, Multi color red, Imperial white, Soft Green & Colombo Yellow. Include any other material for which you can send a competitive quotation. I have received an urgent order. We are ready to place a trial order for two containers to be inspected during my next trip (march 2003) only if the price is lower than USD 3.50 per sq. ft CIF Italy. Feb 5, Contact USD 200 / Rs 10000
e 5877 USA: Landscape: Looking for 5 tons of landscape size milky white quartz boulders of size 200-500 lbs and larger delivered here for 10 cents/lb. ($1000), I would definitely buy it. I would want to see photos of it. We would like to start a business selling landscape boulders to stone companies and landscape companies in this area (possibly expanding in the future to other areas of the state). Payment COD. Ready to pay for courier cost of samples. Contact by email or phone 813-94..... I am in Florida. Feb 5, Contact See Offers 
USD 100
e 5876 USA: I want light green onyx slabs approx. 400 sq. ft., delivery purchase ASAP. Location North America. Feb 5, Contact USD 50.
e 5875 USA: Blocks: I am interested in sculpting stone. I want to locate a local source to buy limestone or travertine. I live in Arizona. I would be willing to go to California to pick the stuff up, would prefer a local supplier in AZ. I want to know of anyone who sells in small quantities. Feb 5, Contact USD 20
e 5874 USA: Diamond tools & Abrasives: WE WANT DIAMOND CUTTING SAW BLADES AND POLISHING PAD. WE ARE IN VIRGINIA, TEL NO. 703-9......FEB 5, Contact USD 50
e 5873 Puerto Rico: Machinery: We want several natural stone processing machines. Semiautomatic to full automatic. Must comply with OSHA safety regulation. We are planning to produce dimensional stone with "Bull Nose" finishes. Between 4 to 5 machines will do for our setup. We plan to invest depending of what is offered 100k up to 200k delivered to San Juan Port in Puerto Rico. Feb 5, Contact USD 200
e 5872 USA: I am an architect looking for Dakota Sequoia images and samples for a project. I am in New York 10019. Feb 5, Contact USD 50
e 5871 USA: We are in the process of renovating a building built in the early 80's. The main lobby was renovated about 4 years ago using Appllo Simplex - Santa Margherita 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 or 12" x 12" tile from Italy. I believe it is a polished surface. We need 225 sq feet on site on or before Feb 17th and an additional 325 on or before April 7th. I would like to purchase locally if possible. Please inform me of the price / unless it is extremely over priced we will purchase. Payment can be by check, invoiced or through the use of a purchase order.I am in Phoenix, Arizona, 602-95.....Feb 5, Closed 
PK: e 5869 USA: We are a tile and stone company in Chicago. We are currently looking to buy 550 sq. ft. of 12x12 Red Onyx tiles from Pakistan. Phone no. 312-6......Feb 4, Sold  
e 5868 USA: We are a fabricating company requiring 3cm rhodium (also called red marinache). Please quote with specification regarding hardness of the stone. Feb 4, Contact USD 50
e 5867 Canada: We are a granite counter manufacturing company, quite small but growing. We are always searching for granite slab suppliers. We are in BC. Feb 4, Contact USD 100
e 5866 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for fireplaces as in 008 - 0035; 008 - 0036; 008 - 0037; 008 - 0039; 008 - 0040; 008 - 0041; 008 - 0044; 008 - 0045 (click here to see them). I need 5 fireplaces opening 42"x36" no other requirement specific. Also must get the same pictures posted but should have it extra enlarged. 
Feb 4 
IN: e 5863 India: Please quote for Galaxy Black, Absolutely Black, Sapphire Blue & Nagina Green granite slabs. Size : 62 x 180 & Thickness 3cm. (Absolute Black 2cm. & 3cm.). We needs one side of the length chamfering & in different shape, like the edge has to be in Bull shape for kitchen use, & in 1/4 or 1/2 circle for office use. Prices should be in sqm for one container lot. Feb 4, Contact Rs 2500
IN: e 5861 Spain: I want two containers of Green marble, first choice/quality in 2 cm slabs. The best price that already I have is USD 20 (FOB) or USD 24 (CIF Vigo port Spain). I enclose photos of 2 different marbles that my client is interested. I will be buying more material if this trial order is a success. We need to buy the first two containers next week. Payment by L/C 45 from B/L. Inspection FindStone can do, will it be perfect if not by SGS? It would be nice if samples are couriered to me. My tel. no. is 0034 91 5.......Feb 4, Closed
e 5860 Turkey: Please quote for below mentioned fiber netting models and minimum order quantities and fob prices for CAG70-6x5, CAG80-6x5, CAG90-6x5, CAG100-6x5, CAG130-5x5. My tel no. is +90-216-3.....Feb 4, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 5859 Pakistan: Please quote for different type of white stone columns. Sizes are 70-150-700cm width 20-25. I am consultant to architects. My phone no. is +92 21 24.......Feb 4, Contact USD 100
CN: e 5857 Germany: I want Zh-G013 from China. I am a stone trader in Hamburg. Feb 4
e 5856 India: Landscape: We want rough hand cut natural black cobblestone 4"x4" for our hotel. We are in New Delhi. Our requirement is 25000 sq. ft. Our expected purchase rate is Rs. 3 per piece, ex-factory. Our telephone no. is +011 - 33......Feb 4, Contact Rs 5000
e 5855 USA: I need red onyx for a residential project in Denver. See ready stock 250. Feb 4, Sold 
e 5854 USA: Please quote with terms for Brazilian stones I am in NM, contact no. is 505 4.......Feb 4, Contact
e 5853 USA: Artifacts: We are building a house in Sacramento area and I like to put a tile border in my entrance. I like Greek Key Border #006-0010. We have bought the ceramic tile for the foyer but I would like to put a border. The border with the Greek key is most appealing. I would need approximately 25 pieces. However you stated that the size of each tile is 12"x4". The size of the tile we are installing in the foyer is 13"x13". Do you have any borders that are 13" long? Please quote cost of each piece including postage. 
Feb 4, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5851 India: I want DARK KASHMIR & Coffee brown granite slabs of sizes 25 cm x 110 cm x 3 cm. Kindly quote per slab for quantity 1 to 10 slabs and 10 to 25 slabs. Feb 4, Contact Rs 2500
ALL: e 5850 Australia: Artifacts: I would like to market inlay marble worked on products in Australia. Will you send me samples of what you have in the water jet marble inlays? Once I have the samples I can place orders, will you pay for all the shipping costs to Perth, Australia? My tel. no. is +961 8 9.......Feb 4, Contact
IN: e 5849 USA: I want Black Galaxy Granite Slabs. Please quote with shipping cost. Feb 4, Contact 
USD 50
BR: e 5848 USA: I want Kinawa Light in rough cut veneer. Is Uba Tuba available in sawn and thermal paving 3cm x various lengths and widths? How much is Uba Tuba polished for 2 & 3 cm slabs?. I am a stone supplier in CT. Quote CnF NY. Feb 4, Contact USD 200
SA/EG: e 5847 Germany: Blocks: I like Silver Sea Green from Saudi Arabia and Galala from Egypt. Would like to purchase blocks from quarries. Feb 4, Contact USD 100
e 5846 USA: I want Karen Biege Limestone. Want a local distributor Chicago. Feb 4, Contact USD 100.
e 5845 South Africa: Diamond Tools: We would like to import tools from China. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
CN: e 5844 South Africa: We would like to import granite slabs from China. We are looking for slabs of 1000mm x 1000mm x 20 or 30mm. We already have a supplier who supplies at US $19 a slab of the above size and we are looking for possibly cheaper prices. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
e 5843 USA: We are an importer of various kind of stones from around the world, and are interested in acquiring some Cafe Bahia. See pricelist #756, and some Australian Sandstone, see pricelist #768. Please quote with details such us availability, sizes, payment terms, delivery time per 20 ft container, etc. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
e 5842 USA: I am an importer in the Caribbean. We are a landscaping company. I am urgently seeking a supplier of pebbles and stepping stones for gardens and lawns. I have a container leaving Miami in a weeks time. Looking for a supplier in Miami. My contact no. is 868 6.......Feb 3, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5841 USA: Please give current prices for polished sandstone, slate, granite and marble tiles calibrated 12" x 12" x 3/8", 16" x 16" x 3/8" or 1/2", 18" x 18" x 1/2" or 5/8" and polished slabs 2 and 3 cm all first quality select. Can you confirm your prices are not for kerosene cut? We are only interested in water cut stone. We want stones from India only currently. I am in Georgia. My tel. 770-3.......Feb 3, Contact USD 200.
e 5840 India: I want Blue granite. Please email images and prices of granites having blue shade. Feb 3, Contact Rs 2500
IR: e 5839 Germany: For a facade project in Germany we need:
Onyx White from Iran. Qty 500 m. Finishing: both side polished. Dimension: 210 x 130 x 2 cm. Please quote in EURO/m; FOB Iran and CIF Berlin if possible. 
Delivery planed for September 2003. Please inform which is the latest term for finishing the production and contracting. Please send technical specifications and offers only for the finished material. We are not interested in block prices. Alternatively offer Onyx white-green Marble from Iran. We will check the quality of polishing at site in your office. Please send e-mail photos of polished slabs. Samples in tile sizes if possible. Feb 3, Contact USD 200.
e 5838 Iran: Pumice Stone: Please email catalogue of your products. We want pumice stone for stone washing. Our contact no. is +98 218 3......Feb 3, Contact USD 200
ALL: e 5837 Nigeria: I need granite tiles from Spanish company for flooring and wall not marbles slab. I only needed marble slab when I gets contract from the government. We would like to market your products nation wide. I needed many types of design and sizes ranging from 20cm x 20cm, 20 x 30, 20 x 25cm, 30 x 30cm, 30 x 60cm, 40 x 40cm, 45 x 45cm, 50 x 50cm. My contact no. is 2348037......Feb 3, Contact USD 200
TR/IR/PK: e 5835 USA: Blocks: We want onyx blocks in the brown, gold, and tan color ranges, large being 10 tons or more. We would ship to Syria, where we fabricate. We are based in Texas. Feb 3, Contact  
USD 200
e 5834 Argentina: Artifacts: Please quote FOB and CIF for granite sinks in online stores 0014-0001, 0014-003, 0014-0004, 0014-0009, 0014-0010, 0014-0011, 0014-0012 and fountains 0019-0002, 0019-0006, 0019-0007. Feb 3, Contact USD 200 
IN: e 5833: Please quote for one container of various colors of granite slabs from India. I should be in India to  visit some quarries in summer. Our funds are limited, so we are hoping to try one container first to see the response. If tiles are better for you please give best offer including size and colors. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5832 Spain: I want big stocks of tiles, 40x40 size. I want more than 10000 sqm. Please inform of available stocks in different colors. Feb 3, Contact USD 200
DE: e 5831 Lebanon: We want Jura Beige. Please quote with images. Our contact no. is +96157......Feb 3, Contact USD 100
TR: e 5829 Turkey: We are importer and wholesaler of stone. We want 10000 sqm of cut Kufeki stone. Please quote with payment terms. Click here to see image of sculpture made from kufeki stone. Our contact no. is +90 533 3......Feb 3, Contact USD 200
PT: e 5828 Lebanon: We area stone trading company. We want Gascogne Blue (Azul Moleanos). Please quote with images. Our contact no. is 009615......Feb 3, Contact USD 100
e 5827 Latvia: I represent a construction company. Our client is interested in white quartzite. The square in Prague is paved with this quartzite. looking for suppliers in Czech Republic. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5826 Latvia: We want granite, marble and onyx slabs. The sizes we want are 2400 х 1200 х 20 mm and 30mm thick slabs. We are in Riga. Our fax no. is +371 7....... Feb 3, Contact USD 200 
e 5824 USA: I need 1500 sq ft of 2"-3" flagstone and 4000 sq. ft. of cobblestone. All delivered to Orange County, CA. I need both of these by March 2003. Feb 3, Sold

e 5823 USA: I want travertine described as multi-color. It features different hues in browns and dark grays, as well as lighter grays and off-white portions, and some tiles have fault lines and/or large pores. I need 3000 sq ft 18" x 18" tiles of this stone. I am in Phoenix. Feb 3, Contact USD 100

e 5821 USA: I need granite slabs. Qty. reqd. is over 150 slabs. Feb 3, Contact USD 20
e 5820 Canada: We are builders and developers in Windsor. We need slabs of stone for exterior use besides granite and marble for a project. Material will be self inspected. Delivery reqd. in 4 weeks after placing the order. Our contact no. is (519) 97.....Feb 3, Contact USD 100
AU: e 5819 USA: Please quote FOB Baltimore with payment terms for a container of white sandstone. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
e 5818 Mexico: I want resin bonded terazzo tiles in Mexico or South America. Qty. reqd. is 200000 sq ft
Size of tile: 600mm x 600mm. Thickness: 25mm. All available colors. Quote FOB Mexico. Payment by letter of credit. Feb 3, Contact USD 100
e 5817 USA: Diamond tools and Chemicals: I would like to get in touch with manufacturers of diamond polishing pads, resins, glues and acetones from China, Korea and Taiwan. I am in CA and my telephone number is 1-800-6.....Feb 3, Contact USD 200
e 5814 Australia: I want a circular sandstone dining table with diameter 200 cm. We would like a for use on patio exposed to sea air to seat at least eight people and preferably more i.e. minimum width about 160 cm. Prefer to purchase locally in Sydney. If this size can not be done in Sandstone then a  suitable rustic type of stone finish for outside use - not a polished granite. We would like to see the stone before buying it. So a supplier close to Sydney is required. My tel. no. is 02 99......Feb 3, Closed
e 5812 USA: Please quote for honed finish St. Pete Limestone. Sizes 32x42x1/2" 1mm Eased Edge 3200 sq. ft., 32x42x3/4" 1mm Eased Edge 300sq. ft. and 5x60"x3/4 with Finish Front Edge and Top for Sills 200 sq. ft. Feb 2, Contact USD 100
IR: e 5811 Israel: Please give CIF Limasol prices for Cream Iranian Limestone slabs. Feb 2, Contact 
USD 50
e 5810 USA: Artifacts: We want marble mosaic borders, classic design (roman rope, etc.). Feb 2, Contact USD 20. 
GR: e 5809 Hungary: Please quote ex-works prices of all Greek marble blocks (possibly in cbm). Are there any green, black, blue or generally dark colored marbles? This is for fireplaces and/or sculptures. Also please let me know prices of transport 1-3 m3s into Hungary. Possible payment methods. Also please inform me about possibilities and prices of cutting the blocks to some more handy pieces. Feb 2, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5807 USA: Our major production is granite and marble countertops and accessories. Please quote for different colors of granite slabs in 2 and 3 cm thickness and granite tiles. Also mention payment terms. We are ready to place an order immediately. Our contact no. is (773) 2....... Feb 2, Contact USD 200. 
IN: e 5806 Iran: We are planning to import red granite from India. Kindly let me know of different qualities of red granite available with prices for blocks, slabs and tiles. We will come to India next month if it looks feasible. Feb 2. Contact 
e 5805 USA: Landscape: I need 3000 sq. ft of granite pavers. Please quote for materials only, and a separate price for delivery to Michigan. See stock number 264. Feb 1, Contact USD 100
e 5804 Cyprus: Diamond Tools: I have a granite factory in Cyprus and I want diamond segments:  
1) 1200mm Blade 8.5 x10x24 -80 pieces per blade.
2) 1000mm Blade 8x10x24 - 70 pieces per blade.
3) 500mm Blade 6x10x24 - 36 pieces per blade. I need these to cut granite. See pricelist 492 as reference. Qty reqd. is 20 sets. Tel. 00357-23......Feb 12, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5803 India: Please quote for one 20 FCL for Abu figurative, Banaswara white, Andhi White. Feb 1, Contact Rs 2500
e 5802 Lebanon: Machinery: I am an owner of a stone & marble factory. In order to develop and improve our production we require: 
1- Tie block cutting machine into slabs 4 columns
2- Marble gang saw machine 40 or 50 blades
3- Crane over rail with capacity 25 ton with clearance span 30m and cantilevering both side about 4m. Also quote for Cross cutting machine for tiles, Horizontal splitter two motors, Hammering machine and Edge trimmer. My tel. no. is 00961-3-......The machines have to be from Italy in good condition. My budget is about USD 100000. I will travel to Italy in February. Feb 1, Contact USD 200
ZA: e 5801 India: We want Bonn Acord Granite from South Africa.  Please quote with more information. 
Feb 1, Contact USD 50
FR: e 5795 USA: I am a real estate developer looking for St Jean Flouri 3/4" slab. I am in Chicago. Feb 1, Contact USD 50.
ALL: e 5794 Israel: Landscape: We specialize in natural water designs, decorations and gravel for aquariums, decoration and gravel for water ponds and stone gardens. We want small size stones and pebbles polished and unpolished of 2-4 mm and larger decorative stones and pebbles for interior aquarium design and ground landscaping. Please quote on FCL basis. Feb 1, Closed See Offers USD 100
IR: e 5793 Canada: I am a project coordinator looking for 350 sq.ft. Green Persian Onyx for Western Canada. My contact no. is (604) 2.....Feb 1, Closed

I must say...your website is unbelievable. The most informative, comprehensive, interesting and thorough site I have visited. And by far the lengthiest...which is a good thing! I spent 4 hours searching, reading, looking and I am sure I didn't see it all...which I am thinking what it must have taken to have put together this wonderful and awesome site? I have noted your pages and will pass along to others that I contact in my research of cemetery monuments. Bobbi Cote`.

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